Decorative artificial grass: types and technology of laying

Decorative artificial grass: types and technology of laying

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Lawns - artificially created plots of land - the decoration of any landscape. Beautiful grass flooring plays a decorative role in the design of parks, gardens and summer cottages. An alternative to grass cover is an artificial lawn that imitates living grass very naturally. Artificial coating is much more practical and durable, requires minimal maintenance and is becoming increasingly popular in the design of various land plots.

Main characteristics

The principle of its structure is based on natural prototype. The basis for the lawn is an elastic material coated with latex, which is practically not subject to deformation. A pile fiber (grass) of different thickness and density is attached to it (selected depending on the purpose of the lawn). The height of the pile varies from 6 mm to 10 cm.

There are three types of synthetic flooring: non-filling, semi-filling and filling.

Non-filling It looks the most natural, but more prone to deformation.

Semi-filled - soft and elastic - used in the design of playgrounds. It is covered with fine quartz sand to increase wear resistance.

Backfill look, as the most durable, is used for arranging places with high loads. The artificial turf is covered with rubber crumb and quartz sand for safety.

The main properties of the decorative coating are hygroscopicity, wear resistance and durability.

The purpose of artificial grass

Of course, natural grass is not comparable with synthetic, but both have their own cons and pros.

Natural grass does not grow well in shaded areas, it is quickly trampled by children and animals. Caring for the natural cover on sports fields has always been time-consuming and expensive, until half a century ago a synthetic coating in rolls was invented. Simple and durable material in this situation gave a great advantage over the natural cover.

Over time, landscape designers began to actively apply practical lawn coverings, equipping the land and creating spectacular compositions with their help in combination with natural green spaces.

A synthetic lawn can fulfill both a decorative role and also have a purpose - professional.

The use of decorative lawns:

  • safe coverage of children's playgrounds;
  • paths in greenhouses and greenhouses;
  • places for relaxation near the pools;
  • use in shop windows, at exhibitions;
  • masking any areas near houses.

Special Views Lawns are used to decorate playgrounds, a tennis court, a football and a golf course.

Cover advantages

Synthetic coatings have a number of positive advantages:

  • economic benefits - reduced costs for planting, watering, fertilizers, save personal time;
  • safety - children can play on a synthetic green rug and pets frolic, as there are no harmful components in it;
  • durability - the service life of some types reaches 20 years without loss of appearance;
  • dust absorption property;
  • You can create a beautiful lawn in the shortest possible time on any site.

Cons of coverage

Of course, real greenery - a charge of vivacity and positive energy - does not go in comparison with the energy of synthetic materials. In addition, they have their drawbacks:

  • initial high cost (savings will appear later);
  • dependence of quality on price;
  • the property is very hot in the sun;
  • several years will be the same view.

If you adhere to the rule of the golden mean, you can skillfully combine artificial grass with living: plants in large pots, garden sculptures, vertical flower beds. Synthetic turf can be used instead of paved paths - it's beautiful and comfortable.

Artificial turf selection

All owners of country houses strive to improve their territory for a comfortable stay. Neat lawns and lawns play a significant role in creating a favorable view of personal plots. Who wants only "live" grass, and someone has nothing against an artificial lawn for a summer residence.

Synthetic lawns of different brands differ little in appearancebut are made of materials of different stiffness and strength. The choice of coverage should be done based on its purpose. That is, whether it will be a purely decorative design, a playground for children or a site for various events.

Artificial lawns from the budget segment are more suitable for decorative purposes. They have a uniform color and luster, and are harsh to the touch.

Professional coatings are softer, matte, and grass-like fibers have different shades and different heights. Thick pile will perfectly mask all defects in areas. But choosing a low artificial grass will save money.

It is better to lay artificial professional cover with sand and rubber crumb, which prevent injuries and bruises.

To avoid fakes, it is necessary to check the availability of quality certificates and read about all the characteristics of the product.

The best manufacturers of decorative and professional lawns are the American, Belgian and Polish-German campaigns. Inexpensive and high-quality synthetic grass of the domestic producer Kalinka Lime also earned positive customer reviews.

Decorative coating in the cemetery

Another area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of plastic coating has been laying artificial grass near graves. Indeed, rarely can anyone visit a cemetery, and an artificial lawn will very much revitalize a site that will look natural and well-groomed. Maintenance is simple: sometimes it is enough to clean and rinse the coating. The grave with bright greenery and white decorative stones will look decent and tidy at any time of the year. Artificial grass for a cemetery is a great option to keep the site in order.

Lawn laying

You can make an artificial lawn with your own hands by familiarizing yourself with some of the intricacies of the laying process. First of all, it is necessary to carefully prepare the necessary site and plan the necessary amount of material in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

Site preparation

The main requirements for site preparation are evenness, cleanliness, density. That is, the site must be cleaned of weeds and various debris, sand, flatten and fill up all the pits and depressions, then rammed. If the site has a slight slope, then this will be a plus when laying artificial flooring.

The lawn is designed so that it has its own drainage, but it is still necessary to create a drainage in the form of a two-layer substrate, consisting of small and medium gravel with the addition of sand. Such a substrate will prevent the growth of weed grass under synthetic flooring. On a large area, it is worth digging drainage grooves around the entire perimeter.

Lawn Mounting

Lawns are laid in several stages:

  • roll lawn rolls in a straight overlap of 1.5 cm;
  • leave for 10-12 hours to straighten the plastic weed;
  • so that the edges of the rolls fit snugly, you need to trim the excess with a knife at the joints;
  • place a connecting tape under adjacent rolls and glue the edges with special glue specified in the instructions;
  • the edges of the lawns are fixed with glue or nailed;
  • fill up or fill up the type of flooring with silica sand and rubber granules, then comb through a rake to remove all unnecessary.

Decorative flooring care

Artificial grass perfectly fit into the interior of cottages, country houses and even city apartments. For example, as a carpet or wall covering when decorating a room in eco-style or warming balconies. Compliance with simple rules for the maintenance of artificial turf will significantly extend its operational life.

It is necessary to regularly pour sand and granules into the drainage layer under the floor so that the water in the soil does not stagnate. Remove garbage and foliage so that they do not contaminate the surface of the lawn and do not spoil its appearance. It is advisable to water on hot summer days and make sure that through punctures in the canvas are not clogged or update them.

Lawn Cover Reviews

My husband and I decided to make a playground for our little son in the yard. Friends advised me to buy artificial turf, as more durable. We did just that, and were very pleased. For three years now, synthetic grass has been turning green in the yard. It does not lose its appearance, is easy to clean and clean. We bought rolls from reliable people with a guarantee, and my husband did the laying himself.

Marina, Taganrog

My old mother lives in the country in the summer. She can no longer engage in a garden and grow something there. We equipped her with a gazebo for outdoor recreation, and next to it was a green lawn made of plastic grass with wooden sculptures. It turned out very nice and mom likes it.

Victor, Rostov Region

We read about the use of artificial grass in the cemetery and took practical advice. Now the graves of our relatives look very neat and do not overgrow with grass.

Svetlana, Voronezh

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