Tomato Pink Whale

Tomato Pink Whale

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Russian gardeners grow a huge number of different varieties of tomatoes, but pink ones are especially fond of, which includes the Pink Whale tomato. The varieties of such tomatoes are now at the peak of their popularity not only because of their incomparable taste, but also because of their richest chemical composition, which includes the most important vitamins and trace elements, as well as a lot of organic acids, a lot of fiber, carotenoids and pectin. In addition, Pink Whale tomatoes have very delicate, sweet flesh and thin skin. What this variety looks like can be seen in the photo below:

Benefits of pink tomatoes over red ones

  • the amount of sugar;
  • vitamins B1, B6, C, PP;
  • natural antioxidants - selenium and lycopene.

This is an incomplete list of substances that are found in pink tomatoes much more than in red ones. The high content of selenium in tomatoes Pink whale increases immunity and improves cerebral circulation, puts a barrier to various infections and diseases of the cardiovascular system, blocks the occurrence of asthenia and depression. According to doctors, the regular presence of pink tomatoes in food will help reduce the risk of oncology, prevent heart attack and ischemia, and cope with inflammation of the prostate. To do this, you should eat 0.5 kg of fresh tomatoes per day or drink a glass of your own tomato juice. According to its characteristics, the pink whale tomato has a low acidity, so people with stomach problems will not be harmed by this variety.

Description of the variety

Tomato variety Pink Whale is quite early, it reaches technical maturity in 115 days from the moment of germination. The bush is high (about 1.5 m), it can grow both in a greenhouse and in an open garden if the growing region is close to the southern one. Planting density - 3 plants per square meter. Large, heart-shaped fruits with sweet and fleshy flesh reach a weight of up to 0.6 kg, and there are very few seeds in the flesh. There are from four to nine tomatoes on one cluster, therefore, so that the branch does not break under the weight of the fruit, it should be tied up or supported. The yield is high (up to 15 kg of excellent tomatoes can be removed from one square meter), it tolerates unfavorable weather conditions well. To get a good harvest, it is necessary to carry out pinching, leaving a maximum of two main stems for growth.

Caring for pink tomatoes

According to experienced vegetable growers, growing pink varieties of tomatoes is a little more troublesome than red ones, they need more attention. They do not tolerate drought well and, unlike red tomatoes, are more likely to get sick with late blight. To protect them from diseases, before planting seedlings in the ground, you need to treat it with the following composition: dilute 4 tablespoons of dry mustard in 100 grams of warm water, add sodium carbonate - 2 teaspoons, ammonia - 1 teaspoon, copper sulfate - 100 grams (pre-dilute it in 1 liter of water). Bring the volume to the size of a ten-liter bucket, stir well and process the soil (this is enough for ten square meters).

Tomatoes will respond to this concern with a large harvest.


Alena Igorevna, 43 years old, Kazan

I am very pleased with the Pink Whale tomatoes, despite the troublesome cultivation. In principle, they did not require special care, the main thing was to water and tie up on time. But the tomatoes are really tasty!

Andrey Ottoev, 55 years old, Kuibyshev

Last year, I saw at a neighbor's house what tomatoes he was carrying out of the greenhouse, and gasped! I asked for one tomato for seeds, I grew it, I am very glad that everything worked out. I have never eaten such delicious tomatoes!

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