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Making a gazebo from a log: from project selection to self-assembly

Making a gazebo from a log: from project selection to self-assembly

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Arbor made of logs - the building is massive and very attractive. A well-designed project of such a building is perfect for decorating the landscape in a folk style. When drawing up the drawing, the size of the plot and the purpose of the building must be taken into account.

Advantages and disadvantages of log arbors

Despite the fact that the assortment of modern construction markets is represented by a huge number of new-fangled materials, wood has not lost its relevance over the years and is often used for erecting various buildings on personal territory. Wooden arbor looks very attractive and colorful. Wood products may vary in shape, size and type of finish. The advantages of such buildings include:

  • ecological purity of natural materials;
  • the wooden structure breathes, and natural ventilation and stable humidity are also supported;
  • buildings have sufficient sound absorption parameters;
  • construction will not take much time, and high-quality wood is perfectly processed manually;
  • Finishing costs are minimal, and most often represented by the purchase of antiseptics and natural compounds that can protect wood from external adverse conditions.

The disadvantages of such a building material are represented by the laboriousness of self-cutting with an ax, as well as the need to re-impregnate a wooden arbor with antiseptics and refractory compounds.

Criteria for choosing logs for arbor

The main criteria that should be considered when choosing and acquiring building material include:

  • parameters of resistance to basic mechanical loads, represented by compression, stretching and bending;
  • level of resistance to negative external influences;
  • construction weight and load on the foundation foundation;
  • the degree of moisture of the lumber, which has a direct impact on the timing and intensity of all shrinkage processes;
  • thermal conductivity of lumber and the degree of thermal insulation of the constructed building;
  • degree of fire safety;
  • the ability to independently perform machining;
  • assortment and standard sizes, allowing you to choose the right building material;
  • the cost of lumber.

It should be noted that the connection section of the logs is characterized by insufficient wall thickness, which can negatively affect the energy efficiency indicators of the gazebo.

Projects of arbors from a log

In order to correctly independently draft a wooden gazebo, it is necessary to create a competent sketch of the future construction and working drawings. The scheme and sketch will allow you to effectively plan the location of the gazebo on the site, mark the arrangement of interior items and determine the places for supplying communications. Based on such a project, the consumption of building materials can be calculated as accurately as possible. When drawing up a project, one should be guided by the following recommendations:

  • the choice of the type of structure, which can be open or closed;
  • the choice of the design of the gazebo, which should match the appearance of the style of all available buildings on the site;
  • selection of a place for future construction on a personal territory;
  • determination of the dimensions of the gazebo with an indication of the height, length, width of the structure, the location of the support posts, entrance, shape and height of the fence.

A competent drawing should have several projections, necessarily represented by a facade image, sections, as well as the layout and diagram of all the technical nodes of the structure being constructed. When erecting a closed building, a ventilation system scheme is prescribed. Separately, a foundation foundation plan is developed, which can be strip, columnar or slab, as well as a description of all structural units, including their dimensions and installation areas.

It is very important to correctly draw up a roof scheme, indicating in the project its dimensions, configuration, slope angles, height and material for coating. If it is planned to install a fireplace, stove or barbecue inside the building, then a plan indicating the routine laying of bricks must be attached to the project. At the final stage, if necessary, electrical wiring diagrams are performed, as well as water supply and sanitation systems.

How to choose logs for a gazebo

How to build a gazebo from logs

Logs can have different diameters: 150mm, 180mm, 220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 280mm, 300mm and 320 mm. Calibration of building material occurs during the production of logs. The most popular, due to their accessibility, are logs made of pine and spruce. Larch wood is highly regarded for its reliability and durability. Such material is not susceptible to decay, and, accordingly, is more expensive.

Outdoor wooden arbors also differ in shape. On limited personal plots, it is advisable to erect a square structure with dimensions of 3x3 m. A square log structure can be equipped with both a gable and a gable roof. An excellent option for small summer cottages will be a gazebo adjacent to the wall of a residential building.

