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Adherents of a healthy and dietary diet widely use zucchini in their diet. The vegetable is low in calories, it is easy to digest and does not cause allergies. Zucchini is fried, boiled, stuffed, used for making caviar and eaten raw. It is included in the menu of baby food and is recommended for use by people with diseases of the digestive system. Many housewives grow this wonderful vegetable in their garden. To do this, they choose the best varieties of zucchini and make some efforts and efforts in order to get a rich harvest of healthy vegetables. According to experienced gardeners, the "Hero f1" zucchini is among the best. This vegetable is not whimsical to grow, it is rich in nutrients and tasty, juicy pulp. You can see a photo of a vegetable and find out the agrotechnical features of the variety, the rules for its cultivation, by reading the given article.

Trace element composition

Zucchini of the "Hero f1" variety contains not only proteins, carbohydrates, but also a complex of useful microelements. So, 100 g of pulp contains 240 mg of potassium, which is 1.5 times higher than the content of this substance in white cabbage. The same amount of pulp is present:

  • 0.4% iron;
  • 15% vitamin C;
  • 0.15% B vitamins;
  • 0.3% carotene;
  • 0.1% organic acid;
  • 0.6% PP vitamins.

Young fruits of the “Hero f1” variety are considered especially useful. They contain magnesium, calcium and some other mineral salts. Such vegetables are excellently digestible and have a wonderful fresh taste, they can be a wonderful ingredient in fresh vegetable salads.

Important! The calorie content of "Hero f1" zucchini is only 23 kcal per 100 g of pulp.

Description of zucchini

The seed producer of the "Hero f1" variety is the Spanish breeding company Fito. Zucchini hybrid, obtained by crossing two varieties. Differs in the early ripening of fruits: from the germination of the seed to the technical ripeness of vegetables, it takes about 40 days.

Bush plant, medium vigor, semi-closed. The internodes on it are average. You can grow Hero f1 vegetables in open and sheltered areas. The variety is suitable for sowing in spring and summer.

Zucchini "Hero f1" has a thin skin of light green color. The shape of the vegetable is cylindrical, aligned. Its average dimensions are: length 12-15 cm, diameter 4-6 cm, weight from 400 g to 1.5 kg.

Experts estimate the taste of zucchini as high. The sweetish pulp is dense, juicy, crunchy. Fruits of the "Hero f1" variety are well suited for cooking squash caviar, and can also be used as an ingredient in fresh vegetable salad.

The vegetable has good transportability and is suitable for long-term storage.

Growing rules

You can grow zucchini "Hero f1" in two turns: the first one is spring-summer, the second is summer-autumn. The short ripening period of the fruits allows you to get the full crop of this crop twice per season. For this, pre-germinated seeds are sown in the ground in early spring, after the threat of night frosts has passed. In the central region of the country, the period of sowing seeds in open ground falls on mid-May; in greenhouse conditions, seeds can be sown earlier. In late June-early July, the first fruiting cycle ends and you can sow the zucchini seeds again. The harvest of the second turn will ripen by the end of August. Thus, you can achieve the highest possible yield and feast on fresh zucchini throughout the spring-autumn period, as well as prepare a canned product for the winter.

Seed germination

Germination of zucchini seeds allows you to accelerate the growth process of the culture and to select from the total number of grains weak, non-germinating. For germination, the seeds are wrapped in a damp cloth rag. The resulting "sandwich" is placed in a plastic bag or on a saucer. Placing the seeds in a warm place with a temperature of + 23- + 250It is necessary to regularly monitor the moisture content of the fabric, preventing it from drying out. After 4-5 days, sprouts can be observed on the seeds of the zucchini, which means that the grains are ready for sowing in the ground.

Sowing zucchini

According to the rules, zucchini can be sown only when the soil at a depth of 10 cm has warmed up to a temperature of more than +120C. Such conditions are the guarantor of the safety of the seed and allow the plant to grow and develop safely.

Germinated seeds are sown in such a heated ground to a depth of 5-6 cm. It is better to sow the seed in a conventional square with a side of 60-70 cm. This arrangement will not allow the bushes to shade each other, will provide better access for insects and will have a beneficial effect on yield.

Important! In the northern regions, it is recommended to temporarily cover spring crops of marrow on unprotected soil with polyethylene until stable warm weather sets in.


It is possible to get a good harvest of zucchini only with proper care, which consists in regular abundant watering, loosening and feeding the plants. For irrigation, you must use water, the temperature of which is not lower than +220C. The regularity of watering depends on the weather conditions. Fertilizing zucchini should be carried out every 2-3 weeks, using manure infusion or special mineral fertilizers. Zucchini bushes must be weeded as the weed grows. Simultaneously with weeding, the plants should be hilled.

Artificial pollination

Zucchini productivity largely depends on the presence and activity of pollinating insects. However, a caring farmer can compensate for the lack of bees by artificially pollinating zucchini. You can find out the details of the procedure and see an example of artificial pollination of zucchini by watching the video:

Artificially, you can pollinate plants growing in open ground, as well as in greenhouses and greenhouses.

Experienced growers also know that pollinators can be attracted to their property. To do this, on the beds with zucchini crops, you can place several saucers with sweet syrup or pour the bushes with water with the addition of a small amount of honey.

Second turn

Having collected a crop of zucchini varieties "Hero f1" in the first revolution, you need to remove the bushes and clean and fertilize the soil. To destroy possible pests, the soil can be shed with a solution of potassium permanganate. The nutrient content of the soil should be restored by applying a complex fertilizer or by adding organic matter to the soil.

In the cleared and prepared soil, you can safely plant zucchini of the Hero f1 variety on the second turn. Such a growing system allows you to be content with vegetables in the required amount, without occupying large areas on the land plot.


Zucchini of the "Hero f1" variety are very tasty and healthy. The rich trace element composition makes these vegetables a storehouse of vitamins. Without fear, zucchini can be consumed by both adults and young children, since the product does not cause allergies. It is very easy to grow vegetables of the f1 hero variety on your plot. You do not need to have special knowledge and many years of experience for this. Zucchini are sown with seeds directly into the ground, and all subsequent care of the crop consists of the most familiar manipulations. It is worth noting that "Hero f1" zucchini are a real boon for farmers with small plots of land, because in the same place with the help of this unique variety, you can easily get a double harvest of vegetables in one season.


Alexandra Solovyova, 32 years old, Voronezh

I tried to sow this zucchini for the first time last summer. I really liked the variety: the seed germination was almost 100%, the plants grew quickly, the zucchini themselves ripened no later than 1.5 months after sowing the germinated seeds into the ground. The taste of vegetables is excellent. I was pleased with the very thin skin, which does not need to be cut off even when preparing fresh salads. The flesh of the squash is juicy and very crispy. For myself, I took note of the “Hero f1” variety and, if possible, I will grow it in the future.

Victoria Volok, 38 years old, Perm

Zucchini "Hero f1" are wonderful. There are never any problems, they always sprout well and bear fruit well. Like zucchini of other varieties, "Hero f1" does not have a bright taste, however, fresh crunch is an excellent addition to vegetable salads. I grow zucchini in open beds: I sow a smaller part of the seeds in May, most in the same place in early June. Zucchini grown in the summer-autumn turnover, I put aside for storage. By the way, vegetables are stored excellently for 2-3 months.

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