Plum Harmony

Plum Harmony

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Plum Harmony is a famous fruit tree. Due to its large, juicy, sweet fruits, the variety is in great demand among gardeners in the southern and northern regions. The plant surprises with its unpretentiousness, early maturity. The lack of imperfections makes Harmony a desirable planting in every garden.

Breeding history of the variety

Harmony variety is a hybrid form. It was obtained in the course of selective experiments at the Michurin Research Institute.

Description of plum variety Harmony

The Harmony variety is widely cultivated in the southern regions of the country:

  • Krasnodar region;
  • Rostov region;
  • Astrakhan region, others.

The appearance of the plum is characterized by certain features:

  1. The height of the tree is average. An adult plant grows up to 4 m.
  2. The crown is not wide. During the ripening of the shoots, it changes. Leaves are oval, pointed at the end.
  3. Shoots are very close to the trunk.
  4. During the flowering period of the plum Harmony is covered with large white buds.
  5. Dark blue round fruits with a waxy bloom weigh up to 30 g. With good care and favorable conditions, the weight of one plum can reach 70 g. The inner flesh is yellow. The fruit is sweet, with a hint of sourness. The bone is well separated.

Variety characteristics

The characteristic of the Harmony variety indicates the specific features of the plum, which must be taken into account when choosing a planting area, caring for a tree.

Acquaintance with a few nuances, application of recommendations in practice will ensure a bountiful harvest every year.

Drought resistance, frost resistance

Plum Harmony is a versatile plant. It can be grown in the southern, northern regions. The variety tolerates arid summer climate well. Moderate drops in low temperatures do not cause significant damage.

Attention! Plums can crack from excessive rainfall.

Plum pollinators Harmony

The variety is self-fertile. No insects are required for pollination. Among the plums, there are exceptions: partially self-fertile options. In this case, you should not expect a bountiful harvest. Placing pollinators next to it will solve the problem. Best of all, the Vengerka plum will cope with this task. Harmony blooms early. Ripe fruits can already be seen in July.

Productivity, fruiting

Harmony variety is a mid-season hybrid. In some regions, the first fruits appear in the second half of July. During the season, plums can change their shape: from round to elongated. The harvest is abundant from large fruits.

Important! With an excess harvest, the plum can hang on the branches for a long time. From this, it becomes smaller, changes the taste, it is necessary to harvest the fruits in a timely manner.

Scope of berries

Harmony plum berries are very juicy and sweet. This is ideal for cooking compotes, preserves, jams. The dessert variety can rightfully be considered the best summer delicacy.

Disease and pest resistance

Plum Harmony has a high level of resistance to the influence of diseases, insect damage. Preventive measures will protect the planting from a possible pest attack.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Plum Harmony has many advantages that have made it more popular than other horticultural crops:

  1. Resistant to frost. Thanks to this, the variety is cultivated in many regions of the country.
  2. Self-fertility. To obtain a bountiful harvest of Harmony plum, there is no need for additional pollination.
  3. Early maturity. The first plums will ripen in mid-July.
  4. Large, juicy, sweet fruits.
  5. Unpretentious care. Harmony will not require significant time, material costs when growing.
  6. High resistance to diseases and pests.

One of the important characteristics of plums is their poor response to overly moist soil. It is worth monitoring the groundwater level on the site, conducting moderate watering.

Landing features

The standard planting of the Harmony variety is an easy process. The algorithm of actions does not require significant experience, special skills. It is enough to follow simple guidelines.

Recommended timing

Plum Harmony is a thermophilic plant. It is recommended to plant it in a sun-warmed earth. The middle of spring is the best time for this process.

Choosing the right place

A suitable option for a Harmony seedling is the sunny part of the garden plot. The area must be protected from drafts and wind. The variety grows well on a hill. You can create a high slope yourself.

What crops can and cannot be planted nearby

Neighborhood with pears, cherries, cherries will not be beneficial. Plums will not yield a bountiful harvest. Black elderberry and maple will have a beneficial effect on the Harmony variety. The latter option helps to increase the number of fruits.

Selection and preparation of planting material

Planting material should be prepared in advance. To plant Harmony seedlings, you will need a standard set of tools:

  1. Shovel for the formation of holes.
  2. Hoe, hoe for loosening the soil.
  3. Fertilizer.
  4. Wooden stake to support the cutting.
  5. Soft fixing rope.

