Where honey mushrooms grow in the Lipetsk region (Lipetsk) in 2021: mushroom places

Where honey mushrooms grow in the Lipetsk region (Lipetsk) in 2021: mushroom places

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Honey mushrooms are one of the most popular types of mushrooms. They are often found in the Lipetsk region. The product has nutritional value, good taste and wide application. It is best to collect honey mushrooms in the Lipetsk region in the forest, next to fallen trees, paths, streams and reservoirs.

Types of edible honey agarics in Lipetsk and the region

On the territory of the Lipetsk region there are more than 150 edible mushrooms, among which there are honey mushrooms. They grow in large colonies on rotten or damaged wood. Representatives of this variety are characterized by a hemispherical cap, which becomes flat over time. Their color is yellow-brown. Legs are thin and long.

Types of edible mushrooms in the Lipetsk region:

  1. Spring. Found in deciduous forests, next to oak and pine. The pulp is white or yellow and has no particular smell or taste. The white-yellow cap has a more pronounced spot in the center. This species is also called wood-loving colibia.
  2. Summer. The most common type. The caps of its representatives are from 2 to 8 cm in size, with a color of yellow and brown. The pulp is thin, has a pleasant taste and aroma. Fruit bodies are found next to deciduous trees, mainly on birch stumps.
  3. Autumn. Autumn mushrooms in the Lipetsk region grow on wood of any species. Their cap is convex, ranging in size from 2 to 15 cm. The color range is wide and includes gray, yellow, orange, beige tones. This variety is identified by the numerous brown scales on the cap.
  4. Winter. The variety is distinguished by a brown or honey-colored hat. At high humidity, its surface becomes slimy. The pulp is beige, watery, with a pleasant taste and aroma.
  5. Lugovoi. Some of the largest representatives of the group. The conical hat gradually becomes flatter. Its color is yellowish brown. This species appears in open areas: glades, forest edges, pastures; bears fruit for a long time and abundantly.

More information about collecting meadow mushrooms is in the video:

Where can you collect honey mushrooms in the Lipetsk region in 2019

You can pick honey agarics in Lipetsk in forests, reserves and forestries. It is not necessary to go far into the forest: fruit bodies often ripen next to paths and forest roads. First of all, they check stumps, fallen trees, forest edges. Even in drought conditions, mushrooms can be seen near water bodies, rivers and streams.

Forests where honey mushrooms are collected in Lipetsk and the region

Now in Lipetsk honey mushrooms grow in deciduous and mixed forests. Fruit bodies grow next to rotting birches, aspens, elms, oaks. Occasionally they appear on conifers, mainly pine.

Advice! When picking mushrooms, avoid places near highways and industrial facilities. Fruiting bodies easily absorb radionuclides and other hazardous substances.

In Lipetsk, for honey mushrooms, they go to the following places:

  1. Quiet Don. The recreation center is located 15 km from the city of Zadonsk. Boletus and boletus are also found here.
  2. Forest fairy tale. The health center is located in a forest near the village of Sukhoborie. There are different types of mushrooms here. The place is far from highways and industrial facilities. Distance from Lipetsk is 43 cm.
  3. Yellow sands. Autumn mushrooms grow 15 minutes from Lipetsk. This is an ecologically clean area located on the banks of the Voronezh River. It is more convenient to get there by regular bus.

Forestry and nature reserves of the Lipetsk region, where you can collect honey agarics

You can collect honey agarics on the territory of forestries and reserves. The following places are most popular with mushroom pickers:

  1. Sentsovskoe forestry. The facility is located in the northwest of the Lipetsk region. There is a confectionery factory nearby. Get to the village. Sentsovo is more convenient by bus or personal transport.
  2. Fashchevsky forest. It is dominated by birches, oaks and pines, on which mushrooms grow actively. Honey mushrooms grow near the village of Fashchevka, 28 km from Lipetsk.

When to collect honey mushrooms in the Lipetsk region in 2021

The harvesting season begins in late May and early June. At this time, the first spring varieties ripen. The season continues throughout the summer and ends in late autumn. The last copies are found even under the snow.

When can you collect spring mushrooms in the Lipetsk region

For spring mushrooms in the Lipetsk region, they go at the end of May. The weather conditions are preliminarily assessed. If little snow falls in winter, the ground remains dry. In such a situation, the probability of a successful trip to the forest is rather low. If the soil is saturated with moisture and the weather is warm, these are the best conditions for a quiet hunt.

When does the collection of summer honey agarics begin in Lipetsk and the region?

In the Lipetsk region, summer varieties ripen from June to October. Mass fruiting occurs in July and August. The collection period lasts until October.

When autumn mushrooms are harvested in the Lipetsk region

Autumn mushrooms in the Lipetsk region can be harvested towards the end of July. The main layer appears at the end of August. Re-bearing is possible in September and October. However, far fewer mushrooms are found in the fall.

Winter mushroom picking season in Lipetsk in 2021

Winter mushrooms ripen in late autumn. They are harvested before the onset of winter. The peak of fruiting occurs at the end of October. Fruit bodies develop during the thaw period. Therefore, they can be found under the snow.

Collection rules

For "quiet hunting" take large baskets, low and wide. It is better to refuse plastic bags - in them the mass quickly heats up and crumples. Collect only young mushrooms not damaged by pests. Old and overgrown specimens are left in the forest as they often accumulate toxins.

Honey mushrooms are cut at the root with a knife so as not to damage the mycelium. Pulling or breaking off the mushroom is not allowed. They are sent on a "quiet hunt" in the morning, since the fruit bodies grow at night.

How to find out if mushrooms went to Lipetsk

The fact that honey mushrooms went to Lipetsk in 2021 can be judged by the climatic conditions. A combination of two main factors is required for the growth of fungi. This is moderately warm weather and optimal humidity. When these conditions are met, active growth of fruiting bodies begins in the forests.

Ideal weather for honey agarics:

  • summer temperature - up to +24 ° С;
  • humidity - about 65%;
  • a large amount of rotting wood.

During drought and frost, the development of fungi stops. During this period, it is better to abandon the search, and go later, after the rain. When precipitation occurs, fruiting bodies begin to grow actively. During the day, their sizes increase by 2 cm.

How to find mushrooms in the autumn forest is clearly presented in the video:

Attention! When collecting mushrooms, it is necessary to distinguish between edible and poisonous species. Honey mushrooms have characteristic features: a "skirt" on a leg, a pleasant mushroom smell, the presence of scales on the cap, green or yellow plates.


It is possible to collect honey mushrooms in the Lipetsk region on the territory of forests and reserves. The harvesting period begins in the spring and lasts until late autumn. Fruit bodies actively grow in warm conditions when the humidity of the air rises. Before going in search, they take with them baskets, a knife, insect and sun protection products.

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