Roasted peanuts: benefits and harms for men and women

Roasted peanuts: benefits and harms for men and women

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The benefits and harms of roasted peanuts are well known not only in their homeland in Brazil. Peanuts, as these legume seeds are also called, are loved to be included in the diet or used for treatment in all regions of the world. Roasted peanuts and their beneficial properties are widely used in cooking, food industry, and medicine.

Roasted Peanut Properties

The benefits of roasted peanuts are in the composition and properties. Contains up to 40% proteins, organic acids, vitamin B1. But most of all in the composition of fatty oil - 45-60%. It contains glycerides of arachidic, lignoceric, lauric, myristic, behenic, ekosenic, cerotinic acids, as well as carotenoids and other elements. The diverse biochemical composition determines a large list of beneficial actions:

  • high fiber content helps maintain a healthy gut environment;
  • B vitamins are beneficial in that they affect metabolic processes, protect the liver, nervous system, vision, help heal wounds;
  • polyphenols start cleansing the body and cleanse from free radicals;
  • tryptophan creates a positive emotional background in a person, saves from depression and nervous exhaustion;
  • nicotinic acid strengthens the capillary network, helps to avoid many diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, dermatitis and others;
  • vitamins E and C perform the function of antioxidants in the body, ensure the flow of fat metabolism, strengthen the immune system;
  • magnesium and potassium help in the work of the heart, maintain normal blood pressure.

Roasted peanuts are included in the diet of people with a weakened body, it is especially beneficial for children. They are used for the preparation of various sweets, not only in home cooking, but also on an industrial scale. Roasted peanuts are beneficial for children with exudative diathesis. It is especially effective for hemorrhagic diathesis - blood diseases in which there is a sharp decrease in its coagulability and multiple hemorrhages.

Why is roasted peanuts useful?

Roasted peanuts are mistakenly considered by many to be a nut. This is due to similar taste and health benefits. The biochemical composition and nutritional properties of peanuts are different, but they are also necessary for the human body.

The benefits of roasted peanuts for women

Eating a spoonful of roasted golden brown peanuts in the oven can help you to avoid having gray threads in your head until you get older. Earthen beans saturate the body with the necessary useful microelements that preserve the natural color and thickness of the hair. Antioxidants, present in sufficient quantities, prevent the early onset of old age, rejuvenate and heal, help women look always young and fresh.

Roasted peanuts are a high-calorie product, but in small quantities they can even benefit the figure. It is good to use it as a snack instead of traditional buns and pies, with which it is customary to satisfy the feeling of hunger somewhere on the go or during a break at work, in educational institutions. Roasted seeds can be added to various dishes, such as salads, desserts, main courses, making them healthy and nutritious.

Attention! The benefits and harms of roasted peanuts for women are most fully disclosed in its effect on biological age and appearance.

Why roasted peanuts are good for men

Golden toasted grains serve as a pleasant addition to the main food and make up for the lack of protein in the diet. They are a building material for cells during intensive growth of the body, for building muscle tissue during sports, as well as a source of energy necessary for recovery after physical activity.

The benefits of roasted peanuts for men are their beneficial effects on the reproductive system. Ground beans protect against prostate adenoma, infertility and some other pathologies. Zinc in its composition regulates the hormonal background in the male body, helps the normal production of testosterone, increases potency, sex drive and sperm production.

The benefit of biotin is that it prevents premature baldness, which is a fairly common problem in men of all ages. Magnesium helps cleanse the body from the effects of addictions to tobacco and alcohol, as it has an anti-toxic effect. Roasted peanuts have immunomodulatory and other beneficial properties, strengthens a person during colds. Provides normal blood pressure, prevents the development of serious cardiac pathologies.

Why salty roasted peanuts are harmful

Roasted peanuts are considered healthy dietary products by medicine. It can be safely included in a low-carb diet for patients with diabetes, obesity and other diseases. This is possible due to the low glycemic index.

However, the properties of the product do not change for the better as salt, fat and other ingredients are added. It must be remembered that excess salt leads to an increase in blood pressure, the appearance of edema and other consequences. Therefore, ground beans should be processed as gently as possible so that the benefits and harms of roasted salted peanuts do not cause questions and concerns.

