How to dig in the garden: tips from experienced

Seeing how inexperienced summer residents hold a shovel in their hands, we decided to tell everyone how to dig in the garden, so that it would be beneficial to the soil and not harm themselves.

We are absolutely serious, and now it’s not a joke, but a very serious material, and even instructions for using a shovel in the country, so to speak. It was literally the current warm season that made us write it, when young people were seen in many suburban areas. Naturally, this is very good, because young people cultivate the land, which means that they are busy with useful work. But it is precisely on this that the positive from what he saw ends and, since the shovel is in his hands, this is not a reason for applause. At first, you need to learn how to dig, and only then you can take on the tool.

How to handle a shovel

How to dig soil in the garden and garden: instructions

Now we will provide you with just a few points that will tell you in detail how to dig in the garden or in the garden.

The most important thing in such a process is the right choice of tool

  • One hand rests on the edge of the shovel handle, the other a little further, pinching the handle in the palm of the hand, the foot is placed on the top of the shovel tray and pressure is applied down into the ground, preferably at a slight angle.
  • After the blade of the shovel has gone into the soil, you need to take a more convenient position for lifting and dumping the ground, which means that you need to take a step back, bend a little and put pressure on the shovel stalk, grabbing one hand even closer to the tray.
  • Now, you can bend your knees a little and squeeze as much as possible onto the handle, which with the effect of a lever will pull the earth out of the hole.
  • Lift the shovel with soil, turn it over and lower it into the hole, hit the shovels with the blade several times over the largest lumps of earth to break them.

You see, digging with a shovel is very simple, it is strange that for many this does not work the first time.

Once again we remind you that the material on how to dig the soil correctly is only for beginners of the summer house, garden and vegetable garden, and does not apply to experienced summer residents who themselves are able to give such advice.

How to quickly dig a garden

How to dig a garden without leg injuries

It often happens that at the time of excitement or anger, we forget about safety precautions, and we want to break up a large earthen lump, to kill the root or stem of a large weed with a blade of a shovel, and so on. But, it often happens that such an action can injure the performer of this work. To prevent this from happening, try to take the process seriously, not to get nervous during work, to maintain a safe distance between the shovel and legs during such actions, and also try to dig in closed shoes, for example, in boots. Of course, this is not particularly pleasant in the summer, but believe me, trauma with a shovel or even drying out the skin of my feet with dust (if you work in slippers) is much more unpleasant.

How to dig a garden without corns

So that while digging the soil you do not get unpleasant marks on your hands, you need to use gloves that are high-quality, rag with rubberized impregnations (these are very convenient in such work). Also, try to hold the shovel correctly, do not particularly press on the handle with your palm when you can use leg power for this, and also do not hold the shovel firmly with your hands when you turn the ground into the hole.

That's all, just a couple of practical tips, and we again return to more serious topics, but are proud that now many will be able to learn how to dig in the garden and the garden, without injuries and unnecessary overwork.

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