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Will the petunia give roots from the place of pinching

Good day! If you pinch the petunia and put the “pinch” in the water, will it give roots to plant later?


3 days ago, the cat broke a petunia, put the top into the ground and watered, did not dry out and even raised the leaves. And in water, so much more will give roots.

Thank you, I think so, it just might be someone’s experience, they have atomic atoms, it’s necessary to pinch and throw the hand does not rise

The nipples, as you call them, are wetted with a slice of root powder, planted, sprayed at the top and in a bag, ventilated and if dry sprayed.

I didn’t succeed, they also advised me to put the tops after nipping. I put the first into the water, where they safely rotted, the second batch I dipped in root and planted in the ground, for 5 days already one or two have died. Maybe I'm unhappy.

Mmmmmmmmmm sorry

Have you put them under the package?

And I feel sorry, they also waved it, I thought it would be twice as much. Of course, under the package, I sprayed HB-101 with the Healthy Garden, except that I did not dance with a tambourine in front of them. Maybe that's why they died.

It’s necessary to pinch the Petunia so that it grows denser, I nibbled, poked it in the ground, some took root, some withered. I somehow manage without a tambourine.

No need for water. Immediately plant in the ground only for this they must be large enough four or five leaves and the survival rate will be one hundred percent.

I pulled off the elongated tops of three petunias (very small, three leaves), dipped them in my root, and immediately put them in glasses under a 5-liter bottle. Everyone has taken root and have already grown up, she took off the can somewhere after 10 days.

Yesterday, after our conversation, I went and cut off 4 more heads, and put them in perlite with water, today they are standing like soldiers under a packet, not a single drop of ears. Maybe survival depends on the land?

Have you just planted in another?

And I saw where they put me, but I didn’t understand what it was 🙂

Agroperlite (natural material), it is used to root cuttings and store planting material. Sold in departments for gardeners. Good thing, I pour it into seedling boxes (under diapers with an open bottom), it absorbs water into itself and then gradually gives it away.

And how many leaves you cut and how much you leave, I can’t figure out after which to pinch the sheet

And what, should they be considered? I see that the stem is more authentic, and I chick. And what’s the problem, I think I understood: then I opened the airing bag and forgot about them, after 4 hours I just remembered, and they already hung and hung up, so it looks like they should be kept in the bag until the end of the century.

And on what day did you realize that they would not all take root, planted it yesterday, they’re standing pretty, I don’t know how often to open open, they all write differently

On the 4th day, they gradually began to lower their wings, but it’s not a fact that you’ll have the same, they all write that everything’s OK, apparently it’s not a freebie for me. And those that grew from seeds already bloomed in swaddling clothes, so that I won’t even torment them anymore.

Well, why torment them at least twice should be cut, I watched a video yesterday about pruning there with root, she planted these will not work, I will try, I have to cut a lot 🙂 yesterday I cut only 1/4

And I also planted it with root, and in agroperlite, and just in the ground, well, I’m not rushing with me. And the second time, how to prune if they are already blooming? I'm afraid they will bother my executions, and they will not survive until the landing

Well, there in June they cut off flowers, they made a mold in a pot and they cut it off

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