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Polycarbonate Pergolas

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Note that they look simply excellent and very original in any section of the arbor made of polycarbonate. They allow you to significantly transform the appearance of any courtyard or even a garden - this is the creation of coziness and comfort.

Just think about how nice it is on a fine day to hide in the shade by going into the garden gazebo! Therefore, in order not to be unfounded, then we, in fact, will consider the main advantages and nuances of creating such structures.

How to use the facility

It should also be borne in mind that the structure will be even more attractive if equip it with a ribbed-domed roof of the same polycarbonate. By placing a canopy and / or gazebo made of polycarbonate on the site, it will be possible to create a kind of summer kitchen in which it will be nice not only to eat, but also, to relax, have a picnic under a sunny or evening sky.

Making a polycarbonate structure with your own hands, in fact, is not particularly difficult - as they say, there would only be a desire, and everything else will certainly follow! This is especially valuable when there is no way to buy such a finished building. Although, in principle, the price is actually not so high.

Advantages of Polycarbonate Arbors

Today polycarbonate buildings are very popular.

There are many reasons for this, and most of them we will consider right now:

  • Fairly lightweight design, which allows you to install it almost anywhere in the country.
  • Quick installation, which does not require the involvement of expensive specialists, the number of people, as well as special equipment for installation.
  • Relatively low price, which easily competes with the price of buildings made of other materials.
  • A huge selection of external data and design is achieved by combining various building materials with polycarbonate, as well as the qualities of polycarbonate itself. In this paragraph, you can mention any size of the building and any shape of the polycarbonate roof, and the possibility of creating an absolutely unique gazebo design based on the technical characteristics of the material.

In addition, the advantages of not only polycarbonate construction, but also the material as a whole should be taken into account. Polycarbonate is easily amenable to any processing - cutting, drilling, bending. Also, the material is not afraid of temperature changes, humidity and direct ingress of water, negative environmental influences. Polycarbonate perfectly transmits light, is resistant to ultraviolet and non-combustible, very strong, reliable and durable, can be used to create open spaces and closed, even airtight arbors and other structures.

As you can see, this list of advantages makes it easy to use polycarbonate to build a gazebo, and the advantages of such structures themselves make you choose this option.

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DIY polycarbonate gazebo construction

Due to the positive technical characteristics of the material, as well as its appearance and ease of use to create a variety of designs, we can conclude that a garden structure made of polycarbonate with your own hands is quite quick and easy.

Tool and materials

If you decide to work yourself, then you should pay attention to the need for a tool for processing materials and erecting a structure. Here it’s quite possible to cope with a standard set of tools, unless you add just a few things to the list. So, what you need to have: a grinder or a circular saw, a drill, a screwdriver, a welding machine (preferably, but not necessary), large scissors, a hammer, a set of screwdrivers, a hacksaw for metal, a saw for wood, a chisel, a shovel. In addition, various little things and consumables: drills, nails, wood glue, sandpaper, screws (metal, wood, seeds), paint, varnish, cement mortar, brushes, gloves, rags, screws, nuts and, possibly, more some tools and consumables, which we will definitely remember in the process.

Material selection

It’s best to build a standard option at the cottage, which does not take much time and money, which means that all we need is polycarbonate (roof mounting kit), a wooden beam, a board and a rail, a metal pipe and a metal profile (base and roof frame), brick (fastening and decoration of the structure).


As we said a little higher, the polycarbonate gazebo can be installed in the place that suits you best. But if you plan to create a capital vacation spot or a large area building, we recommend that you pay attention to the soil of the site where it will be installed.

This should be a dry and level area where water does not collect and where the groundwater level is low enough. It is also advisable to install a gazebo near the main buildings, in partial shade of trees, in a place without drafts. The last points are just for your personal convenience.

DIY polycarbonate gazebo

Installation of the building

In order to properly install a polycarbonate structure in your own summer cottage, you must follow a certain algorithm. There is nothing complicated in it, the main thing is to delve into the process:

  • Foundation or foundation. Of course, the capital construction of brick and polycarbonate, or solid wood and polycarbonate, can be installed on the foundation or make a convenient platform-base. But if this is not necessary and you are building a standard gazebo for relaxation, lunch and company, then it will be enough to install the supporting pipes, which will serve as the basis for the entire structure. To do this, you need to measure the territory at the place where the installation is made, drill or dig holes for installing pipes and subsequent pouring. Next - install the supporting pipes in the pits, properly center them and fix them, pour cement mortar and allow it to dry for several days. If you decide to fill the site under construction, you can do this at the same time as installing the pipes to get a common concrete monolith and thereby link the entire structure together.
  • Frame. Here several options are possible - fixing individual parts of the frame, sequentially, or fastening the finished frame to the supporting pipes. It’s up to you to choose, since one person can also do serial installation, a team of people or even special equipment will be required to install the finished frame of the gazebo. The frame can be installed and secured by welding or bolts. For guaranteed strength, we recommend that you use two options at once - bolting and welding.
  • Roof. The material is already selected, so it must be prepared for installation. We will leave the project, dimensions, shapes and cuts to your discretion, since these parameters and nuances depend only on personal requirements. The main thing is to fix the roof downhill (to drain water) and very firmly, tightly and without gaps. This can be done with the help of special rails, gaskets, cuffs, self-tapping screws or typesetting. As a result, when working with the necessary tools and consumables from the list, you should get a reliable and solid roof gazebo, which will protect the place of rest from adversity.
  • Inside. These are seats, backs, a table, perhaps some moments of providing additional comfort. We will consider the most basic. In fact, the entire gazebo is a single structure and construction, with all its filling. That is, it is desirable that the backs, seats and table be fixed from the inside, and not have a portable character, as is often the case in patios or on ordinary areas for recreation. All of these components can be made of any material, but preference is always given to wood. Monolith, timber, edged or unedged board, other similar materials - it all depends on personal requirements for the design of the gazebo, its functionality and comfort. Now that the material is defined, it must be correctly marked, cut and fixed inside the gazebo. This can be done with a saw, drill, bolts, screws, welding. We highly recommend sanding wooden surfaces with varnish and varnish.
  • Dressing. In itself, such a gazebo is already pretty enough, but there is always the opportunity to slightly change its appearance for the better. For the decor of the foundation of the structure, we have in store a brick from which a nice masonry is made. The metal parts are painted, the wooden parts are coated with stain and varnish. Inside, an absolutely varied decor is possible: fresh flowers, flowerpots, dried flowers, napkins, tablecloths, special sets for eating, specialists, lanterns, floor lamps and more.

We recommend reading the article about the tent for a summer residence with your own hands.

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