Baby: fertilizer for tomatoes and peppers

Baby: fertilizer for tomatoes and peppers

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Growing tomatoes is not at all difficult, but the harvest is not always happy. The fact is that at the stage of growing seedlings, plants do not receive the necessary microelements. Experienced gardeners skillfully select top dressing for their plantings. And beginners have a hard time.

What kind of feeding are needed for tomatoes, let's find out. Today, many gardeners, especially those who live in harsh climatic conditions, get good results not only in greenhouses, but also in open ground. They feed the plantings with fertilizer Babies for peppers and tomatoes and, judging by the reviews, are very happy with them. Can't such tomatoes, as in the photo, please gardeners?


The liquid organomineral fertilizer Malyshok contains:

  • nitrogen more than 3%;
  • phosphorus more than 1.5%;
  • potassium more than 3%.
  • organic matter over 3%.

As you can see, all the trace elements necessary for the full development and growth of tomatoes are available in one top dressing, they are well absorbed by plants.

Important! The drug Malyshok does not contain chlorine.

Agrotechnical properties

Fertilizer Malyshok for tomatoes and peppers is produced by Fasco. It dissolves well in water and is used at different stages of development:

  1. You need to start by soaking the seeds before sowing to accelerate their germination.
  2. Plants develop harmoniously, the seedlings have a strong stem.
  3. Watering helps to increase the immunity of plants.
  4. Picking and replanting are less stressful.
  5. The baby stimulates the growth of the root system, which, in turn, has a positive effect on the growth of tomatoes, the formation of green mass and the number of ovaries.
  6. Plants tolerate unfavorable external conditions better.
  7. The soil structure is improved.

Attention! Before the fertilizer for tomatoes and peppers Malyshok hit store shelves, it was specially tested.

Application features

Due to its balance, nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer is used by gardeners throughout the vegetative development of tomatoes and peppers in open and protected ground.

If you want to get a rich tomato crop, you need to grow healthy plants with an excellent immune system. Moreover, top dressing under the root or on the leaves does not burn, but stimulates active growth.

Recommendations for the use of nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer in the first stages of tomato development are given in the table.


How to proceed


30 ml in half a liter of water

Soak for a day


Dissolve 10 ml in a liter of water. One plant needs 100 ml

Pour under the root as soon as the first leaf appears. Repeat after 10 days


10 ml for two liters of water

Foliar dressing is carried out when 3 leaves appear on the tomatoes. You can repeat it in a week.

When transplanting tomatoes to a permanent place, as well as during caring for them during the growing season, nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizing Malyshok is used for root and foliar feeding in the same proportion as for seedlings. See the bottle or sachet label for detailed instructions. Before use, you need to carefully study the recommendations.

Advice! Any root dressing is carried out on a pre-moistened soil.

For spraying, the fertilizer concentration is halved.

Packing and cost

Nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer Malyshok is packaged in a convenient container. These are bottles of 50 or 250 ml (for large farms). A small bottle is enough to prepare 50 liters of tomato fertilizing solution. Fertilizer with a volume of 250 ml is enough for processing tomato and pepper plantings on an area of ​​30 square meters.

About Fasco fertilizers:

The price of organic fertilizer is low. On average in the country, it costs about 25-30 rubles. Many vegetable growers advise using the economical and effective fertilizer Malyshok. They believe that it is sometimes even better in quality than expensive drugs.

Another plus, which gardeners also point out: having bought a balanced preparation containing in full the microelements necessary for the growth and development of tomatoes, you will not have to “be smart” by creating top dressing from different fertilizers.


Tatiana, 30 years old, Velsk

I searched the Internet for fertilizer for my tomatoes and peppers. Accidentally stumbled upon a nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium supplement Malyshok. I liked that it has all the trace elements that plants need. Last year I tested it already when soaking seeds. Fertilized and seedlings. All tomatoes have taken root well after transplantation. During fruiting, she performed foliar feeding. I have never received such a harvest as last year. Although the varieties of tomatoes have not changed.

Verlioka, 43 years old, Kurgan

I have been using the organic mineral fertilizer Malyshok for several years in a row. I have a small plot, I use small bottles. It is easy to apply top dressing, since the instructions are detailed, even beginners can handle it. Processed tomatoes and peppers. Plants bear fruit perfectly, the harvest is always happy. I'm not going to give up fertilizing babies for tomatoes and peppers.

Peter, 41 years old, Saransk

Last year, my seedling failed, no matter what I did with it, there were no positive results. I had to go to the store. The choice of dressings today is large, it is difficult to navigate. Fortunately, the knowledgeable seller was caught. When I explained what was the matter, she advised me to buy Little Girls. At home, he spread it strictly according to the instructions and watered the seedlings. Then, after 10 days, I fed it again at the root. The tomatoes began to come to life, the stalks began to gain strength. Before planting in the ground, I made foliar dressing. There were no further problems with tomatoes. The harvest pleased me.

Angelica, 23 years old, Gus Khrustalny

I'm just starting to master the basics of agricultural technology. Last year I grew tomatoes and peppers for the first time. The seedlings were good, but after planting in a greenhouse, they began to lose their attractiveness. Her leaves brightened, and then growth slowed down. A neighbor at the dacha advised me to buy Malyshok fertilizer. What do you think? A few days after watering, my tomatoes changed before my eyes: the leaves turned green, the flowers stopped crumbling. Now I know what to do: treat the plants with fertilizer Malyshok.

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