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How to deal with root rot on cucumbers

Hello! Tell me how to deal with root rot on cucumbers? In one evening, the cucumber wilts and falls close to the ground, the stem is very thin


It is necessary to scoop up the earth from the stem and prepare the following medicine: for 1, 5 water, 1 hour. L. Copper sulfate or chlorine copper oxide (HOM), 3 s. L. Chalk or lime fluff, or wood ash, mix thoroughly. With a brush, it is good to moisten the affected part of the stem with this solution (from the roots to the height of the stem 12 cm. Sore spots can also be dusted with crushed coal, ash, chalk, well-dried. Water only the soil around. The dead plants are dug out along with the soil and burned, and the hole is shed with a solution copper sulfate. (2 tbsp. L. per bucket of water) at the rate of 1-2 l

So advises Ganichkina Oktyabrina.

Previkur energy, you can cut off the top of the stem, if you clean the stem with root and put in water, after a few days it will give roots, faster than from a seed. Process the landing hole as Galina wrote.

And how can one heal the earth from this infection? otherwise I don’t get it, and I can’t plant cucumbers in this place

Trichodermin try I saved my

The bed before planting is shed with a hot (60-70 deg) solution of copper sulfate (1 hl per 10 l of water) or a strong solution of potassium permanganate

When landing near a hole in the ground a tablet of glycodine

Thank you so much! exactly all hope for honey. Kupopos. Intovir spilled. From ants I pour phytoverms all the time. Well, this year the trouble with cucumbers is straight

Where to buy this pill? what's this?

In garden shops, in OBI, from rot, I lay them out and when planting garlic, use in the instructions.

I have wicked all such patches of rot. Because they are already sick. And it will be useless to struggle with gray rot. So I threw her away. And I planted others already. When some disease can still be saved in bulk, and if the diseased root seems to me “medicine” is powerless.

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