Carrots: varieties for Central Russia

Carrots: varieties for Central Russia

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Who doesn't want to grow juicy carrots in central Russia? However, everyone's needs are different, and the ripening times of different varieties of carrots differ. Let's talk about which varieties are best grown in the middle lane and which carrots are considered the best. The definition parameters are given below.

Principles for choosing carrot seeds

Having come to the store for seeds in winter, each summer resident himself determines the selection criteria. However, newcomers to this business do not so easily cope with their primary tasks. As for the carrots themselves, you should be interested in such qualities as:

  • storage duration;
  • ripening rate;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • yield;
  • taste qualities;
  • disease resistance.

Among them it is necessary to determine those that are of paramount importance. For central Russia, this will be the ripening rate, resistance to low temperatures and yield. Few people want to spend time growing for one kilogram of carrots. Russians love this vegetable very much, it contains a huge amount of vitamins.

Carrots, traditional for Russia, have a bright orange color, sometimes slightly lighter or slightly darker. This shade appears due to the presence of useful carotene.

When choosing, pay attention to the fact that the packaging is closed, breathable, and the company that produces the seed is on everyone's lips. Buying seeds from unverified suppliers is quite dangerous, you can get a completely different result than you planned.

A few words about storage

Growing carrots on their own, every gardener wants to keep them for a longer time in order to use them fresh and get the maximum benefit in autumn and winter. Fresh carrot salad for the New Year, mashed potatoes for children - we need all this in a period of vitamin deficiency.

We often make mistakes in storing carrots, but do not forget that early ripening varieties are generally not suitable for this. It is better not to plant them if you want to keep the carrots in the cellar longer.

Suitable for storage:

  • mid-season varieties;
  • late varieties.

In order for storage of carrots not to cause trouble, you must adhere to the following conditions:

  • storage temperature should be +2 degrees;
  • air humidity should be about 95%, no fluctuations;
  • do not rely only on the fact that the variety has good keeping quality, this rule does not work if the carrots are harvested too early or too late.

For long-term storage, ripe root crops without damage and completely healthy are suitable. You cannot dry them in the sun, only in coolness and shade.

When choosing the same variety, pay attention to:

  • reviews of other gardeners;
  • his popularity among all others.

We will consider a large list of carrot varieties with high keeping quality and excellent qualities for successful cultivation in the middle lane.

The best varieties

Today there are a large number of varieties and hybrids that are successfully grown throughout the country, with the exception, perhaps, of the remote northern regions.

For each variety, we will define important parameters so that it is convenient for the summer resident to appeal with facts. We will also show pictures of carrots.

To choose carrot varieties for central Russia, consider mid-season varieties that are resistant to lower temperatures and diseases.


This variety of carrots is well known to gardeners, it is considered one of the best. Productivity is high, conical root crops with a blunt end. Their size is from medium to large (500 grams), depending on the growing conditions.

Shantane ripens in 120-150 days, has good taste and is perfectly stored. The variety is resistant to cracking, which allows you to preserve a large number of fruits by the time they ripen in September.

"Queen of Autumn"

This is one of the unique frost-resistant varieties, perfect for the middle zone of the country. It occupies a special place on store shelves, since it is in great demand among gardeners.

The carrots are very beautiful, with a thin skin. The bright orange color indicates a high content of carotene. The plant easily tolerates frosts (up to -4 degrees Celsius), this is very important, because in August in some regions the temperature may drop. There is no need to save the crop. If the growing conditions are observed, up to 9 kilograms of an excellent harvest can be harvested from 1 square meter, which is stored for a long time and has excellent taste. The ripening period is limited to 130 days.


Another popular variety. It is produced by many agricultural firms, trying to offer only the highest quality, selected seeds. The video below shows the seed of one of these companies.

"Karotel" is represented by small, very sweet carrots. The variety is resistant to flowering and a large number of major diseases. It ripens in just 110 days, but will not lie long. As a rule, it goes for juices, mashed potatoes, for frying and marinating. When properly grown, it will consistently yield 7 kilograms per square meter. Loved by gardeners for unpretentiousness. "Karotel" is not a capricious variety, and the ripening rate allows it to be grown in the open field before the onset of cold weather.


Boltex carrots are also suitable for long-term storage and are easy to grow in our beds. What is its plus? If, as a standard, carrots love loose light soils, then this variety is easy to grow for those who have heavy soil on the site. Suitable even for heavy black soil, which does not affect the yield in any way. Stable from 1 square it turns out to collect at least 5-8 kilograms. The carrots themselves are dense, sweet and juicy. Resistance to major diseases additionally allows Boltex carrots to rank among the top ten sales leaders in central Russia every year.

Advice! When choosing an imported new variety, do not aim to grow as rich a crop as possible. The fact is that today more and more foreign novelties are presented in the form of even, beautiful carrots, but with a low yield and carotene content.

The best varieties of carrots for growing in Russia are presented on our website and collected in accordance with the rating of seed consumption by the gardeners themselves.


Everyone who has been growing carrots for years knows the names of these varieties firsthand. Losinoostrovskaya is one of them. Despite the fact that the ripening period is quite short (from 80 to 104 days), these carrots are well stored under the conditions.

It is distinguished by its beautiful appearance, excellent taste, color resistance. The carrots themselves will not be large, and the yield will be about 7-7.6 kilograms per square meter, subject to the planting scheme. The video below shows what kind of root crops are obtained when grown in the open field.

Important! Bloom is a deviation in the development cycle of carrots. Not only carrots, but also other root crops suffer from it.

The farther north you live, the greater the likelihood of flowering as a disease. That is why the resistance of the variety to it is important for central Russia.


