How to quickly build a gazebo yourself

How to quickly build a gazebo yourself

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So, before you start talking about how to make a gazebo, let's look at what exactly this structure is. First of all, such a summer cottage design is now an important element in any garden, yard and in general - in any territory surrounding the house. In particular, garden pavilions for barbecue will be a good option for a summer picnic.

All kinds of summer houses and canopies, in fact, are created specifically for relaxation - in order to spend time with pleasure, not being afraid of rain and wind. Before you make such a cozy place in the country, you need to carefully study the entire construction technology, especially if you decide to do it yourself.

Here you can relax, enjoy the surrounding nature and birdsong. The construction will allow you to feel comfort during your vacation and will fully provide the opportunity to stay in the background of nature.

With all this, the gazebo in the garden, created by yourself, will delight you and your family even more for many years. The design is also of great importance, because it is necessary to distinguish that the construction of a hexagonal structure and the construction of, say, wicker will be carried out in different ways.

Material and design choices

It is also necessary to consider what a gazebo in the garden can be made of - the material for its construction can be different. In addition, one should think about how to build it correctly, because the result depends on the correctness of the actions we performed.

It should be remembered that solid attention must be paid to design. Even if we take into account the fact that today there are an infinite number of different options for garden gazebos, still the main essence of their construction is the same. Even the size of the buildings in the standard form is almost the same, so you should not really worry about this.

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Do-it-yourself gazebo in one day

The first stage of construction

Before starting work, you need to decide which gazebo and where you want to create. Of course, it is best to build it in the garden - this option is the most acceptable and optimal at the same time. Now you can start the construction.

So, at the initial stage, as with any construction, we fill the foundation. And although this process itself is quite simple, it should nevertheless be treated with special attention.

When laying the foundation, it is necessary to take into account such a factor as the presence of shade (preferably the presence of bushes and trees nearby). Reinforced concrete slab, which is very practical and convenient, is often used as the foundation.

After the construction site is selected, we dig a moat and tie it around the perimeter with iron reinforcement. Instead of reinforcement, metal rods or corners can be used. Only they will have to be fastened together by welding or bonding.

Then, various stones, fragments of bricks are laid out at the bottom of the pit, and simple construction debris can also be used. After that, for the strength of the foundation, the pit is poured with concrete or cement mortar. In three days, the foundation will be completely ready.

The second stage of construction

Now we proceed directly to the design of the garden gazebo. This moment can rightfully be called the most difficult in terms of technology, because a number of certain actions are required here, requiring accuracy and accuracy. It is necessary to create a strong frame and install a roof.

The further course of construction: depending on the concrete, initially defined shape, load-bearing beams are erected at the corners, which, by the way, can be either quadrangular or octagonal.

Then the roof and the dome will be attached to these beams. It is necessary to fasten the wooden rails together - they are installed vertically using special crossbars made of timber.

The roof of the garden gazebo can be made in various ways. We will probably consider the simplest one. In this case, the roof is installed using wooden logs so that they repeat its geometry. It is important to build on the design of the building. In addition, we recommend reading our article “How to build a frame for the gazebo“.

After the frame is assembled, it must be sheathed using sheet metal. If a metal roof covering is preferred to a greater extent, it should be remembered that if it rains, the noise of the drops will be very audible precisely because of this material.

If you want to build a gazebo with a higher level of sound insulation at your dacha, then its frame will need to be pre-sheathed with plywood, and then, as an addition, all this is covered with a soft roof. It is very important to pay attention to the various thermal insulation characteristics of the particular material chosen and, of course, to its parameters, such as strength and durability.

Also, as a material from which you can make a roof, you can choose slate, wooden boards or metal tiles.

Instead of a conclusion

As you can see, building a gazebo for a summer residence is quite simple, which means that if you rationally, correctly and purposefully approach the issue, you can get a positive result in a relatively short time and with minimal investment.

We can say that today various kinds of open structures such as a tent for a summer residence are an integral part of any yard or garden - this is a kind of “second house”, the presence of which makes it possible to feel a lot of pleasant things. Near the building you can arrange flower beds, flower beds, flower beds, plant various flowers - garden hydrangeas, anemones, asters and many others. For lovers of the Japanese style, this article will be interesting and useful.

You will be able to make sure by your own example and learn how to build a summer gazebo with minimal cost and effort, while creating an extraordinary image of the seemingly most ordinary outbuilding.

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