How to choose the right pump for a summer residence

How to choose the right pump for a summer residence

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Pumps are especially relevant in country houses that are not serviced by a common water supply system, with their help it is possible to extract water from a well, irrigate the site and clean up the septic tank and cesspools.


The most important characteristic of a pump is its performance, i.e. how much water he can pump per unit of time. Speaking about the power of the equipment, they usually indicate the number of liters (cubic meters) that it pumps per minute (hour). Another extremely significant characteristic is the maximum pressure, the value of which depends on what height it is possible to raise water.

The planned fluid flow rate should also be considered. This value depends on the number of people, bathrooms, hydraulic resistance of the system, the availability of technical devices that consume water, etc. Due to errors, the pressure in the system may be lower than required, which will make it impossible to fully use the pump. No less fraught and when the pressure is higher than required

Surface pumps

Modern surface water pumps are most often used in water supply for households. Such equipment can be used to supply water for irrigation from natural reservoirs or, if necessary, obtain drinking water from a well or well.

CentrifugalTo move the fluid and obtain the necessary pressure, centrifugal force is used, resulting from the action of the impeller blades. Varieties of centrifugal pumps are widely used in trunk and autonomous networks and are used to supply or drain water, as well as drainage and pressureThey differ in the type of outlet, which is spiral or turbine. In agriculture, centrifugal borehole pumps are used for water supply. In the presence of large water supply systems in irrigated agriculture, centrifugal models of large flow are most often used.
VortexThe impeller is a flat disk with the presence of short radial rectilinear blades. The equipment is designed for pumping clean waterVortex pumping under high pressure. A distinctive feature is the relatively low efficiency
Self-primingThey supply water from open sources of water or wells with limited depth. The height of the water rise is usually 7-8 m with performance indicators of the order of 5 m³ / hPortable-portable models help remove air from the water, such equipment is very convenient and compact

The liquid-ring models stand somewhat apart, in which ideally the pumping speed is constant regardless of the changing pressure in the pumped-out tank.

Booster pumps

Equipment for increasing water pressure is in great demand. Booster pumps should be selected depending on the purpose. If it is necessary to raise water to a considerable height, then it will be optimal to purchase not only a water pump, but also a hydraulic accumulator. If it is necessary to increase the water pressure, it will be necessary to install a small unit with little power in the pipeline system.

ModeType ofDimensions
The use of manual equipment involves the constant on and off of the pump, which will protect it from overheatingSelf-cooling modifications are cooled by the pumped liquid and work almost silentlyLow-power equipment built into the water supply system and having a minimum size
Automatic systems themselves control the shutdown mode in the presence of a certain pressure levelCooling through the impeller, which is mounted on the motor shaft and makes the equipment quite noisySufficiently large pumping equipment equipped with a hydraulic accumulator

Submersible pumps

Submersible electric pumps are now often used in private home ownership. When choosing such equipment, you should pay attention to the indicators of the amount of fluid pumped per minute, and the pressure level. Models differ in purpose and principle of use.

Type of submersible pumpFeaturesDear modelsBudget models
Well pumping equipmentFor the implementation of water supply from wells, models of centrifugal, vortex, screw, and vibration type are usedFrom popular foreign manufacturers of models "BelamosTF-3", "GrundfosSQE5-70", "Unipump", "MINIECO", "EspaNeptunFL-60" and "WiloSubTWU-3"Under the brands "Aquarius", "Whirlwind SN-50" and "Dnipro-M", as well as vibration models "Kid", "Trickle", "Aquarius" and "Summer resident"
Well pumping equipmentIn order to ensure water supply from the well, centrifugal, vortex and screw type models are usedFrom foreign manufacturers "Wilo", "Grundfos", "Pedrolo", "Aquario", "Sprut", "Aquatica" and "ZDS"The cheapest pumps are Aquarius-BTsPE, Vortex SN-50 and Euroaqua-4.SKm
Drainage pumping equipmentPumps with a multi-channel impeller can pump liquid with a large amount of debris in a short time, therefore they are used to pump out rainwater, remove water from pools or irrigate garden crops. Models with a single-channel impeller can pump dirty water with mechanical impurities. Units with an open impeller are capable of pumping water with fallen leaves, sand, silt and household wasteFrom well-known consumers: ALKO, Aquatics, Grundfos, Pedrolo, Metabo, ULTRO-Pump, ZENIT and SPRUTModels from Dnipro-M, Vodomet-Chastotnik and Aquatica
Fecal Pumping EquipmentA feature of the equipment is the presence of a garbage grinder. It is used, if necessary, to pump and pump waste or sewage water in the conditions of suburban home ownershipLineup from the Pedrolo ZXM, Pedrolo-MCM and Wilo seriesModels "Dnipro-M"
Landscaping pumpIt is used to ensure uninterrupted water circulation in small fountains and decorative waterfalls on personal plotsReliable and simple equipment "Propump 2000-GPH"Affordable and high-quality pump "Kerry m-1280-10"