Landing algorithm

Preparation for planting the Harmony variety begins a month before planting the seedlings. The root system of a young plum must be of high quality and healthy. Dry, yellow shoots should be removed. When the earth warms up to the required temperature, they begin the phased planting of cuttings:

  1. The formation of the holes is carried out in advance. Dig holes according to the size of the plum roots. Depth not less than 50 cm, width - from 70 cm.
  2. Part of the soil is mixed with humus, wood ash.
  3. A wooden peg is placed in the center of the hole.
  4. Plum sapling Harmony is lowered into the pit. The straightened roots should be 5 cm from the bottom. It is covered with prepared earth, tamped.
  5. The Harmony handle is tied to a peg with a flexible rope.
  6. Water the plum, loosen the soil around it, mulch.

Important! The plum variety prefers space. The distance between trees must be at least three meters.

Plum follow-up care

Plum Harmony does not require careful maintenance. Regular watering, fertilization, pruning of branches, prevention of diseases, pests is a necessary set of measures to keep the variety healthy. Correct implementation of basic care procedures will ensure a bountiful harvest:

  1. Watering. The Harmony variety needs timely hydration throughout the warm season. The first time is in early spring. Second, third watering - before, after flowering. During the ripening of the fruit, the amount of water is doubled. Before the onset of cold weather, up to 80 liters of liquid are consumed per drain. This will increase frost resistance.
  2. Fertilizer. In spring, the plum prefers nitrogen fertilization. Before the first flowers appear, at the stage of fruit formation, the tree is fertilized with potash, phosphorus preparations. In autumn, they dig up the soil under the drain, adding compost and manure to it.
  3. Pruning, crown formation. In the first years after planting, a significant cut of the central conductor is carried out. This stimulates the growth of the remaining branches. After two years, they begin to cut all the shoots. Be sure to remove dry, damaged branches.
  4. Protection against diseases, pests.
  5. Preparing for winter. The Harmony variety is considered frost-resistant. Particular attention should be paid to young trees. Spruce branches are an excellent insulation for the trunk. The soil around is mulched. To do this, use fallen leaves, sawdust.

Important! Every spring, root shoots are formed around the Harmony plum. It feeds on the tree, making it weak, the shoots should be carefully removed.

Diseases and pests, methods of control and prevention

Disease / pest

Method of struggle



You can fight pests using folk, chemical methods:

1. Digging the earth around the trunk with the addition of ash.

2. Spraying Harmony plum with biologically active preparations - "Akarin", "Iskra", "Aktara".

3. Fast-acting chemicals - "Karbofos".

When using insecticides, aphids on a tree die two hours after treatment

The main measures to prevent the appearance of aphids include mechanical ones:

spraying plums with soapy water;

preventive pruning of leaves, branches


To combat such a pest, folk, chemical, biological preparations are used:

1. Treatment with biological substances is carried out on a windless day. In case of precipitation, spraying is repeated.

2. After flowering, in the second half of July, Harmony plums are treated with insecticides - "Alatar", "Karbofos", others.

3. Apply coniferous, coal solutions

Preventive measures consist in the timely collection of garbage from the garden area. Fallen fruits should not be left near the plum. They should be burned. Bad branches, leaves are cut off. Carefully, regularly dig up the ground around the plum


Plum Harmony is a popular garden plant. The unpretentious tree brings abundant yields of delicious juicy fruits. The variety does not require careful maintenance. For its growth, flowering, fruiting, there is enough sunny place on the site, regular watering. This is a great option even for novice gardeners.


Korolev Valery, Krasnodar

The first Harmony plum was planted on the site several years ago. They did not take into account that the groundwater is too close to the roots of the plant. The tree has deteriorated due to excessive moisture. Having learned from our mistakes, we chose a more suitable place in the garden. Plum needs light, warmth, calmness. We regularly carry out moderate watering, pest prevention. We are waiting for the first harvest.

Lykova Lyudmila, Tambov

I really wanted this particular variety in my country house. I was afraid that the tree would not stand the frost. The weather in our region is changeable. Winters can be mild or with sudden temperature changes. I decided to take a chance. In early spring, I planted a Harmony seedling. Over the summer, the tree has taken root very well. She covered him carefully before winter. For three years now, the plum has been growing well, does not get sick. The first harvest has not yet arrived.

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