Zenkor: instructions for use on potatoes

Zenkor: instructions for use on potatoes

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At times, conventional gardening tools are ineffective or ineffective in killing weeds. For such cases, a reliable and easy-to-use drug is needed, by treating malicious weeds with which you can get rid of them once and for all. This set of characteristics is possessed by Zenkor ultra - herbicide, which occupies a leading position in the line of weed control products.

This article will discuss the benefits and features of the drug, as well as its characteristics. In addition, you will learn how to use Zencor Ultra for weed removal.

Herbicide benefits

The drug Zenkor has certain advantages, drawing attention to which many gardeners prefer it if they want to quickly get rid of weeds.

  1. Zenkor herbicide can be used both before the emergence of seedlings and weeds, and after.
  2. Destroys both cereal and broadleaf weeds.
  3. The active ingredient metribuzin is easily absorbed into the roots and shoots of the weed. It can penetrate the plant and through foliage.
  4. To enhance the spectrum of action, Zenkor liquid can be used as a base for a tank mixture. That is, it can be mixed with other herbicides.
  5. The period of action of the herbicide is until the foliage closes in the potato rows.
  6. Cultivated plants are not damaged during soil cultivation.

Zenkar's principle of operation

According to the instructions for use, Zenkor can be used for both domestic and industrial soil treatment against weeds. It is especially effective for controlling weeds on potatoes. It inhibits the growth of weeds without negatively affecting cultivated plants.

After the product enters the ground, the percentage of development of weeds is practically zero. At the same time, Zenkar's action does not depend on whether the weed has sprouted or not. Thus, after the first treatment, weeds are completely removed from the site.

Due to the formation of a protective film on the soil after treatment with herbicide, the appearance of weeds on the site becomes impossible for a long time.

Zenkor ultra composition

The active ingredient of the herbicide is metribuzin. The chemical formula looks like this - C8H14N4OS. The active ingredient is a systemic pesticide. The death of weeds occurs due to the suppression of the transport of electrons in the process of photosynthesis. This causes the immediate death of the weeds. Zenkor Ultra destroys both monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds.

Metribuzin enters the plant through the roots and leaves. Due to this dual effect, the drug has a long-lasting effect. The active ingredient in Zenkora is 600 g / l.

Soil preparation before processing

Prepare the soil before diluting Zencor. This involves breaking up the clumps of clay and leveling the area. Further, Zenkor ultra from weeds must be diluted according to the instructions for potatoes. The method of application consists in spraying the preparation over the surface of the site.

Important! Light rains will improve the drug's dynamics.

So, the soil will be moistened and the effect of metribuzin will increase. However, heavy rains will neutralize the Zenkora effect, so it is important to observe the weather forecast before tilling the soil.

Dilution instructions

The herbicide should be diluted depending on which plant needs to be destroyed. So, for cereals per 1 ha, there are 0.2–0.3 liters, for tomatoes - 0.7 liters per 1 ha, for potatoes - 0.75 liters per 1 ha. For carrots - 0.2–0.3 liters per hectare.

The use of Zenkora can have negative effects on pumpkin, beetroot, cabbage, and peppers. Therefore, before killing weeds in an area with these plantings, it is important to test on one bush. Despite the fact that the herbicide can be used to treat the soil against weeds not on all plantings, it still remains the market leader. The drug is sold in the form of a powder or small, readily soluble granules.

It is not recommended to eat, drink and smoke before treating the soil from weeds. After carrying out all the work, wash your face and hands thoroughly with soap. The right approach to business will allow you to quickly and efficiently eliminate weeds on the site. So, it is recommended to use a special tool for spraying the product, for example, a spray bottle. Thanks to him, you can evenly apply the product to the ground.

The instructions for use and the description provided in this article show that the whole process of weed control consists of several simple steps. If you want to expand your knowledge in this matter, then we suggest you watch a video on the topic:


Marina, 42 years old, Perm

I like Zenkor Ultra and Zenkor Liquid. These tools helped me to effortlessly destroy the weeds in the beds. I recommend this drug. However, in order to avoid a possible allergic reaction, it is better to protect your skin by wearing a long-sleeved shirt, gloves and covering your face with a protective bandage.

Vera Ivanovna, 60 years old, Astrakhan

The drug granules dissolve easily. I decided to try Zenkor Ultra on a small plot before watering the whole garden with it. I liked the effect, so I subsequently worked on the vegetable garden. There are no weeds! Finally, my dream has come true! Now it has become even easier to care for the beds.

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