How to make a fountain for a summer residence with your own hands: the choice of type and stages of construction

How to make a fountain for a summer residence with your own hands: the choice of type and stages of construction

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The decorative garden fountain is an unusual and very modern landscape decoration on the site. Even in the absence of special skills, making such a design with your own hands is quite possible without the high cost of time and money. As a rule, home-made fountains become a real decoration of the cottage and harmoniously complement almost any garden decor.

The species diversity of fountains for summer cottages

A country fountain or a street mini-fountain is not only a striking design decision, but also building to naturally increase air humidity, which greatly improves the climate in the garden or in the yard.

Depending on the type of movement of the water flow, cascading and geyser models, as well as the bell type, are distinguished.

cascadingSingle sprayers are combined, the water in which is dispensed with different pressure levels and at different heights
jetThe most popular version of the design, represented by a pipe with a nozzle in the form of a tapering nozzle, and a large head of water up after separation into trickles
"Bell"The end of the pipe is represented by a pair of parallel disks and water falls between them, and regulation allows you to get the required thickness of the jet falling in the form of a "bell"
"Tulip"One of the varieties of "Bells", characterized by the angular arrangement of disks, allowing to form the appearance of a flower
"Fish tail"A modified "tulip", which is characterized by the flow of water in separate streams upward at an angle
"Hemisphere"Several pre-assembled spray nozzles with a bell nozzle make the jet attractive
"Ring"The view is represented by a pipe bent in the form of a ring with a uniform arrangement of holes, which allows the formation of uniform water jets under high pressure

Decorative fountain and garden style

The ideas of the buildings are numerous and the choice of form depends only on the landscape features and taste preferences of the owner. The dimensions are preliminarily determined and the appearance of the structure is thought out with the implementation of a paper sketch or the use of modern computer programs. Even a simple version of a hydraulic structure can radically transform a small area and have a positive effect on a person. A correctly selected design of a decorative garden fountain helps to easily arrange the territory.

In the design process, modern designers and architects use a variety of styles and directions:

  • if during the arrangement of the house and landscape the design in ethnic or rustic style was used involves the use of traditional designs, which can be represented by sheds, mills or elements of village utensils;
  • if there is a small pond on the site, and the classic style was used during the design, the fountain can be supplemented with complex decorative elements represented by statues, columns and other stucco elements with gushing streams of water.

The most harmonious and spectacular modern architecture is combined with a natural style or Eco-direction, devoid of pathos and bright details, which allows the fountain to merge into the general context of the surrounding space. Also, the bowl of such a structure can be made in oriental or country style.

How to make a fountain yourself

Choosing places to install

After the appearance is selected and the sketch is made, it is necessary to determine the technical parameters of the design and a thorough study of the land, which will help to choose the right place for location.

Preference should be given to fairly spacious areas with some shading, helping to reduce the risk of "blooming" of water under the influence of the sun. The construction can be built at a sufficient distance from decorative trees and garden plantings, whose root system is capable of causing destruction of the tank after some time.

Criteria for choosing a pump for a garden fountain

Pumping equipment for equipping garden fountains may be wet or dry type equipment. The choice of such a unit should depend on the purpose of the structure, because the pump for arranging a miniature decorative fountain is absolutely not suitable for large and voluminous structures.

CriteriaCharacteristic and Description
Performance levelThis parameter should be equivalent to the water flow rate in l / h. Pumping equipment provides lifting fluid to the desired height, therefore, in order to determine the necessary, special equipment passport data are used
Power indicatorsA significant part of the equipment is characterized by a rather economical level of electricity consumption during continuous operation. Continuous operation makes it possible to use more powerful appliances equipped with a water regulator
Water lift heightWith a gradual rise of the discharge hose, the actual height of the liquid is determined equal to the distance from the reservoir mirror to the hose. Mini pumps need a 24V power supply

How to make a fountain in the garden with your own hands

For the self-construction of such a decorative element in a household territory, it is necessary not only to correctly install and calculate the structure, but also to position the water supply system and power source at an optimal distance. All installation activities must be carried out in strict accordance with the technology.

