Statue pigeons: photos, videos, breeds

Statue pigeons: photos, videos, breeds

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Stately pigeons appeared in the Don and Kuban villages. For a long time, the bird was bred in the Volga and Siberian lands. Unique varieties of stately ones have been created in Ukraine and the Urals. All of them have common features and at the same time differ in characteristic behavior, proportions, physique, feather color.

Characteristic features of stately breeds

The name of these birds speaks for itself. They are called stately for their beautiful appearance - a proudly raised head, a slightly protruding chest and a wide tail raised up. The wings hang down a little, sometimes even touching the ground. Pigeon breeds are named after the place of breeding, city or region where they first appeared. They are combined into groups based on the features inherent in the appearance and nature of the flight.

Having seen at least once stately pigeons, it is impossible to remain indifferent, they conquer with their majestic appearance and beauty of plumage. The name of the group "stately" appeared not so long ago, in 1982. The desire to unite under a common name various similar breeds, distinguished by a special beauty of posture, arose for the first time among Moscow pigeon breeders. The annual exhibitions and competitions are a joy and a celebration for bird lovers. They say that in the USSR, cars and apartments were given for a pair of stately pigeons.

When evaluating the birds at the exhibition, the breed is determined, which depends on the proportionality of the physique. Last but not least, the beauty of the feather pattern is appreciated. The color of the eyes is important, usually in dark birds it is light, pearl, and in snow-white and light birds it is black.

The character of stately birds is calm and good-natured, aggressive individuals are rare. When breeding new breeds, the advantage is given to the characteristic appearance over the quality of the flight.

Classification of stately pigeons

Characteristics were formed by breeders through genetic selection and the consolidation of qualities that seemed attractive. Pigeon breeders have grouped pigeons into different groups based on appearance and flying ability. Several different breeds can belong to one group. There are many stately mestizo pigeons that have flaws, so it is better for novice pigeon breeders to buy birds from trusted breeders. At bird exhibitions, the smallest details of the feathered prize-winners play a role - the position of the head and tail, the shape, size, color of the beak and feathers, eye color, movement when walking. The reason for disqualification may be too long legs, large or, conversely, small body size, etc.

By the shape and position of body parts

Among the stately breeds, those whose wings are lowered almost to the ground are distinguished. Such birds are called wing-winged. They are larger than the rest of the species and do not protrude the chest as much with the wheel. These breeds include the following pigeons.

Another subgroup of stately - shakers, combines small and medium-sized birds with a shortened body and a beautifully curved neck. They push the chest wheel forward. During excitement, they shake their heads, which is why they are called shakers. Such breeds belong to them.

The rockers not only shake their heads, but also swing while moving back and forth on the ground. They also have a short body, a curved neck and a strongly protruding chest. This group includes the Novocherkassk black-tailed and others.

Flight performance

The leisurely circular flight of stately Russian pigeons can be watched for hours. The hardiest birds spend up to 6 hours a day in the sky. Not all breeds have the same flying ability, on this basis, three groups of pigeons are distinguished:

  • decorative, which do not like to fly;
  • turmans who know how to somersault in flight;
  • high-flying sky lovers.

At bird shows, competitions are held on the duration and beauty of the flight, the ability of birds to return to the roof of their dovecote. Decorative breeds do not participate in such competitions. Pigeon breeders train high-flying and turmans in advance, letting them fly every day.

By color of plumage

The color of stately pigeons is diverse. Depending on the feather pattern, such groups of birds are distinguished.

Sometimes monochromatic birds are called pre-Perian. Among the multi-colored suits, the most common are color-breasted. The nature of their color is similar to that of a magpie - white body, dark head, neck, chest and tail. There are breeds with a white tape in the tail. Pockmarked stately pigeons are called curly.

Flight of stately breeds of pigeons

The flight of the turmans is especially interesting. They can perform incredible tricks in the air, rolling over and tumbling over their tail or wing. In addition to hereditary data and characteristics of the breed, systematic training is important for good results.