Attention! Cooking is clearly not adding value to the product. But if a person is healthy, with digestion and the work of other organs, everything is in order, you can afford a slight deviation from proper nutrition.

Is it possible for pregnant women to roast peanuts

Often, peanuts are not beneficial for expectant mothers due to their high allergenicity, fat content and calorie content. If a pregnant woman has an irresistible desire to feast on fried peanuts, you can not deny yourself, but this should be done in minimal quantities and rarely.

Most allergens are concentrated in peanut husks and seed dust. Therefore, the beans must be cleaned of excess layers, and the product will become much safer. Since peanuts grow in the ground, they cannot be eaten raw during pregnancy. There is a possibility of infection with E. coli or other pathogens. Therefore, it is imperative to roast the seeds for better flavor and for greater safety for mother and baby.

Thermally unprocessed peanut seeds are difficult for the body to digest and can cause indigestion rather than benefit. Damp fruits are strictly contraindicated during pregnancy. They can easily take root spores of the fungus, which are not removed even during frying.

Attention! Although doctors recommend including roasted peanuts in the diet of people with diabetes, it will not be beneficial for the gestational form. Substances that cause a super-strong allergic reaction can enter the baby's body, and he will be born with an intolerance to the product.

Is it possible for a nursing mother to roast peanuts

Peanuts come from the legume family. As you know, foods of this group are considered difficult for digestion and in most cases cause increased gas production in the intestines. Chemical compounds that cause flatulence can get to the baby with milk. As a result, digestive problems, colic and other painful symptoms will begin.

But still, doctors recommend introducing fried peanuts into the diet of a nursing mother. But this must be done very carefully, starting from about three months of age of the baby and gradually increasing the amount of the product from 3-5 pieces or more. In this case, you need to very carefully monitor the child so as not to miss the onset of an allergic reaction or the appearance of pain in the tummy.

How much can you eat

There are people who eat roasted peanuts without thinking about the norm of consumption and guided by only desire. There is a safe amount of ground beans that you can consume regularly without fear of any unwanted effects.

Scientists say that if you eat at least 60 g of peanuts per day, the blood is purified, its indicators return to normal:

  • the glycemic index decreases;
  • "Bad" cholesterol becomes less.

Other useful changes are also taking place. The processes of hematopoiesis are getting better, blood pressure drops, memory improves.


The benefits of roasted peanuts for the body in some cases may be questionable. Its ingestion of an allergic person can cause a severe allergic reaction, sometimes fatal. The danger lies in the fact that peanuts are widely used in the food industry and their presence in the composition of the product is not always indicated on the labels. Because of this, allergy sufferers can mistakenly eat peanuts or their derivatives and get a hypersensitive reaction in the form of anaphylactic shock or other equally strong manifestations.

Roasted peanuts have a number of other contraindications, non-observance of which can lead to sad results:

  • disruption of the digestive organs;
  • overweight;
  • the presence of herpes infection in the body;
  • increased blood clotting, a tendency to thrombosis;
  • sand in the urinary tract.

Among other things, in the composition of peanuts, scientists have found a small concentration of a toxic substance - erucic acid (or omega-9). If you overuse roasted peanuts, this unsafe chemical compound will gradually build up and destroy internal organs such as the liver, heart, and interfere with the normal puberty of adolescents.

Terms and conditions of storage

It is best to fry peanuts just before eating or to harvest them for no more than a few days, a maximum of two weeks. After this period, the peanuts become rancid, tasteless, and also lose a significant part of their useful properties.

If you plan to store roasted peanuts for some time, it is better to do this in a sealed glass container, which should preferably be sterilized before use. Then place it in the lower compartment of the refrigerator, keep it for no more than a few weeks. Freezing roasted peanuts is not recommended.

Better to buy fresh, in husks. So there is a greater chance of getting a product that has not lost its properties during the long journey from peanut plantations to the dinner table. After peeling and lightly frying, you can eat it, adding spices at your discretion. But such processing greatly reduces the shelf life.


The benefits and harms of roasted peanuts make it desirable in the diet of many people, but at the same time it is necessary to remember to observe the dosage of the product. Excessive passion for this delicacy can cause an exacerbation of chronic diseases or a severe allergic reaction.

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