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Using vinegar essence to control aphids on cabbage

Using vinegar essence to control aphids on cabbage

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Dear summer residents, tell me, who tried to poison aphids with vinegar essences on cabbage? What result? Will the aphids die or the cabbage?


I tried sour water. The result, as the aphid was cabbage, remained

I sprayed water with vinegar essence, spread it on the eye. Shoots turnips burned a little. The flea, of course, is said to have been blown away by the wind. But the next day she again on the cabbage and on the turnip. So you need to fight constantly. Yes, nothing happened to the cabbage leaves.

I have a deplorable result, a glass of 9% vinegar, added liquid soap, and I forgot to dilute it with water, I processed the cabbage with it, now the cabbage with white leaves, I pour it with water, I hope to leave

Now I’m reading all about cabbage, shaking it on my mustache. To grow 1 valerian bubble well on a bucket of water, pour one bucket on the bush, put off wormwood branches to scare away the butterflies, so that the heads are tied up and large pour 1 cup of quenching lime on a bucket of water to water 1 time in 10 days (I tried it last year) . Try good luck

In a watering can add 2 tablespoons of birch tar, sold in a pharmacy. Our pests do not like tar, I will try

Well, if pure vinegar, then Stopudovo will die both of them. But seriously, then in my opinion it’s from crustaceans

And valerian will attract cats and cats. Not?

I think that he will have time to erode before the invasion of cats, they do not taste our cabbage. My cat prefers only pepper I will try this weekend

In a watering can tar? Then the watering can will stink all his life, it is necessary in the bottle is not needed.

Irina there so shown, can allocate some bucket for this? There, as our Julia is a fan of her craft, she processes seeds and potatoes with tar, and she has good results. I want to try and find out myself. She processes bushes, speaks better than chemistry

Planted cabbage and immediately under the covering material. Yesterday opened, weeded. “Butterflies” seemed to be waiting for this moment. I had to spray Intavir. She covered again with cover. Three weeks you can not remember the cabbage.

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