Fertilizer AVA: reviews, types, instructions for use

Fertilizer AVA: reviews, types, instructions for use

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The ABA fertilizer is a mineral complex for universal use. It is used for feeding almost all plants. Several types of drug are produced. Each of them differs in composition, release form. Before use, you must carefully read the instructions.

What is the ABA complex fertilizer for?

To get a good harvest, to grow beautiful flowers, they carry out complex care. It includes weeding, watering, mulching and other activities. All these processes are indisputably important, but they are not enough. The soil is depleted over time, as plants absorb nutrients for their development. Feeding helps to restore balance.

ABA has a homogeneous structure, which differs from conventional fertilizers

Most often, gardeners use classic mineral fertilizers. They are complex, there are also preparations consisting of one specific mineral. The disadvantage is their low efficiency. Of course, there will be a positive result, but fertilizers must be applied repeatedly. Minerals dissolve quickly, seep into groundwater, and become harmful pollutants. In high concentration, they destroy the soil microflora. As a result, doing a useful thing, classical fertilizers simultaneously negatively affect the plants, oppress them.

Important! The oversaturation of the soil with mineral fertilizers leads to a decrease in yield.

The new generation ABA fertilizer is also complex, but the developers managed to create a completely different formula by changing the polycrystalline structure to a homogeneous one. ABA granules do not dissolve in the ground immediately, but gradually. There is no need to often do repeated fertilizing that contaminates the soil. By slowly dissolving the granules, the plants receive nutrients for a long period.

AVA does not change its structure under different weather conditions. The action is stable in frost, heat, rain and drought. The ability to function at any time of the year has made the fertilizer popular for feeding winter crops.

With the slow dissolution of the granules, the roots of the plants have time to absorb all the minerals. They do not penetrate into the lower layers of the soil. ABA is not caked in the ground, it has an unlimited period of validity. The complex can be brought in once every one or two years.

Composition of AVA fertilizer

The universal preparation contains phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium and many other minerals. The exact list, as well as the percentage, depends on the purpose of each type of fertilizer for certain crops.

The table shows a list of the percentage of the most effective nutrients in the ABA fertilizer

The ABA drug has three forms of release:

  1. The powdery preparation is used for seasonal feeding of annual and perennial plants.
  2. Granules are intended for feeding perennial plants. Fertilizer is applied once every 2-3 years.
  3. The capsules have a soluble shell. They are intended for feeding indoor plants.

If you carefully study the table, you can see that there is no popular nitrogen among the components and this is not without reason. The substances constituting the preparation extract it from the air due to the activity of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms in the soil. However, a separate type of ABA with urea exists. This fertilizer is intended for feeding poor soil, as well as crops that need an increased nitrogen content.

Fertilizers ABA

In addition to the form of release, the AVA complex differs in purpose. There are separate types of fertilizers used for a specific group of crops. It is worth getting acquainted with each mineral complex separately:

  1. The most common fertilizer is AVA universal, in the form of a granular release. The complex is designed for almost all garden, garden and even indoor crops. After being introduced into the soil, the granules are valid for 2-3 years. During this period, it is not necessary to re-feed the crops. The AVA wagon is ideal for perennials and trees. Apply ½ measuring spoon of the preparation under the berries, 1-2 granules are enough for the bulbous plant. When planting a shrub, 1 scoop of fertilizer is poured into the hole, and for a tree, the dose is increased to 1.5 tablespoons.

    Important! There is an ABA all-rounder for annuals. Fertilizer is applied to the soil 15 g / 1 m2 before planting seedlings or sowing seeds.

    AVA station wagon operates in the ground for 2-3 years

  2. Elite gardener has a special composition. The drug contains a lot of phosphorus. The mineral accelerates the development of plants, increases fruiting. Elite gardener is suitable for garden crops, but more often gardeners use fertilizer. When planting a tree, 500 g is added to the hole. Repeated feeding after 3 years. 50 g is applied for shrubs. If strawberries are planted with ABA fertilizer, up to 5 g are allocated for each plant.

