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Is it possible to use chicken litter with sawdust in the garden

Is it possible to use chicken litter with sawdust in the garden

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Hello. In winter we moved to a private house. Former residents used the firewood as a chicken coop. Since we arrived in the winter, there was no time to clean it, and we had to lay down firewood directly on the hens ’livelihood products, where they sawed themselves. Now the firewood has been removed, and there the whole floor is in chicken droppings with sawdust. Is it possible to use it somewhere in the garden? Maybe as fertilizer or something else? Thanks in advance.


Of course you can ! add to the wells a little. just remember that fresh litter will burn the roots. But is it not fresh with you? One year old somewhere? Sawdust is also impossible, they acidify the soil. If you are afraid, then put everything in compost, it will cross and there will be a good humus. It must be ensured that the compost does not dry out.

more than six months for sure, there is still mixed with sand and sawdust for six months somewhere.

sawdust is not enough for six months. they generally long prey, more than a year for sure.

You can wait until everything crosses and then add this humus instead of mulch. And you can make a warm bed for zucchini or cucumbers.

better make a warm bed, as Berry advises

Fresh chicken droppings are detrimental to plants, it is better to leave it overnight until next year or insist with water and water it with infusion.

please tell me can strawberries be fed chicken manure? If so, how.

strawberries through watering, insist chicken droppings and water. Approximately a liter of litter in a bucket of water, insist a day, dilute three to four times and water.

thanks, I'll try

can fresh straws be mulched with strawberries?

I think you have excellent fertilizer! Sawdust will retain moisture, and litter will perfectly fertilize the soil!

I do it differently, pour half a bucket of litter to a full bucket with water, under the lid and for a week in the sun, then a half-liter jar of this slurry into a bucket of water and feed this, about a jar to a tomato bush, approximately. So even fresh litter ferments and plants do not burns.

sawdust is taken weathered for about a year, otherwise they will acidify the soil

chicken manure is diluted one to 10, insisted until it wanders, until everything falls to the bottom, the solution should become transparent, it is better to undernourish than to burn, the chicken litter is the most concentrated

some mulch. But I do not like. Sawdust hangs on a berry, it is not convenient to wash them, they dig in. That shavings still went wherever.

thanks for the advice, I had never fertilized them before, I was afraid to burn

you are in the topic, apparently, I can ask)) a week ago I made a bed - a box, at the bottom of the sawdust (1 year), chicken litter (cm 2 thick, FRESH), a layer of dry grass and 10 cm of land on top ... and I'm already sorry ((I'm afraid plant peppers there ... in vain, yes, done?

everything was done normally, only the earth layer is small, 15 or 20 cm is better for peppers, otherwise the roots will reach the litter and may be set on fire.

although you have a layer of grass there yet! everything will be fine)

I'm not afraid to add fresh litter to the ridges. You just need to turn on the logic. And do not be afraid.

THANKS BIG, reassured !!!

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