Digging a pit

On a site selected for the installation of a country fountain, we dig a pit, the dimensions of which should slightly exceed the diameter of the construction bowl. Around the pit, an additional shallow trench should be dug, approximately 10 cm deep and wide. A layer of sand should be poured onto the bottom of the excavated pit. The thickness of a high-quality sand cushion should be approximately 15-17 cm, which will protect the underground part of the bowl from the root system of vegetation.

At the final stage, it is necessary to carefully level the surface of the sand cushion.

Bowl installation

On a level surface, the capacity of the fountain is set. It is necessary to expose the font under the control of the building level, after which sand is filled and compacted. It is required to install the container in such a way that its edges above the ground without fail protrude by about seven centimeters.

The next stage is very important, which consists in filling the tank with water and installing pumping equipment.

Pump installation

Pumping equipment delivers water through a hose. It is best to equip such a decorative design with a low-voltage submersible pump if, in accordance with the initial design, the jet height does not exceed a meter. A large garden fountain needs to be equipped with a network submersible pump.

The most difficult option is a “dry” installation of pumping equipment, characterized by a high-quality and competent connection of the supply and return pipelines.

Finishing work

After the bowl and pumping equipment are installed, it is necessary to use a waterproofing fabric, from which a canvas is cut, the diameter of which is equal to the size of the pit for the fountain. Starting from its central part, stripes must be cut so that the diameter of the resulting circles corresponds to the diameter of the bowl. The resulting strips of material are bent and lowered into a container, after which it is fastened with a sealant.

Decor Options

The development of project documentation involves not only determining the style of construction based on the general concept of design and location. At the same stage, it is necessary to solve the problem of colors, surface and underwater lighting, equipping the fountain with filters and auto-refill. Separately, you need to pay attention to the individual, most complex elements.

How to make a fountain out of bottles

To design the ground part at your discretion, you can use natural stone, sculptures, gypsum figures and living aquatic plants, as well as outdoor and underwater lamps:

  • you can use a single lighting fixture or a whole system with a choice of colors, and particularly popular are dynamically illuminated flowing constructions that are in perfect harmony with the movement of water;
  • in order to maintain the shape of the base and increase its stability, it is recommended to lay galvanized fine-mesh mesh on a sealed canvas, which can serve as a basis for decoration with stone or rubble;
  • in order to get the country fountain as natural as possible in appearance, it is necessary to use the creation of a composition of stones of one or two rocks, which will avoid a pile of colors and shapes;
  • water plants should be selected especially carefully, taking into account the botanical characteristics and requirements for growing conditions;
  • it is not recommended to plant bright coastal flowers that accentuate attention, therefore it is best to give preference to hardy and most unpretentious aquatic cultures.

Very moisture-proof LED strips that can be installed along the shore look very impressive in the design of fountain structures, which will highlight the contour of the structure. If a long-term operation of the structure is supposed, as well as that its long and uninterrupted operation pleases the homeowner, it is necessary to provide the garden fountain with competent and high-quality care.

Care Tips

Fountain structures in summer cottages and household plots need certain care measures. It is optimal to install such hydraulic structures in an open area, without close proximity to trees or shrubs, whose falling leaves can quickly clog the surface of the water. Over time, as a result of the decomposition of foliage, the water in the bowl acquires a cloudy appearance, decays and starts to exude an unpleasant odor.

To avoid water pollution, it is necessary to use special filtering systems. Large plant debris can be removed with long net nets. Also In order to purify water in fountain structures, some types of algae are used, which are planted directly in the bowl. Such vegetation allows not only water purification, but also creates a very picturesque natural composition, especially if the algae are complemented by flowering crops or fish.

Stone fountain

Following the basic recommendations, it is completely not difficult to erect a fountain structure at a summer cottage on your own, and the presence of such a spectacular decorative element on a personal territory allows you to transform the site beyond recognition.

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