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Are long greenhouses well ventilated?

Are long greenhouses well ventilated?

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Hello dear gardeners. Who uses a polycarbonate greenhouse whose length is 8 m, 10 m, 12 m, how are they ventilated: is it good or not worth installing?


I have 8 meters, vents must be done at the top, otherwise +45 inside

And I have 8 meter. Hot. Windows or doors from two ends to arrange a draft.

Even at 6 m bastard!

For any window should be on top, otherwise it makes no sense

Friends, but I bought, but have not yet installed the 8 meter high with doors and vents from the ends, it turns out this is not enough, what should I do now? : (How to correctly install it on the cardinal points? In general, any sensible everyday advice is worth its weight in gold.

So I ask this, my dream is a big greenhouse. But it turns out that 2 is better. I understand that. After all, there are two doors, and it turns out that the vents themselves must be additionally done?

Tomatoes love lower ventilation, it is better to open the doors on both sides, and cucumbers do not like drafts. Verified by personal experience.

Side windows are sold in any form where greenhouses are made, the price of one (linen. Obl.) 1000 r, it’s still good to buy an automatic opener :-), but in such companies they cost 2500, we ordered an aliexpress for 1000)

An example from the Internet)!

I read on the Internet, it’s not worth it to make a greenhouse longer than 6 meters, since the heating will be incredible. Or 3-4 windows. The price of each window is 2000-3000r.

Now everything is clear.

I have one 3 × 8 greenhouse. Everything is growing, not complaining. The greenhouse has doors and vents above them, but the polycarbonate itself is slightly blue. But I put another 3 × 6 greenhouse, but polycarbonate is thinner and lighter and hotter in it, I will shade one side with ultra-strength.

I read that the sunny side is painted with chalk, I shade with lutrasil. Buy hooks plast. Fasten to a flypaper and to them outside.

That is, it also depends on the color of polycarbonate. And how thick are you?

Whether it depends on the thickness, I definitely can’t say, but it’s better not to take the color white. Here on the site a woman exhibited a photo of her greenhouse. She has her blue color. He says that in the heat it can work in it, because K. It is not hot in the greenhouse, the plants are comfortable. It is a pity that I learned about this after I acquired a second greenhouse. Now you have to shade on the south side.

Thank you for your advice.

I have two greenhouses of 10 meters. In the old one, too, white glasses, in the new one bluish, they said, protection against ultraviolet radiation. As for the length, everything is growing, I'm not complaining. Window panes over the doors only.

You can link to the seller with aliexpress. For earlier thanks.

Do not listen to anyone. The length of the greenhouse does not particularly affect the temperature. And here, experts write that colored plastic holds UV, which is the main component of photosynthesis, i.e., the life of the plant. In tomatoes, in the heat, open both doors for plowing In cucumbers. One door for swinging, the second too, but with stretched lutrasil on plastic clamps. To shade and to paint only in glass greenhouses, there is a magnifying glass effect (children with a magnifying glass set fire to a fire)

The idiot’s dream came true, she bought a 3 x 8 greenhouse.

Hello gentlemen and ladies ... I am engaged in the greenhouse business, I got up every day at seven in the morning to open the greenhouse windows a little differently, and then over time the other day I decided to buy and put this thing here // 0-39 now I get enough sleep do not worry about it, a very useful thing I advise you ... !!!! Thanks for attention!!!!

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