Important! To train young birds to fly, there should be individuals in the dovecote that can fly high and for a long time.

Pigeon breeders try not to let representatives of especially valuable breeds go on free walks, limiting their freedom to aviaries. Beautiful birds are hunted not only by people, but also by predatory hawks. Calm comes only in summer, when predators are busy breeding their own offspring.

Breeds of stately pigeons with photos and names

In recent years, there are more pigeon breeders dealing with stately pigeons than at the beginning of the 2000s. This is due to the emergence of organized clubs that help novice hobbyists not only buy good, thoroughbred birds, but also raise them healthy. Since the end of the last century, many new breeds of stately pigeons have appeared in Russia. They have won prizes at prestigious exhibitions more than once.

Rostov stately pigeons

The breed was bred about 100 years ago. The regal appearance of birds will not allow them to be confused with other representatives of the pigeon brotherhood. The plumage is characterized by a two-tone color - black head, back, tail and wings, white neck, chest and belly.

Description of birds:

  • two-tone white-black color;
  • hanging wings;
  • bulging chest;
  • fan tail;
  • pearl shade of the eye;
  • feathered legs with spurs;
  • small matte beak;
  • a forelock grows on the head at the nape.

Rostov pigeons are decorative flying pigeons. The main color of feathers in the upper part of the body can be not only black, but also yellow and red.

The stately pigeons of Chernovalov

Sometimes the breeds are named after the pigeon breeder who created them. So it happened with Chernovalov's pigeons. The birds have a solid white color, feathers tightly fitting to the body, a tail raised high in the form of a dense fan. A distinctive feature is the long feathers on the legs. The breed can be attributed to the group of shakers - during excitement, they amusely shake their heads and coo. You can appreciate the beauty of stately pigeons in the video below.

Voronezh stately pigeons

There are several stately breeds bred in the Voronezh region. Particularly popular are the Voronezh beetles, created on the basis of stately decorative pigeons. They first appeared in the 70s of the twentieth century.

Short description:

  • legs are shortened, densely feathered;
  • harmonious physique;
  • fan tail;
  • the head is smooth;
  • small straight beak;
  • arched neck and wide chest;
  • lowered wings.

Feathers close to the body. The color is black, pearl eyes. The breed continues to develop, in recent years individuals with a different plumage color have appeared.

Luhansk stately pigeons

A very beautiful breed, they love to use it at weddings and special events, letting the birds fly into the air at the climax.

Description of birds:

  • white feathers;
  • pinkish beak;
  • black or dark cherry eyes;
  • lowered wings;
  • head without feather decoration;
  • feathers up to 6 cm long on small paws.

The breed belongs to the subgroup of shakers, pigeons make characteristic head movements during excitement.

Volga stately pigeons

There are several breeds bred in the Volga region. The most famous are the stately ribbon pigeons. Distinctive features of the breed: beautiful color of feathers and good flying ability. The birds have feather decoration on their feet, and a white border goes along the edge of the tail. The main body color is red, only the wings, abdomen, throat and cheeks, feathers on the legs and a ribbon on the tail are white.

Yeysk stately pigeons

This breed belongs to the group of shakers. Birds have two forelocks - one in front of the beak, and the other on the back of the head. Birds are distinguished by their strong constitution, fertility and bright temperament. The breed appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century, in the city of Yeysk, Rostov stately pigeons were used to breed it.

Short description:

  • body size is average;
  • oval head with two forelocks;
  • beak light, straight and thickened, about 1.5 cm long;
  • arched neck of medium length;
  • the body is short and wide;
  • wings hanging at the tail;
  • the tail is fanned out, has more than 12 feathers.

Slightly tousled plumage, loosely adhering to the body, can be of various colors. The color of the eyes depends on the feather color, it is dark in white birds and light in black ones.

