Salad with green tomatoes and bell pepper

Green tomato salad is a delicious snack that will diversify your winter diet. For processing, tomatoes are taken that have not had time to ripen. However, it is not recommended to use fruits of a pronounced green color, as this indicates the presence of toxic substances.

Salad recipes with green tomatoes and peppers

One of the main ingredients in winter salads is bell pepper. Its use gives the snack a sweetish taste. Salads are prepared from unripe tomatoes and peppers by boiling or pickling vegetables. Heat treatment can increase the storage period of the workpieces, as does the addition of vinegar.

Hot pepper recipe

Hot peppers are an essential ingredient in hot salads. When interacting with it, you should follow the precautions, since some varieties of hot peppers cause skin irritation after one contact.

You should also carefully take it in food, especially with hypertension, arrhythmias, kidney and liver disease. In small quantities, hot peppers increase appetite and have disinfectant properties.

You can prepare a salad of green tomatoes with peppers for the winter in the following order:

  1. First, a storage container is prepared, the functions of which will be performed by a glass jar. It must be washed with baking soda and heat treated in a water bath or in an oven.
  2. Then cut the green tomatoes into quarters, which will take 3 kg.
  3. The resulting mass is poured twice with boiling water, which is drained.
  4. Sweet and hot peppers (two of each type) are cut in half and peeled from seeds.
  5. Peel and chop the carrots into thin sticks.
  6. The garlic head is divided into cloves.
  7. Fresh dill, parsley, cilantro or any other to taste are used from greens.
  8. For pickling, a brine is prepared, which includes a couple of liters of water, half a glass of salt and a glass of sugar.
  9. After the start of boiling, a glass of vinegar is added to the liquid.
  10. The jars are filled with prepared vegetables, after which the marinade is added.
  11. Iron lids and a key are used to seal the containers.

Cabbage recipe

To obtain a vegetable salad for the winter, white cabbage is taken, which ripens in the autumn. Combined with bell peppers and green tomatoes, it is a versatile snack for the winter diet.

The procedure for preparing such a salad is as follows:

  1. Tomatoes not yet ripe (2 kg) are chopped into large pieces.
  2. A cabbage head weighing 2 kg is chopped into narrow strips.
  3. Half a kilo of onions and sweet peppers are crumbled into half rings.
  4. The vegetables are mixed, 30 g of salt is added to them and left for 6 hours.
  5. Then you need to drain the resulting liquid.
  6. A glass of sugar and 40 ml of vinegar are added to the mixture.
  7. Then the vegetables should be stewed over low heat for 20 minutes.
  8. The prepared salad is distributed among the jars and closed for the winter.

Recipe with cucumbers and carrots

At the end of summer, a salad for the winter is prepared, containing cucumbers, carrots and unripe tomatoes. If brown tomatoes are available, they can also be used. The salad with green tomatoes and bell peppers is prepared according to the following order:

  1. First you need to cut the cucumbers into rings, which will take one kilogram. If the slices are too large, they are cut into two more pieces.
  2. For a kilogram of green and brown tomatoes, you need to crumble in quarters or half rings.
  3. Half a kilo of onions are chopped in half rings.
  4. Carrots (also half a kilogram) are cut into cubes.
  5. All components, with the exception of tomatoes, are stewed over low heat for 15 minutes.
  6. Then tomatoes are placed in the total mass, which is left on the fire for another 10 minutes.
  7. Salt and spices are added to the resulting salad to taste.
  8. Before canning, add 2 large tablespoons of vinegar and 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the salad.

Rucola recipe

Arugula is a spicy salad herb. It is used in homemade preparations to add a spicy flavor to dishes. Rucola has a positive effect on the immune system and digestion, reduces the amount of sugar in the blood and stabilizes the water-salt balance.

Green tomato salad with arugula is prepared according to the recipe below:

  1. Bell peppers (2.5 kg) are cut into four pieces and the seeds are removed.
  2. Unripe tomatoes (2.5 kg) are cut into slices.
  3. Carrots (3 pcs.) Are chopped into thin strips.
  4. A pound of onions should be cut into rings.
  5. Arugula (30 g) must be finely chopped.
  6. Four cloves of garlic are cut into thin slices.
  7. The ingredients are mixed and placed in jars.
  8. To get a salty filling, a liter of water is boiled, where 50 g of coarse salt and half a glass of sugar are poured.
  9. 75 g of vinegar is added to the hot liquid, then the prepared containers are poured with it.
  10. Of the spices, a laurel leaf and a mixture of peppers are placed in jars.
  11. The containers are rolled up with a key and left to cool completely.