    Elite gardener can be applied in autumn and spring when planting crops, and again - after 3 years

  3. ABA with nitrogen content is a separate type of fertilizer. The component included in the composition stimulates plant growth. The drug is usually applied in the spring, when the depleted soil is not able to provide the plants with a quick start. Fertilizer is also in demand by crops that need an increased nitrogen content.

    Important! After adding ABA with nitrogen for preventive feeding, you can use the ABA station wagon.

    ABA with nitrogen is introduced in the spring to feed poor soils and plants that require a high mineral content

  4. The ABA autumn complex is intended for perennial plants. The validity period is long. The granules are applied every 3 years. In winter, they remain in the ground. The drug begins to act in the spring, when the soil warms up to a temperature of + 8 aboutFROM.

    Autumn fertilizer intended for perennial crops, lasts 3 years

  5. Spring fertilizer is applied in the spring when planting crops. The drug has such a name for a reason. The complex contains an increased concentration of minerals that accelerate the process of plant growth and development. After the introduction of the drug, the germination of seeds, the resistance of plants to temperature extremes are improved.

    The introduced spring complex is enough to feed the plants for the whole season

Details of the purpose of each fertilizer, composition and dosage are described in the instructions. You need to familiarize yourself with it before using the drug.

AVA fertilizers for vegetable crops and garden

The mineral complex is suitable for all garden and horticultural crops without exception. Dry fertilization does not cause root burns, since the concentration of minerals in this zone is low.

The ABA fertilizer is suitable for cucumbers, tomatoes, berries, cabbage and other garden dwellers. Usage example:

  • during planting of onions and garlic, 10 g / 1 m is added2;
  • when planting strawberry seedlings, 5 g of dry matter are mixed with soil in the hole;

    ABA improves the fruiting of strawberries, stimulates the growth of bushes

  • 10 g / 1 m are applied for potatoes in autumn2 vegetable garden, and in the spring 3 g directly into the hole;
  • when planting any seedlings, prepare a solution of 4 g of powder and 1 liter of warm water.

A feature of using the drug for seedlings is the presence of a fragile root system in plants. A high concentration of minerals is safe, but it will not bring any benefit either. Fertilizer will simply be wasted.

AVA fertilizers for ornamental plants

Ornamental crops are garden and indoor. ABA is successfully used for all types of plants. In the first year of life, garden ornamental crops are fertilized three times:

  • in the spring add dry matter 10 g / 1 m2 soil;
  • before flowering, spray or watered with a liquid solution in a consistency of 4 g / 1 l of water;
  • after flowering, repeat the dose of spring feeding - 10 g / 1 m2 soil.

Indoor ornamental plants are fertilized by root watering or spraying. The ABA fertilizer is suitable for violets and other flowers, as well as non-flowering ornamental crops. The solution is prepared in a consistency of 4 g of dry matter per 1 liter of water.

ABA promotes budding, saturation of the color of flowers, the formation of large inflorescences

The first feeding is carried out in the spring to awaken the plants, stimulate their growth. If for many years the plant has never had inflorescences, after using the ABA complex, the appearance of buds and large flowers can be expected with a high probability. In the fall, houseplants are not fed. First, the active substance continues to act in the soil. Secondly, in winter, many indoor plants go into calm mode.

The mineral complex is even used for feeding aquarium algae. Moreover, AVA is not dangerous for fish, shellfish and other inhabitants. Minerals are even useful for them to increase immunity. For feeding, a mother liquor is prepared in a consistency of 2 g / 1 l of water. The prepared liquid is injected with a syringe into the aquarium once at the rate of 0.5 cube / 100 l of water.

ABA is good for algae, fish and other aquarium dwellers

The complex is introduced into the aquarium every two months. With the beginning of the flowering of the flora, feeding is stopped, otherwise the greens will grow strongly. The downside is the need for frequent cleaning of the glass of the aquarium, since minerals contribute to the rapid development of microscopic algae in the form of green plaque.

