PUNCH !: program for landscape design

PUNCH !: program for landscape design

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Landscaping program Punch! not only will help to translate into reality all that you have been dreaming of for several years, but also will delight you with opportunities that you did not even expect.

What is necessary for the Punch program to work! on your pc? It turns out that everything is quite simple, and at the moment, everyone can use the software for its intended purpose. Please note that depending on the version of Punch! and some add-ons, system requirements may vary slightly.

System Requirements for Punch!

The requirements are quite simple:

A modern processor, starting from Pentium, any operating system, from 64 Mb of memory, a 16-bit monitor, a drive for installing the program (if you purchase it on a special medium), a mouse and keyboard for work.

You must admit that even the weakest PC, the so-called Tetris, in certain circles, meets these requirements, and therefore, if you have a desire to work with this software, then you should not worry about installation problems and malfunctions.

What is Punch!

If we talk about functionality in a more or less understandable language, then Punch! - A program for three-dimensional intuitive design and planning, design and layout, but not only in the landscape, but also in work with buildings and premises. The program contains a serious amount of simple and easy-to-use wizards and examples. In short, a real American approach - tasks are completed quickly, efficiently, efficiently.

In addition, the software contains a large number of templates and standard modules that are editable.

In fact, Punch! - simple software, having understood the work of which, you will forget about other programs, at least that is what most users do.

Benefits of the Punch!

Like any other program for design, design and planning, Punch! It has many features that distinguish it from the rest of the mass of software on the market:

  • Incredibly convenient tools and work with it;
  • A huge base of elements and auxiliary components for work;
  • The most reliable images of everything that you do, work on errors by simply switching between 2D and 3D;
  • Checking the compatibility of materials, forms, elements, accessories, decor, architecture;
  • Compilation of summary tables, estimates, arrangement of sizes and scales, simple calculations;
  • The conclusion to the real world of everything that has been done in electronic.

In general, all the benefits of Punch! will be visible to you already in the process of work, but for now we want to express our own opinion about the program, and not speak on behalf of the manufacturer and other users.

Conveniently: excellent visualization of projects in 3D, a huge number of settings and texture components that help to saturate the project. Convenient rubricator, an extensive library with descriptions. The program has Help (Help), which will help to cope with the software in the first stages.

Not convenient: depending on the version, the software only works with its own files

Landscaping with Punch! on video

In conclusion: if you want to get a really interesting result of your work, which can be safely connected to the project for registration of a summer cottage, use the Punch! program, because it really helps!

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