Tomato Stamp large-fruited

Tomato Stamp large-fruited

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Standard varieties of tomatoes are those that do not require garter and pinching. They are undersized, the plants are neat and compact. Most often, it is these tomatoes that attract the eyes of gardeners who are looking for new interesting seeds. There are some features of growing such tomatoes, which we will talk about. Another question is, is it possible to grow really large tomatoes on standard bushes? One of the varieties is called "Stambovy large-fruited", on its example we will find out how much this is possible.

The main differences between standard tomatoes

Many experienced gardeners know well what plants are called "tomatoes for the lazy." These are standard varieties. Their growth is limited, while it is believed that it is they who, with minimal care, give the maximum yield. Each summer resident has his own favorites among the varieties of tomatoes, we will also present the "Stambovy large-fruited" tomato.

Tomatoes are called standard tomatoes, which belong to the determinant type of growth, stop branching and development after the ejection of peduncles. As a rule, they do not even reach 70 centimeters in height. This is their characteristic feature, it is for this reason that such tomatoes do not require garter and pinching.

Best Growing Location:

  • open ground;
  • film shelters.

There is a minus of standard varieties: they have a weak immunity to diseases, mainly avoiding late blight due to the fact that they ripen very quickly.

Tomato "Stambovy large-fruited", the seeds of which must be bought only from trusted producers, is found on the shelves quite often today.

Description of the variety

What we are accustomed to consider as large-fruited tomatoes, in the case of standard plants, will not be entirely appropriate. The fact is that fruits weighing 500 grams on low-growing bushes half a meter high simply cannot resist. However, with an average weight of a tomato, one standard bush can give an excellent harvest, comparable even to the famous high-yielding ones.


Tomato "Standard large-fruited" has proven itself well. The table shows the main list of parameters for this variety.


Description for the variety

Ripening rate

Mid-season, 100-110 days from the moment the first shoots appear

Description of the plant

Compact standard bush, reaches a height of 60-80 centimeters

Description of fruits

Large (180 grams, but can reach 400 grams each), flat-rounded, fleshy

Taste qualities


Landing scheme

60x40, 7-9 bushes per square meter


universal, but due to the fact that the fruits are large, not canned or salted whole


High, 7-10 kilograms per square meter

Detailed description

A mid-season tomato variety that ripens in 110-115 days, depending on weather conditions. It is also intended for outdoor cultivation, but many gardeners in central Russia plant seedlings in greenhouses. It does not need much space, it will grow up to 50 centimeters in height indoors.

Tomatoes are rounded, slightly flattened and have a scarlet skin tone. Since the skin is thin and delicate, it may crack a little, which is a disadvantage in the case when long-term storage is required. In the open field, the bush can reach a height of 60-70 centimeters. The yield is up to 10 kilograms per square meter.

Tomatoes weighing 200-400 grams are moderately sugary, their taste has been rated by experts as "five" on a five-point scale. Mainly used for salad dressing and for making sauces. It is ideal for cultivation in summer cottages and in personal plots, from the beds such a fleshy tomato should immediately fall on the table.

Reviews of gardeners

Anyone who sees tomato seeds on a store shelf for the first time would like to be content not only with the standard description on the packaging, but also to hear feedback from those who have come across it at least once. If we talk about the tomato variety "Shtambovy large-fruited", then everyone is at first confused by its name, but having grown it once, many confidently stop their choice.

Kristina Vesnina, Togliatti

I grow tomatoes in the country and only for myself. You can always prepare a salad for the whole family; we also have cucumbers and peppers. The "Shtambovy krupnoplodny" variety was advised to me by a shop assistant, and the seeds were in a plain white package. There was no hope for a good result, they put me under the film. But I'll make a reservation right away: an excellent tomato! The tomatoes are delicious, juicy, and the bush is low, 45-50 centimeters. Each had about three clusters, the richest was located below. Next year we will definitely drop him off again!

Evgeniya Osipova, Lipetsk

We planted it in open ground quite often, which I also do not advise to do. It is necessary to learn with standard varieties to find the golden mean in the compactness of planting seedlings. If you plant it often - they become smaller, you plant it rarely, the yield decreases. I get the following scheme: row spacing of 50-60 centimeters, between each tomato - 35-40. As for the taste of "Shtambovy krupnoplodny", it is excellent. In my understanding, this is just the perfect salad tomato! I advise everyone, even those who live a little further north. Greenhouse conditions suit him, judging by the recommendations on the package.

Nikolay Sergeevich, Nizhny Novgorod

I am a fan of tomatoes. On the site, I adapted three large greenhouses for them. I plant four to five varieties in the spring as a standard, among them the third year I plant "Stambovy large-fruited". Very tasty and meaty tomato, great for salads and slices. We eat it all summer. It is not necessary to form a plant, the bush is low and compact. Bunches with large tomatoes are formed on it. With good care (I always apply mineral fertilizers), each tomato fits in the palm of your hand, weighs 300-350 grams. It is imperative to tie up the branches!

Another review can be seen in the video below:

Growing tomato "Standard large-fruited"

Often, gardeners, purchasing standard varieties, plant them in the old fashioned way, like other types of tomatoes. However, do not forget that they are very demanding, do not tolerate dense planting. The most acceptable landing pattern is 60x40. Be sure to leave 60 centimeters between the rows, no less. You should not plant more than 6 plants per square meter, although the packaging often says that you can plant nine plants at a time. This will negatively affect the yield. Tomato "Shtambovy large-fruited" is no different from other standard varieties, the seeds of which will surely be found on store shelves this spring.

The insecurity of varieties from pests also plays a role. To avoid possible diseases, be sure to prepare the soil in the fall, applying a certain amount of mineral fertilizers. The predecessors of our tomato variety can be crops such as:

  • carrot;
  • parsley;
  • cauliflower;
  • zucchini;
  • cucumbers;
  • dill.

Most often, "Standard large-fruited" is grown in the open field, but in an unfavorable climate it can also be planted in closed ground.

With good care, the yield of the tomato "Standard large-fruited" will be high. You should not rely on the absolute unpretentiousness of standard plants, yet they require some attention from the gardener.

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