Salad in tomato paste

An unusual filling for a vegetable salad for the winter is tomato paste. With its use, the recipe for obtaining blanks becomes as follows:

  1. Unripe tomatoes (3.5 kg) are cut into slices.
  2. Half a kilo of onions are crumbled in half rings.
  3. A kilogram of sweet pepper is cut lengthwise into several pieces and the seeds are removed.
  4. A kilogram of carrots is rubbed with a grater.
  5. The ingredients are mixed and placed on the stove.
  6. First, the mass is brought to a boil, after which the intensity of the fire is reduced and the vegetables are stewed for half an hour. The mass is stirred periodically.
  7. Then add sunflower oil (1/2 l) to the salad and stew it for another 15 minutes.
  8. After the specified time, you need to place chopped hot pepper (half a pod), salt (2.5 large spoons), sugar (10 large spoons), tomato paste (1/2 L) and vinegar (4 tablespoons) in a container.
  9. The mass is stirred and boiled for a quarter of an hour after boiling.
  10. The prepared salad is distributed among the storage jars.

Cobra salad

The Cobra salad got its name due to the spicy taste, which is formed due to horseradish, garlic and chilean pepper. The procedure for its preparation is as follows:

  1. Two kilograms of unripe tomatoes are cut into slices, placed in a container and 80 g of vinegar and salt are added.
  2. Bell pepper (0.5 kg) must be cut into large pieces.
  3. Three chilean pepper pods are peeled from the seeds.
  4. Garlic (3 heads) is peeled into cloves, which are crushed in a crusher or press.
  5. Horseradish root (0.1 kg) should be peeled and grated.
  6. The ingredients are mixed and placed in jars.
  7. Then you need to fill a deep saucepan or basin with water, lay a cloth on the bottom and put the container on fire.
  8. Glass jars are pasteurized in containers with boiling water for 10 minutes, then closed with a key.

Apples recipe

A delicious salad for the winter is made using a variety of vegetables and fruits that are harvested at the end of the season. An unusual ingredient here is the apple.

The process of preparing green tomato and apple salad includes the following steps:

  1. Unripe tomatoes (8 pcs.) Are cut into quarters.
  2. Two apples should be cut into slices, and the skins and seed pods should be cut out.
  3. Two sweet peppers are chopped into narrow strips.
  4. Cut two carrots into slices.
  5. A couple of onions need to be crumbled in half rings.
  6. Cut four garlic cloves in half.
  7. The ingredients are mixed and placed in glass containers.
  8. To marinate vegetables, put a couple of liters of water on the fire.
  9. 12 tablespoons of sugar and 3 tablespoons of table salt are dissolved in a liquid.
  10. When the boiling process begins, the burner is turned off, and a glass of vinegar is added to the brine.
  11. Vegetables are poured with marinade, and the jars are left to pasteurize for 10 minutes in a saucepan with boiling water.

Multicooker recipe

Using a slow cooker makes it easier to prepare salad for the winter. This recipe looks like this:

  1. Ten unripe tomatoes are cut into cubes.
  2. Three onion heads should be chopped into half rings.
  3. Three carrots are grated.
  4. A little vegetable oil is poured into a slow cooker and the onions and carrots are fried for several minutes.
  5. As a filling, ketchup is used, which is prepared independently. You can get it with 2 sliced ​​tomatoes, peeled bell pepper and 2 cloves of garlic. These components are baked for an hour.
  6. Then they are ground in a blender along with a chili pepper pod, add a couple of tablespoons of sugar and oregano.
  7. The resulting mass is boiled for half an hour over low heat.
  8. Then onions, carrots and green tomatoes are placed in the tomato mass.
  9. For the next 2.5 hours, turn on the "Extinguishing" mode.
  10. The prepared salad is laid out in sterilized containers.


Delicious salads for the winter are obtained from various seasonal vegetables. In addition to green tomatoes and peppers, you will need herbs, garlic and marinade. More spicy are the workpieces with hot pepper and horseradish. The salad acquires a sweetish taste due to carrots and cabbage. To taste, add rucola, parsley and other greens to vegetables. The prepared salad is placed in sterilized jars, or containers are pasteurized in a water bath.


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