Carport in the country: do-it-yourself construction

Carport in the country: do-it-yourself construction

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Country canopies for cars become a real salvation from the hot sun and rain, if there is no parking or major garage in the suburban area.

Such buildings have long been popular for many reasons. Firstly, they can be erected by small forces and at reasonable costs. Secondly, the structure can be built quickly enough, literally, within a week. And, thirdly, such protection will be quite enough for a car, which is far from permanent in the country.

Today we would like to briefly consider possible awnings so that each reader can independently choose the most suitable one for his site, as well as find out the correct construction algorithm.

DIY carport

  • Construction begins with preparatory work, fantasies and thoughts, the choice of materials, the establishment of a budget, and so on. To do this, you need to find drawings of similar structures on the Web, with friends or compose them yourself. Any drawing is an important stage by which all subsequent work will take place. But it should be drawn up more or less on a professional level in order to calculate not only the amount of material, its cost and location, but also possible loads, accurate markings, and so on. It is advisable to take into account even the most minimal details and draw up a complete project, as this will be most correct.
  • At the end of the design work and at that moment, as you already know the amount of material and the full estimate, you can safely go shopping. Here you will need to consider not only the material for the foundation, erection and roofing, but also consumables and tools that may be missing. Therefore, in order not to have to go to a store or construction market several times, check everything from the very beginning.
  • Preparatory work is a stage that should also not be neglected. First of all, this is the choice of a place for construction, further, its liberation from all unnecessary, and finally, the leveling of the site, preparation of the foundation, etc. All such work and preparatory moments must take into account the course of the sun, the constancy of the direction of the wind, the slope of the plot, the occurrence of groundwater, subsidence, and so on. Naturally, you don’t have to bother, but it will be much better if the car is under a canopy and not in the sun, rain will not get on any side of it, puddles will not collect under it, and so on.
  • Building. In principle, the final stage of all work, but the most difficult. We don’t see any reason to consider each type of subsequent work, since we have already paid attention to these several times, talking about parking a car in the country, a recreation area, and erecting gazebos. A lot is repeated, and therefore, just remember the sequence and correctness of the work - the foundation, foundation, erection and strengthening of the frame, covering. Keep track of quality and ensure maximum reliability and practicality of the canopy, and then you will get a really cool result.

Further, with a few points of our material, we will study the materials for the manufacture of buildings of the kind that they are, how they differ qualitatively, have advantages or disadvantages, and so on.

Sheds for cars by type of cover


To make such a canopy is simple, if you have some experience, for example, you have already built a gazebo or covered a place for rest in the country with polycarbonate. High-quality and popular material has a huge number of advantages, affordable and easy to use. Thanks to these qualities, its popularity is growing. Almost any canopy can be covered with polycarbonate, for example, created on the basis of wood, metal, forging, prefabricated frame and so on.

Polycarbonate is laid on the prepared base of the roof and fixed to a special fastener that prevents the material from cracking, provides for expansion or contraction from temperature extremes, eliminates leaks and so on. In general, we want to advise you one thing - to do everything correctly and very professionally, because only then will the material, on absolutely any frame, be able to show all its qualities.

From corrugated board

By and large, no less common species, which today has become very popular. Medium in price, very quick to install, practical to use - in principle, already these qualities are enough. And if we also mention that the carport from the corrugated board can be laid independently, and even on any type of frame, in general, it practically has no competitors.

The structure is really practical, but still very good in that it has a small mass. It is enough to securely fix on the frame and not succumb to gusts of wind, and just right, so as not to create a strong load on the frame and base, and therefore, the costly part for these moments can be reduced.

Made of metal

The metal tile is a medium-weight material, and therefore, the base and frame under such a canopy should be close to capital. Most often in this case, the structure is attached directly to the house, repeats its design, shape, and the covering with metal tiles smoothly passes from the roof of the house to the roof of the canopy. This is very convenient, especially if a place for a car is being built simultaneously with the main building.

As a result, a metal or forged frame, a neat covering with a metal tile, a platform for a car completely closed on one or even two sides.

Awning canopy for the car

The simplest option, which is often used before building a better and more thorough construction. This will allow you not to spend a lot of money and painlessly demolish the structure at any time.

Although, many owners of cottages prefer not to look at the awning, as a cheap and impractical option, and basically everything changes. Imagine a capital metal frame from a profile pipe, a cement base, farms under the light and other necessary devices, and a high-quality tent, perfectly stretched on the frame. It can be of high strength and density, any size and color, plain or with a pattern. It seems to us that it’s very good, especially considering that it can be changed every 5-7 years to a new one, completely changing the whole appearance of the structure.

Any carport will fit perfectly into the country, if you pay attention not only to your own requirements, but also to the features of landscape design.

Carports by carcass type

From wood

It is built with high speed, it is practical and quite durable, able to last several decades, provided that it is treated with protective compounds. The structure of the beam can be covered with polycarbonate, ondulin, tile, slate and so on. This building is of average cost, and therefore, it can be built by almost every summer resident who wants to protect the car from atmospheric phenomena.

Metal canopies

Most often, the basis for the production of such a structure becomes a corner and a channel, a pipe and a profile pipe. You can create it from inexpensive and lightweight materials, under an awning or ondulin, or give the structure rigidity and capitality if the building is erected under slate or metal tile. Awnings made of metal are quite reliable, and therefore, having spent one time on such a building, you can only tint it for a long time and update some parts.

Prefabricated structures

The canopies for cars folding, prefabricated or ready are considered quite popular in our time. They are of standard size and are completely ready for installation in any territory, you just have to choose the right one, transport the canopy to the cottage and make installation. Options can be chosen for almost every type of cover, but be sure to consult with the seller or manufacturer at the place of purchase than to cover this or that canopy.

The design of such a structure allows you to quickly build it on the territory with minimal cost, because the whole foundation is ready, you just have to install a canopy on the site and cover it.

Wrought iron canopies

Perhaps the most popular type of canopies among the owners of suburban cottages and villas. A fairly expensive design, which requires not only appropriate cover, but also assistance in assembling a professional team that will do everything as accurately and efficiently as possible. Naturally, it makes no sense to establish such a structure in a simple country house, where you come once a week to pick berries and have a barbecue, in this case it is enough to put a prefabricated version. But if you own a country house on the outskirts of the forest, where you can relax from the bustle of the city for weeks, then the choice of this project will be fully justified.

Carports in the country (video)

Having considered and studied some options, each of us should understand that choosing such a building or even the simplest design, it is worth starting from many of the right things - the dimensions of the building, the material for making the frame, the material of the cover and the installation method. Only by combining all these parameters as much as possible, you can create a high-quality and durable canopy, and for many years you will not think about how to repair or build one again.

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