Blue chrysanthemums: how to paint yourself

Blue chrysanthemums: how to paint yourself

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The appearance, durability and aroma of spray and single-headed chrysanthemums delight lovers of this flower, and the variety of colors is amazing. There are garden white, cream, yellow, light yellow, pink, burgundy, light brown shades. But blue chrysanthemums, unfortunately, do not occur in nature. For lovers of a bright saturated palette, it is not difficult to achieve blue and blueness for a flower using a special staining method.

A tabletop arrangement of fresh blue chrysanthemums, decorated with a decorative butterfly and inserted into a floral pillow, will delight both at home and in the office for a long time.

Are there blue chrysanthemums

Flower shop windows offer customers bush chrysanthemums of unusual shades: bright crimson, emerald, turquoise, blue and blue. All of these colors are created artificially. To do this, choose white and cream flowers and, with the help of a dye and simple actions with the plant, achieve the desired tone.

Modern scientists have long been working on the creation of a blue hue of chrysanthemum. But by 2020, only a single-headed double flower of a bright green tone was artificially bred. Blue shades of various depths are achieved in domestic or industrial conditions by dyeing light flowers. For this, food coloring and floristic sprayers are used.

The plant assimilates the dye best in the form of a solution, especially if it is freshly cut. It turns out a natural interesting color scheme. Spray painting helps to achieve intensity and brightness. Some florists achieve color depth in two ways.

Blue bush chrysanthemums are more popular than single-headed ones, and look good in bouquets with other flowers: roses, lilies, alstroemeria, they are used to create floristic compositions in different styles.

The combination of several bush varieties of chrysanthemum (holly and common) will delight both men and women

The combination of several bush varieties of chrysanthemum (holly and common) will delight both men and women.There is also a way when florists water chrysanthemum that grows in the ground with a liquid coloring agent for a long time. The flower may acquire a bluish tint, but it will not be possible to achieve a deep blue color.

How are blue chrysanthemums made

The two main methods of coloring flowers are budgetary and expensive. The first is the preparation and use of a coloring solution based on food coloring, and the second is the use of a can of floristic paint. The solution can be used multiple times for many colors, which is beneficial. A spray can of paint is enough for a certain number of colors (small), its cost is high.

Food coloring is an absolutely natural, safe product created in an industrial environment. Food coloring can be dry powder, liquid substance, gel, fat-soluble formulation, paste, sprayed airbrush, mother-of-pearl candurin, luminous paints.

The dry powder dissolves easily in water, the intensity can be adjusted by yourself. The liquid substance in the right amount is added to the water, this will be a suitable coloring composition. Whichever remedy is chosen, the effect will be amazing.

To make blue chrysanthemums, you need to prepare a container with a dye solution. To do this, take a vase of water at room temperature, to which you need to add dye. Dissolve the substance with a stick or tall spoon to achieve uniformity (diffusion). The finished solution should be left to infuse for 15-30 minutes.

A rich blue shade of bush chrysanthemum will be obtained with the help of a diluted concentrated dry powder of white chamomile flowers for 24 hours

Then the stem should be slightly cut along the length (up to 2 cm) in fresh flowers with an oblique cut and immersed in a vase for 24 hours. The chemical action of the agent will be noticeable after a day. Flowers can be left for 36 hours, but not more than this period. After that, it is recommended to cut the stem again with an oblique cut by 1 cm and put the chrysanthemum in a vase with clean water.

For spray painting, the flower is stably placed in a container. The stem and leaves are wrapped in a protective film or cellophane. From the distance indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer (30-40 cm), it is necessary to perform staining manipulations by pressing the spray head. After this method, the protective film is removed after 1 hour, until the paint begins to dry.

Useful Tips

There is no such thing as growing blue chrysanthemums in nature. There are only white, beige, pink and pale purple shades of a bush type. Therefore, they resort to artificial creation of blue. You can paint the flowers for yourself in the desired color with a natural dye. In addition to food and floral paints, concentrated freshly prepared juice of blueberries, blueberries, and red cabbage is also used at home.

The cut flower, which is in a vase of paint, acquires color gradually, thanks to internal biological processes and sap flow. Decorative coloring is considered a safe method not only for the plant, but also for flower growers, florists and ordinary amateurs who purchase bouquets from flower shops. But in order not to stain your hands, it is advisable to wear protective work gloves, which can be purchased in the departments of shops for the garden and vegetable garden.

The blue tint of chrysanthemum does not fade even after a week if liquid dye and water at room temperature were used in the work.

Using a paint spray can, it is advisable to carry out work in a room with air access, avoiding paint on the face and skin. A specific smell can last for some time, so it is advisable to ventilate the room where the flowers were painted.

It is white bush chrysanthemums that are best painted in blue. The main point here is the use of a fresh flower. He has a more intense sap flow, so a rich shade is obtained. If the flowers are colored in 10 hours, do not keep them in the jar with the dye longer. For 1 liter of clean water, you will need 2 tbsp. l. dry mix. Glowing paints and liquid are more concentrated, so only 1 tbsp is needed for the same volume. mixtures. They also have instructions for use.

Before dipping the flower into the solution and pruning, you need to be careful not to squeeze the stem so that the plant gets enough air. Trimming is carried out at an angle of 45 °.

Photo of blue chrysanthemums

Blue flowers in photographs look very impressive from different angles and lighting. They can be found in the pictures of amateurs and professionals. Good blue chrysanthemums in the photo in flower arrangements, as gifts for men, in wedding bouquets and thematic compositions.

Garden chrysanthemum turns out to be not only uniformly colored, but also with a white center, you can independently control the color and saturation of the tone

A large number of various compositions with a blue flower are presented by florists in flower shops and on websites. You can see the whole gamut from turquoise, blue to rich tones.

A bouquet with blue single-headed chrysanthemums in combination with orange alstroemeria, chamomile white spray chrysanthemum, asparagus, snow gypsophila looks gorgeous

Home color staining can have a very original result.

Garden light blue single-headed chrysanthemum, grown by florists from Holland in natural conditions, is represented only in single copies

The combination of white bud-shaped roses and alstroemeria with blue chrysanthemum will be a wonderful decoration for the bride's bouquet and the groom's boutonniere


Blue chrysanthemums are easy to get with coloring products. If desired, you can achieve a pearlescent and luminous effect. It is important to work with food coloring with gloves; the procedure should not last more than 35 hours. Chrysanthemum spray paint should be used in a ventilated area.

Since flowers are painted only with natural substances, they are considered environmentally friendly and do not cause allergies. Dyed blue chrysanthemums are sold in florist shops. The heavenly shade of flowers will delight both women and men.

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