AVA lawn fertilizers

For feeding lawn grass, fertilizer is produced in powder form. It is more convenient to scatter it over the soil surface. Powder is added once a year. Immediately after sowing the grass, the dose is 15 g / 1 m2... The next year, when re-feeding, powder is scattered over the lawn at the rate of 10 g / 1 m2.

Lawn AVA is available in powder form for easy scattering on the ground

Pros and cons of AVA mineral fertilizer

To finally get to know more about fertilizer, it is worth considering its pros and cons. The review will help to determine exactly whether it is worth giving preference to a modern drug.

ABA in most cases can be applied without prior dilution with water


  • the possibility of using a dry preparation without dissolving with water;
  • minerals remain inside the soil for a long time, they are not washed out by rain and melt water;
  • AVA retains its properties during drought, increased humidity, heat and frost;
  • fertilizer enriches the soil with useful substances;
  • after feeding the plants improve immunity, increase resistance to negative weather conditions;
  • the complex improves soil fertility, which is confirmed by the abundant appearance of earthworms;
  • with the autumn application of dry matter, the drug will begin to act in the spring after the soil warms up to a temperature of +8aboutFROM.

No shortcomings have been identified yet. Some gardeners note the high cost as a minus. However, the fertilizer consumption is small, it is applied every 2-3 years, and this is already economical.

Instructions for use of AVA fertilizer

Each type of drug has its own instructions for use. It is displayed on the package. The dosage for feeding each type of crops is also indicated here. In general terms, then the dry drug is introduced into the soil at the rate of the recommended dose per hole or 1 m2 land. The prepared solutions are poured under the root or sprayed on the aerial part of the plant.

Dry ABA preparation is introduced into the soil, and the prepared solution is used for watering or spraying

The frequency and timing of feeding are similarly indicated on the package. You cannot violate them. If, for example, ABA universal has a validity period of 2-3 years, the drug should not be added annually. The same goes for seasonality. If the composition contains many minerals to stimulate growth, this drug is applied in the spring. In the fall, plants need rest, not a quick start.

Precautions when working with AVA fertilizer

The fertilizer belongs to the 4th hazard class - a low-hazard substance. It can be transported by any means of transport, except for those where food products, pesticides and other harmful substances are transported.

Use personal protective equipment for work

For dry application of the drug from protective equipment, rubber gloves are sufficient. If you intend to fertilize by spraying, you need a protective suit, gloves, boots, respirator or mask.

In case of contact with the skin, the area is washed with clean water and soap. If the drug gets into the eyes, rinse with running water. If it enters the digestive organs, a person is given 1-1.5 liters of warm water to drink, they cause a gag reflex, and activated charcoal is given.

Terms and conditions of storage of ABA fertilizer

The drug is stored in a dry place at room temperature. Limit direct sunlight and children. Shelf life in a closed container in compliance with the recommended conditions is unlimited. The manufacturer gives 5 years warranty for powdery and granular preparation, 3 years for gelatin capsules.


The ABA fertilizer is considered a safe mineral complex. However, in each specific case of use, you need to carefully study the instructions. Violation of it can do without bad consequences, but the gardener will not get any benefit either.

Feedback on the use of AVA fertilizer

Valentina Petrovna Sych, 63 years old, Penza

ABA used pellets for strawberries. The bushes have grown noticeably. The berries have become larger, the presentation has improved. Fertilized only when transplanting to a new place. After 3 years, I will transplant the strawberries again and use the granules again. I do not use the drug between transplants, there is enough organic feeding.

Taisiya Fedorovna Levchenko, 55 years old, Vologda region

I use ABA powder to fertilize potatoes. This allows you to grow it constantly in one place, which is beneficial in a small area. In the fall, I apply it before plowing, and in the spring, during planting, I sprinkle it in the holes. The tubers grow large, the taste remains the same.

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