How to make fruit topiary

How to make fruit topiary

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The tree of happiness can be created from the most unpretentious materials. Fruit topiary is another manifestation of the extraordinary imagination of people seeking to decorate and ennoble their life. After all, this is not a simple superstition, but a way to improve and decorate the home interior, to make a wonderful gift with your own hands. This is a way to add a bright note to the daily expectation of beauty and simply fulfill oneself, satisfying the eternal desire for creativity for a person.

Fruit topiary is a wonderful talisman, the presence of which in the house can attract good luck, happiness and prosperity, according to some religions and traditions. Although this is even a simple superstition, such a tree can decorate and make an original design, if made with fantasy and love.

Materials traditional and non-traditional

You can make your own topiary with any improvised materials. Traditionally used are paper and beads, cones and coffee beans, beads and artificial flowers, banknotes and coins, pebbles and shells.

Fruit tree is one of the relatively new types of topiary, which appeared after fruit from papier-mâché, used as a decorative element of the interior, replaced by brighter, more durable and lighter fruits made of plastic. You can decorate fruit topiary, like any other tree of happiness, with anything. You can start the decoration by giving the tree unique smells (using sachets or aromatic oils for sprinkling), you can finish the decoration with ribbons and beads.

Minimum equipment - maximum pleasure

To make topiary of fruits with your own hands is a fairly simple matter and does not require almost any material costs. For this process, all you need is:

  • artificial fruits;
  • pot;
  • threads and glue;
  • wooden skewers;
  • floristic sponge;
  • stick of wood;
  • scotch tape and foil.

Making and decorating fruit topiary, you can use any improvised materials available, in addition to artificial fruits, which are their distinctive feature. Fantasy in the use of decorative elements is an indispensable condition for creating an original and unique composition.

Fruit Topiary for Beginners

Elements of technology and unlimited creativity

Now directly on how to make a topiary. First, you need to crumple several newspapers and make a dense ball of size corresponding to the dimensions of the planned composition. The size of the ball depends on the capacity of the pot and the thickness of the stick on which it will be placed.

Next, the ball is tightly wrapped with foil, which is carefully and firmly fixed with adhesive tape, uniformly winding it over the entire surface. Due to its perfect ductility and maximum creasing, the foil in this case is an ideal material for keeping the shape of crumpled newspapers.

If there is no foil at hand, you can use colored paper or wrapping paper with a beautiful pattern in good condition.

The next step is wrapping the ball with thread or twine. It is advisable to use twine not thick, but threads, on the contrary, more dense. Bechev can be neatly painted with acrylics suitable for the composition of the color. Fruit topiaries are good in that the gamut of their execution can be very diverse, because it repeats the whimsical game of natural colors.

After the threads or string are covered with a thick layer of transparent glue, the ball is firmly fixed on a stick and no less firmly in the pot with a floral sponge.

Pot as a separate decorative element

When creating fruit topiaries, it should be remembered that any detail in the tree of happiness should harmoniously correspond to the general idea of ​​the composition. You can buy a simple flower pot in bright colors and stop there, but this will be significant damage to the overall plan.

The pot needs the same careful decoration as the work of artificial fruit itself. It can be decorated with colored foil, layers of wound twine, followed by sticker beads or beads and painted with acrylics. You can decorate with a layer of small artificial fruits, inferior in diameter to those used in the main color scheme.

Depending on the size of the ball and the number of fruits, you may need a gypsum solution or polyurethane foam with wire spacers to keep the composition in balance. They fill the pot, using it as an additional element of decor, and then align or cut it for accuracy.

Happiness tree master class

Year-round bright colors of summer

Creating topiaries from artificial elements, people usually confine them to a certain holiday or solemn date. New Year, wedding, Christmas or financial occasions for the topiary to a large extent determine the specifics of the material used.

The reason for fruit topiary can be just a good mood, a thirst for creativity or the desire to decorate your home. Moreover, there is nothing complicated in decorating with fruits - pierce with a toothpick, the second end of which is smeared with glue, and stick into a cooked ball.

But the topiary, made in the summer with their own hands, can please the eye all year round, recalling the time of creation.

Flight of fantasy is unlimited

All the charm of summer is in the bright colors of fruits, and the topiary, assembled with your own hands taking into account pleasant associations and preferences from a wide variety of components, will be a positive touch in any interior, if you make them taking into account the color scheme of the room.

The color scheme can be solved in warm colors, using the color features of fruit shades. Red apples or pears with a red barrel, oranges and pomegranates, figs and dogwood, strawberries and cranberries.

It can be green with grapes, apples, lime, kiwi and feijoa or purple with grapes, plums, blackberries and honeysuckle. A variant of a motley-colored composition with green leaves is possible, smoothly turning from shade to shade, it can also be sunny yellow - all in the hands of the creator and visionary who is working on creating a topiary.

To create a tree of happiness with your own hands, a master class is needed only for the first time to understand how and with what means of fastening and decorative components the process goes. A master class is needed here to share the beauty created by one’s own hands and the whimsical fantasies that encouraged this.

After all, the choice of the form of the composition and its decorative elements for your own tree of happiness, or topiary, prepared as an unforgettable and wonderful gift, always remains the personal choice of the master. The variety of beautiful things around is just an additional incentive to use them in creating perfect and pleasing to the soul works of art.

And if this is your own work made by yourself, and also a talisman for yourself or as a gift, the pleasure of making it will be especially pleasant.

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