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Japanese grape varieties: the latest and promising hybrids

Japanese grape varieties: the latest and promising hybrids

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Information about grape varieties from Japanese breeding is very insufficient, and grape growers have to literally collect such data bit by bit. Meanwhile, Japanese grape varieties are quite in demand and popular not only among lovers, but also professional winegrowers.

Selection Features

Isabel grape varieties are extremely popular in Japan. Despite the fact that the berry of isabel varieties is not only small in size, but also very mediocre in taste, Japanese breeders managed to get high-quality table isabel varieties. They compare favorably with large berries with a pleasant delicate taste and a complete absence of mucous.

Popular Japanese grape varieties

The main emphasis in the process of breeding was placed on unpretentiousness, increased immunity to disease damage and high winter hardiness, which made it possible to obtain high-yield isable hybrids of the vine.

No. p / pGrade nameDescriptionWinter hardinessDisease and pest resistance


"Manicure finger"

Manicure Finger refers to table grapes. Obtained by crossing Unicorn No.2 and Baladi. Vigorous, with bisexual flowering, cylindrical in shape clusters weighing up to 1.5 kg. The berries are very large, elongated and slightly curved, with a dense, but fleshy, harmonious taste of flesh.Frost resistance is low, sheltering vines for winter is required.Resistant to damage by fungal diseases below average.
2ゴ ル ビ ー "Gorbi"Medium ripening. The weight of the bunch is 620 g. The berries are about 20 g, red in color with a crispy type of pulp. Taste - pronounced, harmonious. Bushes are vigorous.Frost resistance - 23 ° C below zero.A test is in progress.


Gold Finger

Early ripening. Vigorous plant, bisexual flowers. Bunches of conical shape, large, weighing up to 1.2 kg. Transported variety. The berries are oval in shape, up to 18 g, burgundy-chocolate color, harmonious pronounced taste, with dense and crisp flesh. High yielding.Resistance to frost is increased.High resistance to mildew, oidium, gray rot.


"Star of the East"

Orientalstar is a medium-ripening table grape, a very tall plant. The bunch is large - up to 720 g. The berries are large, oblong in shape, weighing 14 g, purple-red color.Winter hardiness - -21 ° C.Test in progress


Tien Shan

The latest grape variety with super-large yellowish-green berries weighing 45 g. Early-medium ripening and strong growth.Characteristics are being studied.Wasps are not damaged. Characteristics are being studied.


Shane Muscat

Shine Muscat - table form, early to mid-term ripening. Berries of yellow staining, large, up to 15 g. Promising variety.A test is in progress.High resistance to diseases.


"Solar slices"

Sunny dolce - table grapes of early-medium ripening. Large clusters, berries of bright red color, oblong shape, weighing 12 g.Winter hardiness - -20 ° C.Favorably responds to treatments with gibberellin.



High Bailey - table grapes with large berries weighing 18 g of purple color. Sugar content is more than 19. Taste with a light nutmeg shade. Transportability and keeping quality are excellent.A test is in progress.A test is in progress.

ブ ラ ッ ク ビ ー ト Black Strike

Table grapes are very early ripening. Berries are oval, large, weighing 18 g, black-violet color. The pulp is fleshy and juicy. Acidity is reduced. The finish is tropical fruit. The clusters are large, weighing 600 g, the growth force is significant.Winter hardiness - -20 ° C.Characteristics are being studied.

Rules for planting Japanese grapes

Growing grapes from Japanese selection is not difficult for experienced winegrowers. Planting vines is carried out in accordance with the following technology:

  • grapes should be planted in the spring, after drying and warming up the soil on the site. For the northern region, the optimal date is presented in May; earlier planting of seedlings is allowed in the southern regions;
  • One or two-year-old grape seedlings with a well-developed and absolutely healthy root system, as well as with a ripened shoot, are planted;
  • Before planting, the main roots must be shortened to 15 cm in length. All diseased or frozen roots during the winter period should be cut out completely. After trimming, the root system should be lowered into the talker;
  • pruning is also subject to escape. Only four quality and well-matured buds should be left on the bottom of the shoot;
  • the planting pit should be at least 80-100 cm wide. The depth of the planting pit is calculated depending on the thickness and size of the root system of the grape seedling;
  • the bottom of the pit should be provided with a high-quality drainage layer from a mixture of gravel with sand. Then the drainage is filled with fertile soil, in the middle of which a small mound for seedling should be made.

The established seedling should be covered with soil and water abundantly. For proper growth, the vine must be fixed on a support pole.

How to care for Japanese selection grapes

The rules of care and the main events held with grapes from the Japanese selection can be considered standard:

  • abundant irrigation during dry seasons with insufficient rainfall;
  • pruning, which, depending on the strength of the growth of the bush, can be both long and short;
  • the introduction of organic matter, as well as mineral and complex fertilizers in accordance with the recommended feeding scheme;
  • conducting preventive spraying in order to protect the vineyard from damage by the most common diseases;
  • mulching the soil and sheltering the vine with insufficient indicators of frost resistance in the winter.

On grafted grape bushes, it is required to remove the roots that are formed on the scion at the junction with the stock.

On the yield and quality characteristics of grapes, a significant influence is exerted by pinching fruit-bearing shoots. Such work consists in the timely removal at the initial stage of flowering of the upper cervical part of the shoots in the area of ​​the fourth or fifth leaf of the last brush.

Reviews of winegrowers

Most gardeners are just beginning to cultivate grape varieties exotic from Japan for our latitudes. The variety is popular with winegrowers. Sunny Dolce which bribes gardeners with dense jelly, marmalade pulp, as well as excellent taste indicators with a harmonious aftertaste of exotic fruits and the aroma of green apples.

According to gardeners, the result of processing PPP is a high percentage of large pitted berries.

Grape growers have a special love for the variety. "Finger Manicure", received from the parent pair “Baladi” and “Unicorn”. Grapes were selected at the Institute of Grapes of Japan more than twenty years ago, but only in recent years, winegrowers have become actively interested in this variety. The fruiting coefficient of the variety varies from 1.30 to 1.50. In addition, gardeners note the complex resistance of the variety to major diseases.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to carry out a couple of preventive sprayings against anthracnosis and white rot. During the cultivation in the southern regions of our country, viticulture winners receive the starting crop in the second year after planting seedlings. In addition to external attractiveness, the variety is characterized by high economic efficiency.

Grape variety selection (video)

An important advantage of most grape varieties from Japanese selection is the largest size and juiciness of berries. The Japanese learned not only to work with growth regulators as efficiently as possible and made this process standard for their agricultural technology, but also managed to select a significant number of truly non-standard and attractive hybrids that have excellent consumer qualities and high economic efficiency, which is causing an increasing interest of Russian gardeners.

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