Lemon with sugar: benefits and harms to the body

Lemon with sugar: benefits and harms to the body

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Lemon is a citrus with a high content of vitamin C. Warm tea with lemon and sugar evokes cozy winter evenings with your family. This drink strengthens the immune system and often helps to get rid of the first symptoms of a cold. The recipe for Lemons with Sugar in a Jar is used to keep lemons in sugar for an extended period of time.

The benefits of lemon with sugar for the body

The beneficial properties of citrus are known to everyone. The unique combination of components allows lemon to occupy a leading position among the representatives of the citrus genus. The fruit contains about 60% of the soft part, about 40% is the peel. Useful elements of citrus composition:

  • vitamin C;
  • organic acids;
  • pectin;
  • thiamine, riboflavin;
  • flavonoids;
  • phytoncides;
  • glycoside citronine.

In addition, the fruit secretes essential oils that are responsible for the characteristic aroma.

When sucrose is added to a lemon, a chemical reaction occurs between the ingredients that helps keep the lemons and sugar in the jar. In addition, the compound gives the lemon-sugar mixture additional properties.

The composition is used to treat diseases or eliminate various symptoms.

  1. Sucrose in combination with ascorbic, malic acids and valuable minerals help to strengthen the heart muscle. This mechanism has a positive effect on the state of blood vessels, helps to normalize blood flow, and prevents the development of atherosclerotic plaques.
  2. Activation of the processes of hematopoiesis helps to expand the vessels of the brain, which can relieve such an unpleasant symptom as headache.
  3. Moderate and correct use of the mixture helps to improve metabolic reactions, which leads to stabilization of the digestive processes.
  4. Ascorbic acid in combination with phytoncides, which are contained in the white pulp of the fruit, helps to cleanse the body of toxins, remove excess moisture and prevent the combination of free radicals.
  5. Sucrose in combination with mineral elements helps to saturate the body after serious energy expenditure, improve hormonal levels.
  6. The mixture is known as a sleep aid that prevents insomnia. This is due to the action of the set of elements as a result of mixing the ingredients.
  7. Vitamin C and beneficial acids help relieve flu symptoms. This property is explained by the fact that in the presence of colds, the body begins to consume vitamin C, and citruses actively compensate for this deficiency and prevent the disease from developing further.
  8. The high content of vitamins makes the mixture useful for vitamin deficiencies.

In addition to a positive effect, the composition can have a negative effect: its use has contraindications in several cases:

  • during the period of exacerbation of gastritis and peptic ulcer diseases, citrus mixtures can provoke the development of inflammation;
  • citrus and sugar should not be consumed by people with individual intolerance to the ingredients;
  • fruit acid can negatively affect tooth enamel with excessive use;
  • people who have been diagnosed with diabetes are advised to refrain from excessive consumption of sucrose so as not to provoke a deterioration in blood counts.

Secrets of making lemon with sugar

To get the most out of a jar of lemon made with sugar, you need to choose the right ingredients.

The method of preparation depends on which fruits are used, as well as on how long they plan to store the workpiece. One of the following methods is suitable for preparing lemons:

  • slices;
  • chopping with a meat grinder or blender.

Many believe that damaged, dried fruits can be used for processing. It's not like that at all. To properly store lemons in sugar, you need to choose whole, even citrus fruits without visible dents or puncture marks. The more juice the fruit secretes, the longer the workpiece can be stored.

One of the secrets of cooking is the removal of seeds. If left on, the mixture will taste bitter over time. It is better to purchase citrus varieties in which the number of seeds is reduced.

The ideal ratio is 1: 1. Excessive addition of sugar will lead to a loss of flavor, and a lack of a sweet component can provoke fermentation.

Many housewives peel the fruit: this can be justified if the skin is hard and old. In fact, it is in the peel that most of the beneficial elements are contained. Therefore, for harvesting, you must choose fresh ripe lemons.

Recipe for making lemon with sugar slices in a jar

For this method, the lemon is cut into slices, quarters, or slices. It depends on individual preference. It seems to many housewives that the circles look more spectacular when they are served, but it takes more time to prepare them.

Whole, even fruits are scalded with boiling water. Then randomly cut. In this case, the peel is left, but the seeds are removed. A layer of citrus is laid on the bottom of a clean jar, sprinkled with sugar, a layer of lemons is again laid, and sugar is again sprinkled. Continue the steps until the container is full. The last layer is filled with sugar.

The container is tightly closed with a lid and placed in the refrigerator for storage. After the sugar is completely dissolved, you can open the jar and use the blank.

Recipe for lemon with sugar through a meat grinder

Twisted citrus is one way to make a lemon with sugar. Chopped with a meat grinder or blender knives, the fruit is suitable for storage in small portioned jars.

  1. Citrus is washed, wiped dry, cut into quarters and twisted through a meat grinder.
  2. An equal amount of sugar is added to the mass, then grind in a large bowl.
  3. The mixture is left for 25 - 30 minutes in order for the juice to stand out and the sugar dissolving begins.
  4. Then the mass is mixed again and laid out in banks. The workpiece is stored in the refrigerator.

The mixture is used as an additive to tea, as a dressing for fruit salad or topping for ice cream.

Warning! The recommended daily intake of the sweet mixture should not exceed 100 g.

How to make lemons with sugar for the winter

In European countries, it is customary to make jam from grated lemon with sugar. This is a blank that is made according to the classic recipe using heat treatment. This method allows you to keep the mixture for six months. For cooking you will need:

  • 1 kg of lemons;
  • 1.5 kg of sugar.

The fruits are washed, scalded with boiling water, cut into slices. Peel off with a sharp knife and remove the bones. Then the pulp is twisted in a meat grinder. Sugar is added in stages. First, the mass is mixed with half of the total amount of sugar, then left for 10 - 15 minutes, after which the remaining ingredient is added.

The prepared mass is left at room temperature for 30-40 minutes. During this period of time, the sugar will begin to dissolve, the mixture will release the required amount of juice. The mixture is then heated to a boil, but not boiled. After cooling, the lemons are laid out in jars, sterilized and stored.

One of the cooking options is to add sugar syrup to the sliced ​​citrus slices. For 1 kg of lemons take 1 kg of sugar and 200 ml of water. The water is boiled with sugar. Prepared slices or circles of citrus are poured with hot liquid. After cooling, the mass is laid out in jars, sterilized.

Video recipe for making lemon sugar:

How to store lemons with sugar

Banks are stored in a refrigerator or cellar at a temperature not exceeding 0 ° C. The citruses rolled into sterile tanks are stored for 6 - 7 months.

Nutritionists recommend not to store the blanks without sterilization for more than 3 months. If necessary, the mixture can be quickly prepared from purchased fruits. Also, sugar mixtures should not be frozen and thawed. These procedures can affect the chemical composition of the components.


The recipe for lemon with sugar in a jar may be different for each housewife. Many include additional components in the classic recipe. This can be cinnamon, vanilla, or cranberry. Any of the options is rich in useful elements and can, if used correctly, improve health.


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