Cold smoked mackerel: how much is stored in the refrigerator at home

Cold smoked mackerel: how much is stored in the refrigerator at home

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Cold smoking not only improves the taste, but also increases the shelf life. Pre-salting and smoke from wood chips act as a preservative. Cold smoked mackerel is stored in the refrigerator longer than after heat treatment. The shelf life can be significantly increased by freezing.

The main storage conditions in the refrigerator - the carcasses must be packed so that the smell does not spoil the nearby dishes

How much cold smoked mackerel is stored

Mackerel is classified as an oily fish with a soft tissue structure. After heat treatment, the fat melts and the meat becomes dry; therefore, the cold smoking method is often used in processing. This technology is more durable. Raw materials are preliminarily salted dry or in cold brine for at least three days. During this time, pathogenic microorganisms are partially killed by salt. Then it is dried and placed in a smokehouse. Within 16 hours, the workpiece is processed with cold smoke, the temperature in the container does not exceed + 30 ° C.

The cooking period is quite long, the remaining bacteria are killed by the smoke. Therefore, the shelf life of cold smoked mackerel in the refrigerator is longer. The indicator depends not only on the processing method, but also on the quality of raw materials, adherence to technology. And also on what kind of workpiece was used: gutted or whole (with entrails and head).

Shelf life of cold smoked mackerel at home

The shelf life directly depends on the quality. If the freshness of the fish is in doubt, it is best not to take it. It will not be possible to preserve a product with a smell for a long time. The shelf life of cold smoked mackerel in the refrigerator is longer if it is vacuum-sealed.

When buying, pay attention to the date of production and the implementation period. The storage time also depends on the preprocessing. Gutted and headless raw materials retain their taste and freshness for longer. If raw materials with entrails are used for cold smoking, then the shelf life will be insignificant.

The timing is influenced by the preliminary preparation of the carcass, how long it was salted, what salt was used, whether or not artificial preservatives were included, for example, liquid smoke. If the package contains all the data, then the open fish does not have such information. Fish cooked with flavoring additives will not differ from a naturally cold smoked product, but the shelf life will be significantly reduced.

Advice! You can determine that the mackerel is from the smokehouse, and not treated with liquid smoke, by the hole for the hook in the region of the tail fin, the head, or by the dents from the grate on the carcass.

The technology provides for the use of a special mesh, in this case there will be no holes, but if the product is from a smokehouse, then light stripes are determined along the surface at the weaving sites.

The package should contain information about how much to store the product and at what temperature

In the absence of a manufacturer's label, it is better to refrain from buying.

How much and how to store cold smoked mackerel in the refrigerator

The best way to extend the shelf life of your mackerel is to refrigerate it. Temperature regime - no higher than +30C. Gutted, headless carcasses will be usable within two weeks. Fish with entrails can lie for 8-10 days. Slicing - approximately 7 days. The indicator of air humidity is important. The best option is 80%.

How to prepare a product for long-term storage:

  1. To prevent white bloom from forming on the surface, the fish is covered with a layer of vegetable oil. The film will maintain the necessary moisture and prevent oxygen access.
  2. Wrap the carcasses with baking paper or foil and place in a resealable container. This measure is necessary so that the food in the refrigerator is not saturated with odor, and there is a constant temperature and humidity inside the container.
  3. The best way to keep the cold smoked mackerel in the refrigerator for a long time is to put it in a vacuum bag and remove the air.

They put the container on the bottom shelf, during storage they do not change the temperature regime. Dairy products, vegetables and fruits should not be placed next to them, they are subject to rapid decay and fermentation, which is unsafe for mackerel.

Is it possible to freeze cold smoked mackerel

For long-term storage, the product can be frozen. The timing depends on the temperature in the freezer, at -3-50The fish will last for 60 days. Indicator -100 C and below will help maintain taste and nutritional value for up to three months.

Before laying, each carcass is wrapped in parchment or foil, folded into a bag and placed in the freezer.

Carcasses are placed in a vacuum bag, vented and frozen

Important! Mackerel is not subject to secondary freezing, since the structure of the fabric will become soft and the taste will deteriorate.

Defrost the product gradually: take it out and put it on the refrigerator shelf for about a day, then leave it at room temperature until it is completely defrosted.

Cold smoked mackerel storage methods

A large volume of self-cooked fish is difficult to completely fit in the refrigerator. There are situations when there are no household appliances at hand, and the product must be stored as long as possible.

A few tips for extending the shelf life:

  1. The fish is put in boxes, sprinkled with sawdust and lowered into the basement, any utility room with good ventilation will do. The air humidity indicator should be 80%, and the temperature should not be higher than +6 0
  2. Make a saline solution. A cloth is moistened in a cold liquid and the fish is wrapped.
  3. If there is no refrigerator at the dacha, a shallow hole is dug, the product is placed in a cloth or parchment and covered with soil.

Can be hung in the attic. Each carcass is placed in a fabric bag to keep out insects. Suspended so that they do not touch. On the road, use a stand-alone refrigerator or thermal bag.

Several signs that the fish has gone bad

Poor quality of a product can be determined by the following criteria:

  • the presence of white plaque or mucus on the surface;
  • soft structure, when cutting the meat disintegrates;
  • unpleasant odor;
  • the appearance of mold.

If the carcass is not gutted, then the insides in the form of a mushy substance with a sour smell also indicate the unsuitability of the product for food.


In the refrigerator, cold smoked mackerel is stored on the bottom shelf or in the freezer. Previously, it is wrapped in foil or paper to exclude the spread of odor, placed in a container. The best storage option is to use vacuum bags.

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