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How to beat the reeds

How to beat the reeds

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On the field that I got this year under the potato there is a reed wedge. A field of 40 hectares and a wedge in it the size of three hectares. My predecessor was soy. Removed, once zapislil harrow 4na4, everything is fine. But the reed wedge began to turn green. Already see 7-10 reeds climbs.
How to hit him well so that next year it will be smaller? Who was fighting the reeds with what?


Bulrush is an indicator of the level of boggy areas, you will fight with bulrushes, there will be a hole in the budget. Fight swampy soil, dig a ditch at the edge of the site, move the land, and plan so that the slope is towards the ditch. Plus, planting trees draining the soil, it would not be bad to fill the site with sandy soil to elevate it.

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