Cultivated "Nantes" and in Ukraine and Moldova, in Russia and Kazakhstan. The variety has been known for a long time and is widespread in the form of Dutch varieties. It is grown commercially and is used to prepare baby food. Lined carrots, beautiful and tasty. It does not lie, however, for long, but when growing a variety type, this period can be increased.

The ripening period from the moment the first shoots appear will be 100 days. Despite the fact that the roots are not large, the yield of 6.5 kilograms is an excellent result.


For those who want to get a very early harvest of carrots, the resistant variety "Artek" is suitable. He is not afraid of white rot, and ripening does not exceed 85 days. For some regions of Russia, this is very important, because a short summer is the first reason for refusing to grow root crops on their plots. High yield and high taste make this variety one of the most popular.

"Moscow winter"

Resistance to diseases such as flowers is also characteristic of this variety. It grows well under standard conditions for carrots and produces a rich harvest. Root crops are perfectly stored all winter, while they do not lose their taste, which is very important.

Ripening period varies from 67 to 98 days. The seeds are planted in open ground at a distance of 4 centimeters from each other.


Quite a popular variety from Polish breeders, which can be grown in our climatic conditions without fear of losing part of the crop. Excellent quality carrots with a high content of carotene and sugars will appeal to children and adults. It ripens in 90-120 days, which allows it to be attributed to mid-season varieties. The root vegetables themselves are quite large, there are 4-5 carrots in one kilogram. The yield is at least 3.8 kilograms per square.

"Flakke" belongs to the largest varieties of carrots both in length and in diameter of the root crop. If "Nantes" is on the fourth line in this list, then this variety is the seventh, one of the highest. Moreover, its pulp is not coarse.

"Vitamin 6"

A mid-season variety will keep well, but not for a long time. Carrots are rich in vitamins, have a beautiful appearance and a red-orange color. The fruits are protected from blooming and cracking, which makes them of high quality, and in the process of ripening the gardener does not lose part of the harvest.

Subject to the growing conditions, you can collect up to 10.5 kilograms of excellent carrots from one square meter. It is quite large, it is used in cooking both fresh and when preserving and stewing. It grows well in the middle lane and is included in the list of "The best varieties of carrots for growing in Russia."

"Nandrin F1"

This hybrid is one of the varieties of "Nantes", which we talked about above. All of them outwardly repeat its appearance, but are supplemented with the help of selection with various qualities. This hybrid is loved by our summer residents.

It ripens in just 75-100 days, which allows you to successfully get an excellent and high-quality crop in the middle lane, even with limited illumination. This hybrid is often found on the shelves of vegetable stores and markets, carrots are well stored, it turns out to be even. Disease resistance is an additional plus.

"The Autumn King"

This variety belongs to the late ones, so not every summer resident will take up its cultivation. The ripening period from the moment the first shoots appear is approximately 130 days. Root crops are large, resistant to major diseases. If planted in Russia, you will have to shift the sowing dates by a month. It is used in cooking and preservation. The pulp is quite tender, but the shelf life is long.


This hybrid is quite popular in the country and gives a stable harvest. The only negative is that it is picky about soils:

  • loose sandy;
  • light loamy.

The arable layer should be deep and the area should be illuminated. The ripening period is limited to 130 days. The warmer the summer, the more sun on the site, the faster the harvest will ripen. The seeding pattern is standard. A harvest of about 6 kilograms is always waiting for the gardener.


It ripens in just 112 days, and the yield of the hybrid reaches 6-6.7 kilograms per square. This is a good number.

The root vegetables are tasty, have a bright orange color, they are very tasty, tender, and they are well stored. The video below shows the crop of this hybrid.


Speaking about the best varieties of carrots for growing in Russia, one cannot but talk about these root crops. They turn out to be large orange and quite tasty. "Monastyrskaya" is demanding on the soil, ripens in 130-140 days, but can be stored all winter. If, at the same time, the storage conditions are observed, then there will be no losses.

It is ideal for large volumes in the fields, not just in the vegetable garden. Most often used for dietary and baby food.


An excellent early maturing variety with a high content of sugars and carotene. It has a conical shape, the color of the carrot is dark orange. Carrots are large enough, strong, they are well stored due to the fact that the root crop has a large core.

The root crop reaches ripening in just 87 days, this is a very short time. This variety requires moderate watering, does not tolerate drought. If all conditions are met, then the yield will be one of the highest (7-9 kilograms per square).


This hybrid was bred by French breeders for growing on an industrial scale. It can be removed from the field by a combine harvester, it is perfectly stored and has a number of excellent qualities:

  • resistant to low temperatures;
  • stored for a long time;
  • has excellent taste.

Ripening period 120-130 days. Seeds are sown in April, the yield is average, reaching 5 kilograms per square.


The mid-season variety "Krestyanka" ripens within 120 days, no more. Root crops are strong, juicy and large. The harvest is average, but the carrots emerge and ripen together. The variety is resistant to flowers and other diseases.

Carrots are very beautiful, it is good to use them for juices, for making baby puree, for canning. The planting scheme is standard, care is also. The only thing that culture is demanding for is lighting.


The Nastena variety, resistant to flowers, is widely used in Russia. It is considered one of the best for growing in the middle lane due to its resistance to standard diseases. The ripening period does not exceed 105 days. The core of the carrot is small, due to this, the fruits are very juicy, but they will not be stored for a long time. Root crops are processed, pickled, frozen.

The harvest often reaches 6-6.5 kilograms, this requires timely watering and sunlight.


Each summer resident chooses his own variety of carrots for growing. An early harvest is important for someone, for someone - the juiciness of carrots, someone chooses varieties for long-term storage. The main thing that all of the above varieties have in common is their durability and high yield. Even those varieties that ripen within 130 days are not inferior to the early ripening ones in taste. They are perhaps less sweet. Choose yours.

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