Tomato New from Transnistria

Tomato New from Transnistria

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Tomato Novinka Pridnestrovie began its history back in 1967. The variety was obtained by Moldovan breeders on the basis of the Novinka sample, which, in turn, was bred by scientists from the All-Union Institute of Plant Industry.

Characteristics and description of the variety

According to the technical characteristics, the tomato variety belongs to the medium early. Fruits ripen 112 - 124 days from germination. You can get 9-10 kg of tomatoes from 1 sq. m.

Description of the variety New from Transnistria: not a standard plant, determinant, bush 40 - 80 cm high. Determinant tomatoes, after tying about 5 brushes, stop growing. In determinant varieties, the removal of stepchildren is required, if this is not done, then the plant will be overloaded with fruits. And the fruits will ripen much later. The first cluster in determinant varieties is formed after 5 - 6 leaves, and the next after every 2 leaves.

Tomatoes are cylindrical in shape, even, smooth. Fruit weight 36 - 56 g. Good taste. Suitable for preparing fresh salads, but more for canning with whole fruits. Tomatoes ripen together, in large quantities. The biological maturity of the fruit is determined by a pale green color, in technical maturity, the fruit is a bright red saturated color. Suitable for rare collection, transportation, storage.

Suitable for growing outdoors in areas where the climate allows for ripe tomatoes. In colder regions, it is advisable to grow in greenhouses. Plants tend to grow taller in a greenhouse, so you will need to tie them up.

Seeds are sown for seedlings in the second half of March. In compliance with temperature and light standards.

Important! You should not plant seeds for seedlings earlier. Since the day is too short, the seedlings will stretch out a lot and will have a painful appearance due to lack of light.

To make the seeds sprout faster, make a mini - greenhouse, covering the seedling container with film or glass. The temperature for the early emergence of shoots should be at least 24 degrees. It will take 4 - 5 days, and the first shoots will appear. Water the seedlings after the top layer of the soil dries up with warm water at about 20 degrees.

With the appearance of the first true leaves, the plants are ready for picking. They are seated in individual containers. It is convenient to use bags from dairy products. Make drainage holes at the bottom.

Do I need to feed the seedlings? The appearance of the plants will tell you. A strong plant with rich green leaves does not require additional feeding.

Attention! The purple tint of the leaves indicates a lack of phosphorus and heat.

Strongly elongated plants with a pale color of leaves - it is worth starting to harden and water less, as well as apply complex fertilizers. You can use ready-made seedlings fertilizers.

After 2 months, the seedlings are ready for planting in the ground. In mid-May - in the greenhouse, and in early June - in open ground. Plant, observing a certain distance: in row spacings - 50 cm and 40 cm between tomato bushes.

Advice! Before planting in the ground, do a preventive treatment for late blight.

To do this, dilute 2 - 3 g of copper sulfate in 3 liters of hot water, cool and spray the plants. Another way: dilute 1 tablet of Trichopolum in 1 liter of water, spray the seedlings.

Regular maintenance consists of watering the plants, removing weeds on time and feeding regularly. The harvest ripens from July to September.


Lyudmila Otmakhova, 41 g, Kamyshin

The variety Novinka Pridnestrovie is familiar to me since childhood, my mother always planted it. And I do not change traditions either. Moreover, the characteristics and description of the variety completely suit me. The tomatoes are tasty, plump. Suitable for salads and preparations. They are especially good when pickled. Small, neat. The skin does not crack when you pour boiling water over the jars. And we grow tomatoes in the open field.

Yulia Petrushina, 53 g, Yaransk

I bought a bag of seeds Novelty of Transnistria. I liked the declared characteristics and description of the variety from the manufacturer. The past summer cottage season has shown that all the characteristics correspond to reality. True, I grew this variety in a greenhouse. In the climatic conditions of the Kirov region, you can not wait for the harvest in the open field. It also happens that a plant full of life infects late blight. But the Novinka Pridnestrovie variety pleased me with its disease resistance and early harvest.

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