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Do I need to wash off the ground from the roots and spray the whole sprout with Epin before planting

Now there was a meeting with the agronomist, they brought us to the village a fashionable agronomist. Such a good uncle, told us about all the expensive tools that are sold in stores. And I was surprised by the story that all seedlings must be bathed before planting, washed off the roots and sprayed with Epin the whole sprout. What do you think of it?


Yes. A new generation, some already planted tomatoes are planted upside down. Rzhach

SUPER, then the seedlings will go over, then take root for two weeks and when to harvest the crop?

Yeah, now these specialists are being taught, or so are studying.

This year, for the first time in my life, I planted seedlings on my own, but even this seems crazy to me.

We are ancient as mammoths. Everything is the old fashioned way 🙂

We told him so, but he said that they would take root so easily (neither of which we understand), to which the woman asked to scientifically explain this, to which he said that they practice this way in the West, study! Like this

Not. We are in our own way. Let the bourgeois in his own way 🙂

By the way, I still found an article where a woman washes her roots too 🙂 if I find a link

Yeah, I haven’t heard this before, on the contrary, we water, we preserve

Why arrange seedlings with stress, and then spray Epin from stress? Idiocy. Just transfer the plant to the ground, feed it in a week, and that's why reinvent the wheel. Well, of course, anyone who likes to experiment can donate with one bush and compare the result.

Even me. With my curiosity. :-). I will not dip seedlings. Stupidity. It seems so to me. That the roots are washed is still no matter where. But in a new environment. This is what stress for the plant. Loss of time. While sick. And whether it will.

The gardeners agree with you, the plants do not feed on the ground, but on the sap which is secreted by microorganisms sitting on the roots, which break down the microelements into ions, so if this symbiosis is broken, how long it will take for recovery, our witches will starve to hunger!

Well, maybe Epin will help to cope with stress, but why do not understand what a positive moment is in this? For me it’s like a child, born, lived for some time with my mother (in my native land), then suddenly, bam, washed, put anti-stress pills in her mouth and forward, to another mother (in another land.)

The woman who wrote this lives in Ukraine, in the southern part, and seedlings are not needed there, throw seed in the ground and grow what you want, there the cherry already blooms, and the summer is half a year, and in our region there is an evergreen tomato, summer 2 months and it is necessary that the seedlings were already with buds, and to get the fruits, it is necessary that without stress.

One can agree with this “smart” uncle only if the plant is bought in a store and if it is imported. And then it would not hurt to change the country house and support the plant with epin so as not to bring the infection to itself to the site. And it’s impossible to ridicule one’s own homegrown ones like that. In the west they buy seedlings, they don’t grow it there, and this is probably where the “western” tips of an advanced agronomist came from. In a nightmare, he won’t be sunken so that he can gut his plant!

Make him 200 bushes (tomatoes, blue, peppers, flowers of different.) Wash and see what will happen to him. Yes, and even then everything is sprayed with Epin and planted.

Life lived, but did not hear this.

Complete nonsense hour by hour is not easier

Are the cherries blooming? I am in the south of the Kuban, plum blossoms, peach, apricot and almonds are almost faded. In cherries, only the buds swell!

I read comments on some post, so I don’t know two girls or women, but both from Ukraine exchanged opinions, and one wrote that the cherry blossoms, and I tend to believe people, that's why I wrote. If she cheated, then I am. Maybe someone from the Carpathian region will write how things really are with cherries.

Maybe someone will be wondering how to plant tomatoes up roots

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