Preparatory work, materials and tools

First you need to clear the site for construction. Carefully remove all debris and weeds that could interfere with construction from the surface. The plot must be leveled. Basic set of building materials and tools for self-construction of the foundation is presented:

  • waterproofing;
  • concrete mixer;
  • hacksaw, nails, hammer and ax;
  • reinforcing mesh;
  • bayonet shovel;
  • shovel;
  • rope and pegs for marking the territory;
  • building level;
  • cement;
  • crushed stone and seeded sand;
  • materials for formwork.

For the construction of walls, a construction tool is used, represented by a hammer, a circular saw, an electric jigsaw, galvanized screws and screws, a drill and a screwdriver, a chisel and a plane, a carpentry ax and a dash. It is very important to purchase high-quality building material and correctly mark the territory for the construction of a building made of wood.

Making the foundation for the arbor from the cylinder

Depending on the type of structure and its weight, The following types of foundation can be used:

  • foundation of tape type;
  • column type foundation;
  • foundation of tile type.

The arrangement of the strip foundation involves digging a trench in accordance with the marked perimeter. The standard width of the trench is 25-30 cm. The depth of the trench depends on the level of soil freezing. At the next stage, formwork is installed, and a sand-gravel pillow is poured into the trench. After the backfill layer is compacted, concrete is laid and laid waterproofing after drying.

The implementation of the columnar foundation does not take much time and effort. Pits are dug at the corners of the structure being constructed, after which the formwork is installed. After filling the pit with a brick fight or gravel, concrete is poured. After the concrete layer is completely dry, a waterproofing layer of roofing material is laid on the surface of the support posts.

Tiled foundation foundations are best suited for outdoor installations. In this case, it is required to remove the topsoil to a depth of a quarter meter throughout the construction site. The pit is filled with gravel, after which the reinforcing mesh is laid and the concrete solution is poured.

Arbor from a log: construction stages

The erection of the walls of the arbor from logs

Most often, wooden structures are erected in a "paw" way. This option is characterized by lower construction material costs, but you need to have certain skills that allow you to perform smooth and dense stacking of logs. The technology of independent walling is as follows:

  • marking of logs from the ends;
  • marking a log with a minimum diameter for the top of the log house;
  • correct marking on the first log of all building material;
  • processing of logs with four edgings, one of which passes through the entire workpiece and goes outside;
  • inset with visual division of the square into eight parts and cutting down the grooves in the logs.

Logs are stacked strictly horizontally, with a mandatory check of the evenness of installation with the help of a building level. The vertical connection of parts is carried out using pins. About twelve months after the construction, a complete settlement of the structure occurs and caulking can be performed.

Roof mounting

After the walls are completely ready, it is necessary to begin the independent erection of the rafter system. Elements are interconnected with special dowels, which are wooden pegs.

At the next stage, the lathing is performed on the rafters, after which the roofing itself is installed. The choice of material for the roof is determined not only by individual preferences, but also by the appearance of the arbor being built.

The final stage

If the structure is being built without wall fences, then it is important to pay attention to the correct external flooring. The surface of the floors should be protected from moisture as much as possible, and the popular wooden floor should be coated with varnish or high-quality paint.

To give the building made of wood a more attractive appearance, the structure is decorated with a variety of decorative lattices, as well as carved or wicker elements. The combination of logs of dark and light coloring looks very original. The roof of the wooden arbor can be decorated with a weather vane.

How to increase the operational life of the gazebo

For the treatment of all wood used in construction, special antiseptic compounds and paints are used, which are able to protect the material from decay, the formation of fungi and mold, and also significantly increase the operational life of a suburban building.

Along with other capital buildings, the roof overhang of the gazebo must be at least 30 cm. In order to divert all the rainwater from the foundation foundation, and to protect the structure from rain spray, it is recommended to organize drainage with special rain trays.

Types of arbors from a log

With the right choice of structure, a wooden building is able to subtly emphasize the beauty of the house territory, and its individual characteristics. Even in conditions of the same dimensions, it is possible to very successfully place such a building in complex areas, without losing functionality.

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