Blackberry tincture (liqueur) at home: on moonshine, on alcohol, recipes

Blackberry tincture has a unique aroma and taste of natural berries. This alcoholic drink can be made at home without much difficulty. For this, it is only necessary to prepare raw materials and strictly observe the stages of the technological process. This tincture can be an excellent addition to the festive table, reminding of summer on long winter days. An additional bonus is that this alcoholic drink also has healing properties, therefore, when used in doses, it has a beneficial effect on human health.

When taken in dosage, blackberry tincture helps to strengthen the immune system.

The benefits and harms of blackberry tincture

The chemical composition of blackberries is very diverse. These berries are significantly superior in vitamin P content to raspberries. They are also rich in organic acids and a whole range of trace elements. Berries also contain vitamins C, K, A.

Homemade blackberry tincture, subject to all the rules for its preparation, retains most of the useful components of natural raw materials. Therefore, since ancient times, it has been used for medicinal purposes.

Useful properties of this alcoholic drink:

  • lowers blood pressure;
  • prevents the formation of malignant tumors;
  • cleans blood vessels, increases their elasticity;
  • slows down the aging process;
  • improves blood formation;
  • normalizes metabolism in the body;
  • favorably affects the work of the genitourinary system.

Blackberry alcohol tincture has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, this drink is recommended for colds, pneumonia.

Important! The permissible daily dosage of blackberry tincture or liqueur for medicinal purposes is 50 ml.

But this alcoholic drink is not able to completely solve health problems. It should only be taken as a preventive measure.

Such a tincture can be harmful if the permissible dosage is exceeded. Also, you can not drink it for people suffering from diabetes mellitus and with the third stage of arterial hypertension.

Blackberry is considered a herbal medicine, it is used to treat and prevent many diseases.

Features of the preparation of blackberry tincture

Liqueurs and tinctures became widespread in Russia in the 18-19th centuries. But it is the blackberry alcoholic drink that has gained popularity only now. This is due to the fact that in nature this shrub prefers to grow in humid places, creating thorny thickets. This made picking berries much more difficult. But with the advent of hybrid forms of blackberries, it became possible to grow them on your site. Therefore, now during the season you can buy a sufficient amount of these ripe fragrant berries in stores or markets.

For the preparation of the tincture, you should use fresh, dried or frozen fruits, as well as the leaves of the plant. The principle of preparation consists in the infusion of natural raw materials in an alcoholic solution or in vodka. As a result, all biologically active substances of blackberries are dissolved in alcohol. Therefore, the output is a pleasant fortified drink with a unique aroma and taste.

Important! Withstand the blackberry tincture should be no more than 1-2 weeks, otherwise the drink will be tart and cloudy.

The difference between the liqueur is that only fresh or frozen natural raw materials are used for its preparation. It is poured with alcohol and insisted in a warm place for two months. After that, the drink must be filtered, diluted with water to reduce the strength and slightly sweetened. At the final stage, vodka or moonshine infused with blackberries must be brought to a boil and poured into sterilized bottles.

Blackberry tincture is contraindicated under 18 years old, pregnant and lactating women

Selection of berries

To make a blackberry tincture, you need to prepare the ripe berries and leaves of the plant. Fruits should have a uniform dark color. The use of crumpled fruits is allowed, but not rotten.

The raw materials must be carefully sorted out and all leaves, sticks and other plant debris must be removed. But washing the blackberries is not recommended, as this will lead to excessive wateriness and negatively affect the quality of the final product.

How to make a blackberry tincture

There are many recipes for making blackberry tincture or liqueur on moonshine, vodka and cognac at home. Therefore, if you wish, you can make an alcoholic drink according to the classic version or with the addition of additional ingredients, which will allow you to get a drink with a more refined taste and aroma at the end.

Classic blackberry liqueur with moonshine or alcohol

According to this recipe, preparing the tincture will not be difficult at home. For a drink, you can use not only fresh, but also frozen berries. Therefore, if you wish, you can prepare a blackberry tincture at any time of the year.

Required Ingredients:

  • 1 liter of purified moonshine or 55% alcohol;
  • 200 g sugar;
  • 500 ml of drinking water;
  • 1 kg of blackberries.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Put the whole berries in a glass container.
  2. Cover with sugar and add alcohol.
  3. Insist for four days in a dark place at room temperature, shaking the container occasionally.
  4. After the time has passed, strain the drink through cheesecloth.
  5. Pour the remaining pulp with water and leave for 2-3 hours.
  6. Then strain several times to cleanse of impurities.
  7. Mix alcohol and water infusions.
  8. Pour into bottles, cork.

In the absence of moonshine, you can use vodka in the same volume. This will not affect the quality of the final product in any way.

Correctly prepared tincture has a uniform dark cherry color.

Tincture of blackberry leaves and young stems

This recipe is ideal for medicinal purposes. In its healing properties, it resembles rosehip tincture. Indeed, the leaves and young shoots of blackberries contain a large amount of vitamin C, tannins and antioxidants.

For blackberry tincture you will need:

  • 100 g of leaves and young shoots;
  • 250 g of honey;
  • 350 ml of diluted alcohol;
  • 80 ml of drinking water;
  • ½ cinnamon sticks;
  • 2 pcs. carnations.