Mechanical pumps

In the absence of power supply, it is recommended to purchase manual or mechanical water pumps. A significant number of models of such equipment is characterized by bilateral action and the complete absence of idling.

The movement of water in such equipment is based on the translational movement of the piston system. Mechanical water pumps are favorably distinguished by their unpretentiousness in use, simple enough, reliability and durability. In addition, their cost is most affordable, regardless of the country of manufacture.

Electric pumps for gardening

The decisive moment when choosing such a device for giving is the presence or absence of electricity in the area.

If electricity is connected to the site, then it is advisable to take the electric model. When working from him, not so much noise as from his brother on a gasoline engine. The most common type of electric pumps is centrifugal, but there are also screw and vibration pumps.

Self-priming centrifugal pumps consume more energy, as for non-self-priming ones, before each operation, it is necessary to pour water into them and into the suction pipe.

Screw units are able to create a water column up to 80 m high, but their power is relatively small - the maximum usually does not exceed 60 l / min, in addition, when working without water, there is a high risk of damage to the hydraulic part.

The peculiarity of vibrational models is that the electromagnet performs the function of an electric motor, and with the help of a vibrator pumping liquid is carried out. The pluses include the height of movement, which can reach 40 meters, but minus it can be considered that this pump is afraid of the slightest dirt. The unit is capable of pumping up to 25 l / min, and can operate continuously up to 4 hours.

Non-electric pumps

If there are no conditions for the operation of electrical equipment, then you can use pumps running on a diesel or gasoline engine. Modern gasoline units will be able to pump water from an eight-meter depth. In addition, manual models that use the muscular strength of a person are still in use, and, by the way, such a pump will not yield to the gasoline in depth, with which it can pump out water.

Types of pumping equipment as directed

If you have to regularly clean the sumps and septic tanks, then it is difficult to do without a fecal pump. However, despite the name, such a unit in the country can be used to pump water from artificial or natural reservoirs.

But for pumping water from a well or a well, a special well pump will be required, which pumps water from 50 meters. To pump water from a tank with rainwater, submersible models are used that are equipped with a float switch, the function of which is to turn on the equipment when the liquid level rises to a certain level and turn it off when the level drops.

If it is planned to pump groundwater for drinking, then a submersible or surface pump will cope with this task. If the pump has to work with rain, river or pond water, then the filter should include filters, which are thin nets that stop dirt and debris. Fecal aggregates are equipped with a grill, which also acts as a filter. For pumping waste water, devices made of cast iron or steel with an impeller are used.

Sometimes it may be necessary to have equipment that has a cutting device whereby the sewage is first crushed and then pumped out.

When choosing a water pump for giving, the factor of water height, at what depth the water stands, and how far the source is located, must be taken into account. For example, the parameters of the surface model allow it to pump out water from a maximum of 8 meters, if it is deeper, use a submersible unit.

How deep can a pump lift water (video)

If the pump is used occasionally and the loads are small, then you can even choose a plastic pump. But for regular use it is more practical to take stainless steel equipment.

For water supply at home, a home water station is used. Station performance is determined by the power of the pump, and the size of the tank plays a secondary role. However, it is very important to correctly determine how much reservoir is required taking into account water consumption.

The above leads to the conclusion that it is necessary to choose a water pump in the country carefully, remembering its purpose and carefully studying the technical characteristics, the meaning of which we tried to clarify.

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