Beloglinsky stately pigeons

In the village of Belaya Glina, stately pigeons enjoyed special respect and attention in the middle of the last century. Cossacks brought the ancestors of the breed from Ukraine. Over the years, purposeful breeding birds have been crossed with many similar breeds. The result is individuals with a beautiful combination of body shape and regal posture.

Description of the stately Beloglinsky

  • shortened bare feet;
  • fan-shaped tail;
  • slightly curved small beak;
  • neck curved behind the back;
  • small and wide body.

A variety of feather colors are acceptable. The beautiful white-tailed variety has a colored body color and white tail feathers. The stately Belohlinsky fly well, they can do somersaults in the air.

Starominskie stately pigeons

A small variety, it was bred in the Starominsky district of the Krasnodar Territory. The color of the feathers is varied. A distinctive feature of the breed: the structure of the head (wide forehead, crest on the back of the head). Characterized by unusual behavior - in an excited state, the pigeon leans back and sits on its tail. The bird has plumage on its legs, its chest is beautifully curved by a wheel, and there are about 16 feathers in its raised and fanned tail.

Breeding stately pigeons

For breeding and keeping pigeons, wooden or brick dovecotes are built, sometimes attics of multi-storey buildings are used. The room should be spacious, light and well ventilated. An open-air cage is built next to the dovecote for thoroughbred birds, which are not allowed to fly, but are kept to obtain offspring. Most pigeons have the ability to fly freely into the sky, they always return to their native dovecote.

One pair is allocated 1 sq. m of area in the aviary. Too dense placement of birds can lead to various diseases and fights for the territory. Pigeons live in constant pairs, infidelity in bird families is an exception to the rule.

In the dovecote, perches and nest boxes are installed near the walls. They are like multi-tiered shelves with equal-sized compartments. During the breeding season, birds are transferred to three meals a day. The male and female take part in hatching eggs in turn. They also feed the chicks together.

The female lays no more than 2 eggs and incubates chicks for 18 days. Pigeons are born helpless and ugly, but already in a month and a half they acquire the beauty of their parents. During the year, the female can lay and hatch eggs several times. On the first day, she feeds the chicks "bird milk" - a special mucus from the goiter, then gives the babies half-digested grain. Pigeons begin to eat food independently at the age of one month, sometimes a little later.

The water for birds, especially young ones, is changed 2 times a day, the cleanliness of the room is monitored. Experienced pigeon breeders use special domed drinkers to keep droppings out of the water when birds sit on top.

Pigeons are ringed: in an odd year on the left foot, in an even year - on the right. The rings indicate information about the country and time of birth, belonging to a particular club. Without a ring, the pigeon will not be taken to the exhibition. If the bird gets lost, the information that can be read on the paw will help locate the owner.

Pigeons are fed most often 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. The amount of grain required for one individual depends on the breed and size - from 30 to 50 g per day.

Feed composition:

  • wheat;
  • corn;
  • unpeeled peas;
  • Vika;
  • millet;
  • seeds;
  • corn.

Grain mixtures are used for feeding. They can contain more than a dozen names of grain crops. The main cereal that Russian pigeon breeders use in the diet of pigeons is wheat. Vika is fed only from the age of 2. Be sure to give mineral supplements intended for pigeons, with clay, flaxseed, sand, salt, eggshell, shell rock and other components.

Disease prevention consists of vaccinations, twice a year. To strengthen the immune system, vitamins must be given. The chicks are vaccinated for the first time about a month. During molting, birds are always weakened, in need of special attention and care.

Attention! For stately pigeons, cleanliness in the dovecote is especially important. Short legs and plumage on them should always be clean so that the birds do not get sick. Shallow basins of water are often placed in the aviary; pigeons are very fond of swimming.


The stately pigeons are incredibly beautiful. All breeds of these stately birds are similar to each other, but have their own distinctive features. To successfully breed birds, two things are needed - love for them and a good dovecote. Pigeons are unpretentious in care, they breed themselves, form monogamous pairs for life. For maintenance and breeding, a spacious dovecote with perches, nest boxes, drinkers and feeders is needed.

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