The webcap is excellent: photo and description

The webcap is excellent: photo and description

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The webcap is excellent - a conditionally edible representative of the Webinnikov family. The mushroom rarely catches the eye, it is listed in the Red Book. To replenish the population of the species, it is necessary, when a specimen is found, to pass by or carefully cut it off, trying not to damage the mycelium.

Description of the excellent webcap

Acquaintance with the excellent webcap must begin with a description of the external characteristics. The fungus has a coffee mucous surface, and a thin cobweb covers the spore layer. In order not to confuse it with inedible specimens, you need to view photos and videos.

The mushroom is listed in the Red Book

Description of the hat

The cap with a diameter of 15-20 cm has a convex shape, as it matures, it straightens and becomes depressed with wrinkled edges to full maturity. The color of young specimens is purple, then changes to red, at the end of ripening it becomes brown. The surface is velvety, matte, in wet weather it is covered with a mucous layer.

The lower layer is formed by notched-accrete plates. Depending on age, they are painted gray or dark coffee color. In young representatives, the plates are covered with a thin, light cobweb-like film, as it grows, it breaks through and descends on the leg in the form of a skirt.

Reproduction occurs by elongated, large spores, which are located in a rusty-brown powder.

The pulp is dense, fleshy, with a pleasant taste and smell

Leg description

The dense leg reaches a height of 15 cm. The surface is covered with snow-white lilac skin, with age it becomes light chocolate. The snow-white-bluish pulp is dense, fleshy, when in contact with alkali it becomes dark red. When cut, a pleasant mushroom aroma is captured.

The fungus is found only in the Bashkir forests

Where and how it grows

The webcap is an excellent rare guest of deciduous forests. Due to the decline in the population, it was listed in the Red Book. In Russia, it can be found only in the forests of Bashkiria. This species forms mycelium next to the beech. Grows in large families, bears fruit from May to mid-October.

Is the mushroom edible or not

The excellent webcap belongs to the 4th group of edibility. Due to its pleasant mushroom taste, it is widely used for preparing a variety of dishes. It can be fried, boiled, stewed. But the most delicious are salted and pickled mushrooms. It is also dried. Dried mushrooms are stored in paper or linen bags in a dark, dry place.

Important! The dry product is stored for no more than 1 year.

Doubles and their differences

The excellent webcap, like any forest dweller, has similar brethren. These include:

  1. Watery blue - has a hemispherical cap of a light sky color. The surface is glossy, slimy. The stem is dense, bluish-purple in color; closer to the base, the color changes to an ocher-yellow color. The pulp is blue-gray. Despite the insipid taste and unpleasant aroma, this representative of the mushroom kingdom belongs to the edible category. They settle in large families in the deciduous forests of Primorsky Krai.

    Edible mushroom, used for food in salted and pickled form

  2. The Terpsichore webcap - has a deep purple hat with radial streaks. In mature specimens, the color turns red-yellow. The leg is dense, fleshy, tasteless and odorless. The species is classified as inedible. It grows in deciduous forests, rarely found.

    Due to the lack of taste and smell, the mushroom is not used in cooking


Excellent webcap - conditionally edible mushroom Red Book. Grows in mixed forests from May to mid-autumn. Due to its pleasant aroma and good mushroom taste, it is used for the preparation of winter preservation. In order not to confuse this representative with inedible species, you need to know the external description and view the photo.

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