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What you need to fertilize hydrangeas

How to hydrange hydrangeas?


Peat, because hydrangea loves acidic soil .... you can acidify it with fresh sawdust, or pour water on it with acidified vinegar ....

Ammonium nitrate, usually if tree hydrangea

in what proportions do you need to feed ??

As a rule, it is written on the package, but in general 1 tablespoon per bucket

Sorry, that is off topic) but never shave the Spitz again like that (((it will become “cottony” or maybe not at all. You don’t shave Spitzs and do not cut them short. Drive your master with a filthy broom

thanks for the advice!

And for large-leaved hydrangea (not white), potassium alum is also used


I buy special fertilizer for hydrangea. There are all the substances she needs. Sometimes slurry is poured. I acidify with water and citric acid.

I heard that too ... you can't shave.

And if you put mulch out of coniferous litter? Will she like it?

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