Carrot Winter Nectar

Carrot Winter Nectar

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Carrots "Winter Nectar" are of particular interest to vegetable growers.

An excellent mid-late variety, with high yields and relatively low agricultural requirements. Such qualities are very much appreciated by novice gardeners who still do not have enough experience and knowledge to grow whimsical varieties. The most valuable thing in carrots is always juiciness, taste and ability to be stored for a long time. These parameters are perfectly collected in the "Winter Nectar".

Benefits of the variety

It is useful for gardeners to know the main advantages of the Winter Nectar carrot:

  1. Ripening category. You don't have to look for a replacement for early sowing or sub-winter sowing if you choose Winter Nectar. Mid-late varieties perfectly tolerate any type of planting. It is equally easy to get young "bunch" roots or juicy ones for winter storage.
  2. Standard agricultural technology. For a good harvest, it will be enough to fertilize and loosen the soil before sowing seeds. The seeds do not need to be soaked. Some growers offer seeds on a belt, which is very convenient. The tape is placed in a moistened groove to a depth of 2 cm and sprinkled with earth. To get early full-fledged shoots, the beds are covered with foil, especially at night. If you purchased the seeds on a ribbon, then you will not need to thin out the seedlings in the future. In the subsequent time, you need to water the carrots in a timely manner, loosen the soil, feed with fertilizers (mineral). The amount of dressing depends on the composition of the soil. On good fertilized soil, Winter Nectar carrots do not even require additional nutrition. Sowing begins at the earliest possible date - at the end of April, with winter sowing - at the end of October. The planting depth is 2.5 cm, the row spacing is kept at a size of 20 cm.The plants are thinned first with a distance of 1.5 cm, then again, leaving 4 cm between the carrots.
  3. Excellent taste parameters. The carrots are juicy, sweet, the core is not felt. Root crops do not crack, they are suitable for making juices, culinary masterpieces, blanks and freezing.

Every gardener who has ever grown a harvest of Winter Nectar carrots was completely satisfied with the result. And, most importantly, with minimal effort during the season. This is evidenced by the reviews of the vegetable growers themselves:


Tatiana Perova, Voronezh region

I grow Winter Nectar every year. I decided not to experiment, because this variety completely satisfies me. I collect enough root crops for both summer and winter. I do not create special storage conditions, but the carrot lies almost until the new harvest.

Valentina Vasilievna, Moscow

I am an experienced gardener. I plant several types of carrots - my grandchildren are very fond of juice and pies. Winter Nectar is a very tasty carrot. Juicy and sweet, the name fits perfectly. I'm not even going to give up this variety. Helps out every year. Agricultural technology is classic, even without special skills, you can not be afraid to be left without a crop.

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