Imperial catatelasma (Tsarskaya): what it looks like, is it possible to eat, photo

Imperial catatelasma (Tsarskaya): what it looks like, is it possible to eat, photo

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Royal catatelasma (Catathelasma imperiale) belongs to rare mushrooms. Unfortunately, it does not grow in Russian forests. It is not always possible to find the regal mushroom even in the Alps.

It has a fairly extensive synonymic range, which includes not only biological, but also popular names:

  • imperial champignon;
  • korban;
  • carpathian truffle;
  • goat;
  • coniferous pistrik.

Finding such a mushroom is real luck.

Where does royal catatelasma grow?

Fruiting bodies belong to the Catatelasm family. It grows in some countries of Europe and North America. It is very rare in the south of Crimea. Prefers pine forests. They can grow singly or in small groups.

Important! Royal catatelasma is an autumn mushroom, the collection begins in September and ends at the end of October, since the fruiting bodies are not afraid of frost.

What does imperial catatelasma look like?

Mushrooms with an interesting name belong to the caps. In the description below, the features of each part of the catatelasma are indicated.


Young mushrooms are hemispherical in shape, with thick edges wrapped inward. The edge unfolds, and the cap itself straightens, becomes open, resembles the shape of a pillow. The size is truly royal, it grows up to 40 cm in diameter.

The surface of the cap is olive, chestnut, reddish brown or brown. In young fruiting bodies - with mucus, as it grows, it becomes dry. Old catatelasmas can be distinguished by cracks.

On the edges of the cap, you can see white scales that remain after breaking the bedspread.

Spore-bearing layer

The plates are initially covered with a thick blanket, which creates conditions for the maturation of ellipsoidal spores. When it breaks, a ring remains on the leg. The plates are located close to each other. With their wide bases, they not only grow to the leg, but also run down a little along it.

Spore powder white

Spore-bearing layer of white or slightly yellowish color in young royal catatelasmas, in old fruiting bodies it becomes brown.


The leg is of medium size, in height - from 5 to 15 cm, diameter - on average 8 cm. Closer to the base it tapers. Near the cap is a double ring left over from the coverlet.

The upper part of the leg is white, under the ring - darker


The royal catatelasma is famous for its special flour taste and aroma. The upper part of the cap of the royal catatelasma is granular; in old specimens it is covered with brown spots.

The pulp is white or grayish in color, very dense, little boiled down

Is it possible to eat the imperial champignon

Royal catatelasma is an edible mushroom. He has excellent food and culinary qualities, universal application. The fruits can be:

  • fry;
  • cook;
  • dry;
  • marinate.

Advice! The royal catatelasma is perfectly stored in the freezer, even without preliminary heat treatment.

False doubles

It cannot be said that the imperial catatelasma counterparts are false. The fact is that similar species are either edible or conditionally edible.

Violet row

This king's catatelasma counterpart is edible. Grows in mixed or coniferous forests in rows, circles or separate small groups. It got its name for the scent of flowers, so it cannot be confused with anyone.

Attention! Heat treatment does not help get rid of the odor.

The ryadovka has a large cap - up to 15 cm. In young specimens, it is purple, then turns pale. The legs are light purple. It is prized for its fleshy and firm flesh, but can become watery during rains.

Fruiting begins in September, collection continues until October.

Differs in dense pulp, but not everyone likes it, since the fibers are somewhat harsh

Row purple

This twin of the royal catatelasma is often found in pine forests or mixed forests. Begins to bear fruit in the fall. The last copies can be collected even in November in the Southern regions. The species is classified as conditionally edible.

The purple row can be salted, fried, pickled, dried

Row gray

Large fruiting bodies are suitable for human consumption. You need to collect young mushrooms, since in aging specimens, the cap becomes rotten. Grayish pulp with flour flavor and aroma.

You need to look for fruit bodies in places where there is a lot of moss.

The purpose of the rowing in gray is universal

Collection rules and use

Collect catatelasma with a sharp knife. Then clean from needles, grass and earth, wash thoroughly. Catatelasma is added to soups, side dishes, baking fillings.


Royal catatelasma is a delicious mushroom, but not many people manage to taste it. Not only are they found in a limited area, they are also listed in the Red Book.

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