DIY craftsmanship for garden decoration: new items

DIY craftsmanship for garden decoration: new items

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Decorating your summer cottage includes not only the unique design of the territory, but also the opportunity to breathe a second life into old and previously unnecessary things. Tons of things that can be used as decor for the garden are thrown around the world. To create a real garden masterpiece, a variety of improvised tools and objects, such as:

  • Plastic bottles.
  • Broken furniture.
  • Metal cans.
  • Buckets.
  • Snags and big stones.
  • The remains of building materials.
  • Appliances.

All this good enough in every house, especially in the cottages. With a creative approach to these old things, you can create the most unique and unusual crafts for the cottage, garden, yard with your own hands.

First you need to collect things that will be the basis of home-made decorations for the garden. Then search on the Internet for interesting ideas for designing a particular subject and bring them to life.

Decoration of flower beds

The easiest way to decorate a flower bed is to decorate with pots, vases or wooden boxes. Some use old tires for these purposes, carving large curly flowerpots out of them.

To revitalize the flower beds in the kindergarten, they use ready-made garden figures or make them yourself. For example, you can cut a beautiful swan or flamingo from a regular tire, and if there are several tires, then create a whole composition. There are so many options for creating animal figures from a tire (bear, fox, giraffe and others).

A large branched driftwood will look beautiful, especially if there are natural stones in the flowerbed.

Weave small fences from the branches - wattle, which looks very nice on a green flowerbed.

Using stones

Stones in the design of garden plots - this is the most win-win and often found option. But in order to give the landscape a unique look, you need to turn ordinary boring gray stones into snails, cacti, a house or an animal.

In order for the painted stone to be bright and beautiful for a very long time, you need:

  • Wash it from dust and dirt.
  • To dry.
  • Paint in several layers.
  • Coat the dried craft with two layers of varnish.

They also make an alpine slide. This is a construction of stones or bricks that will decorate any garden plot. The most important thing here is to fix the whole structure well so that it does not fall apart. In order for the alpine hill to play, you can put a waterfall on it.

Crafts from tires

Nowadays, crafts from old tires are gaining great popularity. There are a huge variety of options for making chic flower arrangements or garden figures from tires.

From tires it is possible to make such products:

  • a slide planted with flowers;
  • figures of animals and birds;
  • small multi-colored fence;
  • flowerpots for flowers;
  • hanging flower arrangements.

Plastic Bottle Products

Here already the imagination can break out with might and main. Many throw away large quantities of plastic bottles. From them you can do anything:

  • Palm tree.

It is necessary to cut brown beer bottles into two parts (cut line just above the bottom). Make a hole in the bottom for mounting with wire.

Cut green bottles into 3 pieces along the neck. The bottom is cut off. This kind of daisy needs to be cut so that it turns out the fringe on the leaves. All items must be worn on the wire. One tree should have 7 branches.

Now you can collect a palm tree. Thick rods are firmly inserted into the ground, then you need to attach tubes for trunks to them. On these tubes you need to string brown and green blanks. The result is a beautiful palm tree.

  • Gnome.

Garden gnomes are sold in huge quantities. But they can be created independently without spending a lot of effort and money. To make such a gnome, you will need a 5- or 6-liter bottle, paints, brushes, glue and little things for decoration.

First you need to paint the base with one color. To keep the paint longer, you need to paint the bottle from the inside. To do this, you can pour a little paint on the bottom and, turning the bottle, paint over all sides.

For small parts fit small bottles. From them you can make the arms and legs of a gnome.

To connect the parts together, you can use wire or glue. The gnome's nose and eyes can also be attached with glue. They are made from caps or use ready-made eyes for dolls.

In order for the figure to stand stably, you need to pour sand inside it.

  • Bouquets with flowers.

Cut the bottles lengthwise into 4 parts to make the flower petals. The neck is the base and the middle. You can make a bell. Then cut along is not necessary. You can attach flowers to metal rods wrapped in green cloth. Even old jewelry can be used.

It’s not difficult to realize original ideas with your own hands, the main thing is to find a design that you want to create on your site.

Crafts from mayonnaise buckets

From the bucket you can make a small basket for small things, lining it with a cloth. But it is better to put such a craft in a closed place so that it does not get wet in the rain.

You can glue the bucket with old wooden clothespins, and then you get a wonderful flower pot. It can be made suspended or dug in the ground so that it does not fly away and does not turn over with gusts of wind.

You can paint a bucket or draw some drawing on it. The cache-pot made using the decoupage technique will look great.

To do this, you need:

  • Degrease the bucket with alcohol.
  • Apply one coat of primer with a foam sponge.
  • After the primer layer has dried, apply tissue elements on it with PVA glue.
  • After the glue has completely dried, varnish the product.

Products from polyurethane foam

This is a completely new technique for decorating garden plots. This material is very light and resistant to precipitation.

The foam in the container is in a liquid state and expands several times under the influence of oxygen. It will take about 10 hours to fully dry the figures from the mounting foam.

When working with this material, the following should be considered:

  • It is better to work with foam in warm time, as it does not tolerate frost.
  • Shake the bottle before use.
  • It is necessary to squeeze the foam, holding the balloon with the cap down.
  • To apply the next layer, you need to wait for the complete drying of the previous one.

By means of polyurethane foam it is possible to create whole sculptures, and then to decorate or paint them.

There are a huge number of options for making garden decorations with your own hands. Original ideas of decor masters can inspire the creation of their own masterpiece. Such figures or objects will breathe new life into old things and make the design of the garden plot unique.

In addition to the above ideas, you can use old umbrellas, watering cans, galoshes, chests of drawers, bedside tables and any other item. The main thing is to trust your imagination or be inspired by the ideas of masters from the Internet.

The whole family can be involved in the creation of crafts, and then it will also be a wonderful common activity, for which everyone will come together.

Crafts for the garden

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