Cooking procedure:

  1. Wash and lightly dry the leaves, apical young shoots.
  2. Place them in a glass container.
  3. Add spices, honey, shake slightly, cork and leave for two to three days.
  4. When the first signs of the fermentation process appear, it is necessary to fill the raw material with alcohol and add water.
  5. Re-seal the bottle and place in a cool place for a month to infuse.
  6. After the expiration of the period, clean the drink from impurities.
  7. Refill the bottle and leave for one month in a cool, dark place.
  8. Then drain the top of the tincture through a tube without sediment.
  9. Bottle and cork.

Important! If the tincture turns out to be cloudy, then its infusion should be prolonged until the drink is completely clear.

For fortified drink, you can also use dried leaves and shrub shoots.

Blackberry liqueur on cognac

According to this recipe, you need to insist not moonshine on blackberries, but brandy. This will add a special softness and sweetness to the drink.

Would need:

  • 1 kg of berries;
  • 0.5 kg of sugar;
  • 350 ml of brandy;
  • 100 g of honey;
  • 0.5 l of alcohol.


  1. Fold the berries in a glass container, sprinkle them with sugar.
  2. Soak for several days in a warm place so that the blackberries let out the juice.
  3. Add honey, brandy, alcohol, shake.
  4. Leave in a bright, warm place.
  5. After a month, strain through several layers of gauze.
  6. Send to infuse in the dark for two weeks.
  7. Then drain the top of the tincture without sediment and bottle.

When using dried berries for a drink, their amount should be halved.

A simple recipe for spiced blackberry liqueur

You can enrich the taste and aroma of the liqueur with the help of various spices. But in this case, the main thing is not to overdo it. Using this recipe for making blackberry liqueur, you can get a drink that resembles brandy.

Would need:

  • 450 g fresh or frozen blackberries;
  • 0.5 l of brandy;
  • 240 g sugar;
  • 240 ml of drinking water;
  • 3-4 pcs. carnations;
  • 6 peas of allspice;
  • 2 cinnamon sticks;
  • 1 tsp nutmeg.

Cooking process:

  1. Prepare sugar syrup separately, cool it.
  2. Mash the blackberries until smooth.
  3. Transfer the resulting mass to a glass container.
  4. Add the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Insist 30 days in a cool dark place.
  6. After the time has elapsed, the drink is cleaned and bottled.

The sweetness of the liqueur can be adjusted based on the taste of the liqueur

Important! To saturate the taste and aroma of the fortified drink, it must be kept for at least six months.

Moonshine on frozen blackberries

You can make not only liqueur or tincture from blackberries, but also moonshine. Such a fortified drink is obtained with a pleasant aroma and aftertaste.

Cooking procedure.

  1. Mash the blackberries until smooth.
  2. Add sugar in a ratio of 1 to 5, mix.
  3. Transfer the mixture to a large enamel bowl.
  4. Add yeast at the rate of 12 g per kilogram.
  5. Place the pan in a warm room with a temperature of + 25-28 degrees.
  6. Leave for 7-10 days until the fermentation process is over.
  7. Pass the resulting mash together with the pulp through the steam generator.
  8. Filter and distill through a moonshine still.

Important! The lower the temperature of the mash content, the longer the fermentation process takes.

The strength of blackberry moonshine is 35-40 degrees

Blackberry liqueur with mint and lemon zest

The addition of mint and lemon zest results in a refreshing, pleasant liqueur. This drink can be drunk in moderation to strengthen the immune system.

Would need:

  • 0.5 kg of berries;
  • 120 g sugar;
  • 1 liter of vodka;
  • 5 mint leaves;
  • 10 g lemon zest.


  1. Mash the blackberries, transfer them to a glass bottle.
  2. Add sugar, chopped mint and grated zest.
  3. Shake the container well to mix the ingredients.
  4. Pour everything with vodka, cork.
  5. Insist for two months in a cool dark room, shaking occasionally.
  6. At the end of the period, strain and bottle.

Blackberry tincture can be used to soak biscuits

Blackberry alcohol fruit drink

This is a recipe for a concentrated fortified billet that can be used in a variety of tinctures and cocktails.

Would need:

  • 1 liter of 70% alcohol;
  • 0.7 l of 55% alcohol;
  • 2 kg of blackberries.

Cooking process:

  1. Pour whole berries into a bottle and pour 70% alcohol, leave for 8-10 days.
  2. Then strain without squeezing the pulp.
  3. Re-pour the remaining pulp with 55% alcohol, leave for 7 days, strain.
  4. Mix both alcohol solutions, bottle.

You cannot drink alcoholic fruit drink in its pure form

Storage features

Store blackberry tincture in glass, tightly sealed bottles. They must be kept in a dark, cool room. Optimal conditions: temperature: + 10-20 degrees, humidity about 85%. The shelf life of the drink is 36 months.

Important! During storage, direct sunlight should be excluded from the tincture or pouring.


Blackberry tincture is a pleasant fortified drink that can compete with store products. Everyone can cook it at home. For this, it is only necessary to prepare raw materials and strictly observe all stages of the technological process.

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