How to choose a tank for a summer shower

How to choose a tank for a summer shower

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Outdoor shower - one of the most important structures in the summer cottage, which means that it should be not only convenient, but also fully completed. A curtain, a shelf, hooks for clothes and even lighting are the second thing, in the first place is the tank.

At the cottage it is very difficult without water procedures, and even more so when you work all day in the garden or the vegetable garden. A little later in the evening, when it comes time to sit down for dinner, I really want to freshen up, wash off the dust and completely bounce back to relax even now, when you can already relax. And it helps us a lot. shower with a high-quality and volumetric tank.

Being almost the most important structural element, the tank is not only a container for storing a certain supply of water, but also a kind of heater that runs on solar energy. Of course, due to the temperature of a nice summer day, the water will not be cold anyway, but since ancient times, people are used to heating water with the help of a tank - the right capacity of the right color.

Many will not agree that in the summer you need warm water in the shower, but you still can’t do without a water tank, because each time you do not stretch the hose into the shower.

So, we have established that the tank is needed in the required case, it remains only to clarify which option to choose.

How to choose a tank for a country shower

Capacity is required to be selected based on certain criteria and your own requirements, which means that there will be many disagreements. But, there are also basic parameters, without which there is nowhere.

You can choose any material convenient for you - plastic, black steel, stainless steel. It is only necessary to focus on the weight of the tank, volume and shape. Other parameters are at your own discretion, but the first one needs to be stopped more seriously.

A cheap tank is not the best option, and therefore, before saving, consider all options.

Black steel tank

The standard capacity that has been used by summer residents and villagers for many years. It can be an open top trough, a barrel, a cube-shaped vessel - any such tank works according to one principle: it saves water, warms it from the sun, and gives it to the shower.

Such tanks have increased strength, they are reliable and durable, but they only give in to corrosion from direct contact with water, and therefore, after several years of use, pieces of spoiled metal are fed along with clean water - rust. This is probably the biggest drawback of black steel products.

But at the same time, capacities can be quite voluminous, and at a cost they are very affordable.

Galvanized steel ba

They say that any metal container that supplies water to the shower room will not last more than 10 years, and there is some truth to this. Even our next representative of the line, which is coated with zinc - corrosion protection, begins to rust over time.

At this point, the tank is painted, the joints are filled with resin, brewed, I use sealants, but sometimes it can no longer be saved. But, judging by the price of the product, it is quite realistic that he is fully working out his money.

At first, and this is about 5-7 years, galvanized containers do an excellent job of their duties, which means that you can also choose them.

Stainless steel tank

Perhaps the most practical and durable representative. A stainless steel shower tank looks very nice, lasts a long time, and copes with all responsibilities 100%. Its volume can be quite impressive, say, 200 liters. It is protected against corrosion, can be of any shape, with or without a lid.

Naturally, the cost is higher here, but it’s better to pay once and forget about such issues for 10-15 years, than to change cheap containers every 5 years or bother with welders where they will try to apply latches.

Plastic tank for a country shower

The brightest representative, who became popular not so long ago, but can easily take the first lines of ratings, if any. The service life of the product is about 50 years, weight is minimal, volume is impressive. What else is needed for a summer resident? Apparently the best option.

But, it is worth paying attention to the price, because such tanks can be expensive and also the possibility of water pollution after several years of use.

Plastic tanks of a standard form, which can be easily washed, cleaned, rinsed, are not taken into account here, because we are talking about the most popular - flat varieties.

Plastic tanks are good for everyone, but the subject of controversy is precisely flat models that are almost impossible to wash from the inside. According to unverified data (true or not, but you have the right to know), they can get a precipitate from water and bacteria, which is almost impossible to wash off, and therefore, these containers also require additional costs for disinfecting drugs.

On the other hand, what does a pair of tablets cost for the entire summer period, if the container is located on the shower comfortably, serves half a century, heats water instantly.

So, choose only for you - flat tanks or standard and inexpensive steel models, but you should pay attention to a few more criteria.

  • Weight. The tank must be strong and withstand a large mass of water, but not be very heavy.
  • The form. Most often we have round or square containers installed, but the most convenient are flat, as they have increased stability and can be installed without problems even on a sloping roof.
  • Colour. White or black, rinse with cool water or heat it as much as possible on a hot summer day, only you can choose.

Summer shower tank

Naturally, you can pay attention to the tanks for the country shower with heating, which will supply warm water in the middle of autumn, at the end of the summer season, but for such models there are special requirements - high-quality wiring, proper connection and insulation, temperature sensors, special filters etc. Therefore, if you want a simple and high-quality summer shower, choose from standard options, if you need to make the cottage more modern, it makes sense to think about more serious investments.

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