Apple-tree "President" columnar: characteristic and features of cultivation

The columnar apple tree is a unique plant, which is characterized by growth in one trunk without the formation of a lush crown. Such a tree can become a real decoration of the orchard. Plants are compact and convenient for location on any, even small in size personal plots. The cultivation of this type of apple tree involves the implementation of planting and care in accordance with the requirements of agricultural technology.

General information

The columnar apple tree has a small crown and is of particular interest to amateur gardeners. A distinctive feature of such an apple tree is the presence of a single and main trunk, which is abundantly overgrown with shortened fruit formations in the form of rings and spears. In autumn, these sections of a columnar apple tree are strewn with a large number of ripe and juicy fruits.

This type of fruit tree has virtually no branches, which means that it almost does not need pruning. Column-shaped apple trees, among other things, are characterized by early maturity, and the phase of productive use of the tree can last for fifteen years or more.

The advantages of plants of this type include:

  • pronounced decorative;
  • compact trunk and crown;
  • accelerated fruiting;
  • minimum pruning requirements.

Colon-shaped apple trees are not without drawbacks, including:

  • the need for thorough and regular care;
  • relatively small yields that do not exceed five kilograms per tree;
  • quite tangible material costs for the acquisition of planting material;
  • rather weak indicators of winter hardiness inherent in most varieties.

Grade description

The columnar apple tree "President" is one of the improved and promising varieties of domestic selection, which was bred forty years ago at the All-Russian Selection Technological Institute for Gardening and Nursery. The creator of the variety "President" was the famous breeder and geneticist V.V. Kichina.

The columnar apple tree of the President variety was zoned in 2002. Today, fruit trees of this variety are quite widespread in summer garden plots. However, most often apple trees "President" planted in the Moscow region.

Colon-shaped apple trees of this variety belong to the category of semi-dwarf trees. The tallest specimens are a little over two meters in height. Crohn's fruit tree is characterized by strong leafy, compact and about twenty centimeters wide. In the phase of mass fruiting, the size of annual growths can vary from five to ten centimeters.

Fruit formations are gloves and spear, which are located in large numbers on the stem of the columnar apple tree. The wood of plants is quite solid and strong, thanks to they do not break from the weight of numerous fruits.

The average life span of a glove does not exceed fifteen years. The root system of young seedlings is characterized by a stable density, which ensures optimal plant survival, if necessary, to perform a planned or unplanned tree transplant.

Column-shaped apple tree of the "President" variety is resistant to pests and a significant number of diseases. The variety is winter hardy. Fruits reach a weight of two hundred and fifty grams. Apples of this variety are quite large in size, turnip-shaped, light yellow in color. The pulp of fruits is white, very fragrant. The taste of ripe fruit is pronounced, sweet and sour.

Column-shaped apple trees: planting and care

Landing rules

With the aim of planting a columnar apple tree of the "President" variety on the garden plot, it is best to use annual seedlings. Such fruit plants, subject to all the rules and cultivation technology, can very easily tolerate planting, unlike older fruit seedlings, which often get sick after this procedure.

When transporting fruit tree seedlings and at the planting stage, the root system must not be allowed to dry or the soil will dry out in the planting pit. After disembarkation, abundant watering is necessary.

Colon-shaped apple trees should be planted densely. For the variety "President", the distance between the seedlings can be sixty centimeters in each row and a meter in the rows.

You may also be interested in an article in which we talk about other varieties of columnar apple trees.

Care Features

Throughout the growing season, planted plants need three high-quality nutrition. It is advisable to use urea as a fertilizer. To feed the colonized apple-tree of the "President" variety, it is enough to dilute no more than fifty grams of urea in ten liters of water. About two liters of the finished solution should be spent on each plant.

The first top dressing is done immediately after the leaves of the plant bloom. The most suitable period for the second top dressing is a period of half a month after the first fertilizer application. The third feeding is carried out two weeks after the second.

The soil between rows of garden plantings needs regular watering. Mulching is allowed.

Pruning the President

Ripening occurs in September. Save the crop for more than one month will not work. Fruits are not suitable for long-term storage, but are widely used fresh and for preservation.

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