Apple tree Krasa Sverdlovsk: description, photos, pollinators and reviews

Apple tree Krasa Sverdlovsk: description, photos, pollinators and reviews

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The apple tree Krasa of Sverdlovsk is a frost-resistant dessert variety that is suitable for regions with cold winters. Good keeping quality of fruits and the ability to withstand long-distance transportation makes it suitable not only for home, but also for industrial cultivation.

The Krasa Sverdlovsk variety is suitable for home and industrial cultivation.

Breeding history

At the end of the 70s, the breeders of the city of Sverdlovsk were tasked with breeding a large-fruited apple variety suitable for growing in the South and Middle Urals. The specialists coped with this task, having created the Krasa Sverdlovsk apple tree in 1979. At the all-Union seminar of gardeners, culture was presented in 1979, and registered in the State Register in 1992.

Description of the apple variety Krasa Sverdlovsk with photo

The Krasa Sverdlovsk apple tree is a tall tree, similar in appearance to other representatives of this culture. But there are also some distinctive features.

Fruit and tree appearance

The tree reaches 3-4 m in height. The crown width varies from 2.5 to 4 m. The branches are curved, spreading. Separate shoots are located at an obtuse angle to the crown, which gives it a rounded shape. With age, the crown becomes too thickened, so you have to thin it out. The annual growth of branches is 30-60 cm.

The bark is rough, brown. Fruits are large, broadly round, slightly narrowed downwards. The average weight of one apple is 140-150 g. The color of apples at technical maturity is yellow-green, at the stage of full ripeness it is dark red. The peel is smooth and shiny.

Attention! The height of the apple tree depends on the type of rootstock on which the variety is grafted.

The weight of one apple is 140-150 g

Life span

When grown in suitable climatic conditions and proper care, the Krasa Sverdlovsk apple variety will grow and bear fruit for 25-30 years.

Given the fact that after 25 years the yield decreases, it is recommended to replace old trees with new ones in a timely manner. The life span of a shale apple tree is about 20 years.


The pulp of apples is juicy, fine-grained, pale cream in color. The taste qualities of the variety are assessed as high. The fruits are sweet, with a slight sourness and light spicy notes.

The Krasa Sverdlovsk apple variety retains its taste qualities throughout the entire storage period.

Growing regions

The Krasa Sverdlovsk variety was created for cultivation in the South and Middle Urals. However, very soon he won the love of gardeners from different regions. Currently, in addition to the Urals, the beauty of Sverdlovsk is grown in the central regions of Russia and in the Volga region. The variety is doing well in Altai and Western Siberia, where mainly shale apple trees are grown.


Gardeners estimate the yield of the Kras of Sverdlovsk apple tree as average. Regular fruiting begins at the 6-7 year of the tree's life. The yield from one adult apple tree is 70-100 kg.

The yield from one tree is 70-100 kg

Frost resistant

The degree of frost resistance of the Krasa Sverdlovsk variety is estimated as medium. Mature trees tolerate temperatures down to -25 ° C.

Advice! Young seedlings will have to be insulated for the winter.

Disease and pest resistance

Apple tree Krasa Sverdlovsk has good immunity against many diseases. However, a cold climate and high humidity sometimes cause fungal diseases. One of these is scab.

The presence of the disease can be determined by brown spots on fruits and leaves. To prevent scab in the fall, remove all the leaves in the garden. Treat the disease with drugs "Horus", "Raek". Processing is carried out before the beginning of the flowering period or after it.

Fungicides are used to treat scab

It annoys apple and aphids - small insects that feed on the juice of fruits and leaves. They fight these pests with fungicides.

Aphids feed on tree sap

Flowering period and ripening period

The blossoming period of the Krasa Sverdlovsk apple tree falls in May. A characteristic feature of the variety is the ability of the fruit to ripen after being removed from the branches. Therefore, apples are harvested in a state of incomplete ripeness. The crop is harvested in early autumn.

Pollinators for apple trees Krasa Sverdlovsk

The Krasa of Sverdlovsk is a self-fruitless variety; in order to obtain a decent harvest, pollinating trees must grow on the garden plot, the flowering period of which coincides with the period of the Krasa Sverdlovsk variety.

Transportation and keeping quality

The dense skin and the absence of mechanical damage (the fruits are able to stay on the branches until they are taken off) makes the Krasa Sverdlovsk variety suitable for long-distance transportation. Apples of this variety are characterized by good keeping quality and retain their decorative and taste qualities until April and May of the next season.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Kras of Sverdlovsk apple tree has much more advantages than disadvantages.


  • good decorative and taste qualities of fruits;
  • long shelf life;
  • good transportability;
  • stable yield;
  • resistance of immature fruits to shedding.


  • insufficiently good frost resistance of the variety;
  • obligatory presence of pollinating trees.

Apples of this variety retain their taste for a long time.


The Kras of Sverdlovsk apple tree can be planted in spring or autumn. Spring planting is preferred in regions with frosty winters. In milder climates, this apple variety can be planted in September-October.

Saplings should ideally be purchased just before planting.

They must:

  • be one year old or two year old;
  • have an intact root system (it is better to give preference to copies with closed roots);
  • have strong flexible shoots without mechanical damage,

Important! Quality seedlings should have leaves.

It is advisable to choose a place for the Krasa Sverdlovsk apple-tree variety that is even, well-lit and protected from cold winds. The soil should be well-drained and fertile. Clay soil is diluted with sand, and lime is added to too acidic.

During planting:

  • make a hole 80 cm deep and wide, put drainage on the bottom;
  • wood ash, compost and mineral fertilizers are added to the soil of the upper fertile layer;
  • the resulting mixture is poured onto the bottom of the pit;
  • the seedling is placed in the center of the hole, the roots are carefully straightened;
  • cover the tree with the remaining soil, leaving the root collar 5-6 cm above the soil surface;
  • the ground in the root zone is compacted, forming a small depression for irrigation;
  • tie the seedling to a support (peg) installed next to it and water it;
  • for better moisture retention, the soil in the root zone is mulched with sawdust or chopped dry grass.

Advice! Watering each seedling will require at least 2 buckets of water.

The distance between tall trees should be 4-5 m, and between dwarf trees - 2-3.

The seedling is placed in the center of the fossa

Growing and care

In order for the Krasa Sverdlovsk apple tree to develop normally and give a good harvest, you need to provide it with proper care.

The first and most important rule is soil moisture. The rate and frequency of watering the Krasa Sverdlovsk apple tree depend on the weather conditions and the age of the tree. So, annual seedlings are watered at least once a week, and older trees - about once a month.

If during the planting of the seedling mineral fertilizers were applied to the soil, then it is not necessary to feed the apple tree for the first two years.

From the third year of life, the tree will need feeding with complex mineral fertilizers: in the spring before the start of sap flow, before and after the flowering period. After harvesting, the Krasa Sverdlovsk apple tree is fed with organic fertilizers.

A prerequisite for normal development and fruiting is regular pruning of branches:

  • the next year after planting, the growth point is pinned for the subsequent formation of lateral shoots;
  • from the third year of life, formative pruning is performed every spring, which is a shortening of last year's shoots to create a spherical crown shape.

Advice! To obtain larger fruits of this variety, it is recommended to thin out the ovaries - to remove the central fruit from the middle of the inflorescences. For the same purpose, they clean the apple tree from defective fruits, deformed, diseased or too small.

Apple tree Krasa Sverdlovsk is a frost-resistant variety. However, young seedlings should be protected from the winter cold. To do this, the tree trunk is wrapped in burlap, agrotextile or thick cardboard. The soil in the root zone is covered with a thick layer of mulch.

Warning! The fallen leaves of the apple tree cannot be used as mulch.

Formative pruning of apple trees is performed in the spring

Collection and storage

The harvest of apples of the Krasa Sverdlovsk variety begins to be harvested in September. The variety has the ability to ripen after picking, so apples for storage and transportation are picked unripe, which are not red, but yellow-green. It is better to choose wooden or plastic containers for storing fruits.

Only whole fruits are selected for storage. The deformed ones are best used soon.

It is better to store apples in a wooden or plastic container.


The apple tree Krasa of Sverdlovsk is rightfully considered one of the best winter varieties. The excellent taste of the fruit, combined with a long shelf life, can be a good motivation for growing this crop in your garden.


Svetlana Pomeranets 38 years old, Samara

Apple tree Krasa Sverdlovsk has been growing for me for a long time. I didn't even think that I would wait for the harvest. The first apples appeared 6 years later. But now they are more than enough for the whole winter. Delicious, juicy, and good. Great variety!

Igor Sinelnikov 37 years old, Orenburg

I have been growing the Beauty of Sverdlovsk for a long time. The apples of this variety are a little hard, but juicy and sweet. And they lie for a long time. It is very pleasing that the harvest is enough until spring. And the apple tree is not particularly whimsical in care.

Ekaterina Sytnik 52 g, Saratov

I have an apple tree Krasa Sverdlovsk. The apples are not as big as they write, but they are delicious. The good news is that every year there is a harvest and the apple tree is sick a little. In general, I am satisfied, and I like it at home. I recommend planting this variety.

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