How to entertain a child in the country in the winter: some interesting ideas

How to entertain a child in the country in the winter: some interesting ideas

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In the country, in the winter, it just can't be boring. There are many ways to make outdoor recreation in the winter exciting and memorable. To do this, just connect the imagination and put your hands.

We equip the theater

Cottage - perhaps the best place to equip the theater. Almost every home has a veranda, and it can be equipped with a stage. As a prop, old furniture, clothes, obsolete items will do. From unnecessary things, you can build quite attractive scenery. And to make children more interesting, you can call for the premieres of productions of acquaintances and neighbors.

Making a Dream Catcher with your own hands

The Dream Catcher is not just a beautiful decoration. According to legend, this product is able to protect the sleeping person from evil spirits. Each child will be interested in making it with their own hands, and the design is very simple in execution. All that is needed to make the Dream Catcher is a ring of a sufficiently large diameter, threads and feathers.

Snow applique and paint on snow

It is possible to entertain children in the winter on the street by making applications in the snow from improvised materials. As elements of the application can be:

  • sticks, branches;
  • rowan fruits;
  • bumps, etc.

An equally interesting lesson is drawing on snow with the help of water bottles, in which watercolor paints were mixed in advance. Preparing a tool for creativity is quite simple: you just have to fill the bottles with coloring liquid and make holes in the cork for straws. After that, you can start drawing. As an object of the image, you can offer something bright and colorful: a rainbow, a summer meadow, the sun. Older children can draw complex ornaments and patterns.

Downhill skiing

Everyone’s favorite fun is roller-skiing. There is no better place for such fun than a summer house. You can make a slide of snow with your own hands or purchase a plastic one, the main thing is to position it correctly. Skating should be comfortable and safe.

Preparation of greeting cards and gifts.

In winter, in the country, you can entertain children with the production of greeting cards and gifts. Any materials can be used, the main thing is that the products are made with the soul. Postcards can be prepared not only for the New Year, but also on March 8, Defender of the Fatherland Day and Easter, fortunately, there is time for this in the cold.

Snowball game

In winter, in the country, you can start a family game of snowballs. It is important to make sure that the snow is being molded and to explain the safety rules to the children. If you call your neighbors to fight family for family, the game will be even more fun.

Game with ice for kids

The smallest will be interesting to play with the ice. A basin is taken and filled with water, ice floes there. The child watches as they become smaller and disappear. The presented game is not only fascinating for the smallest, but also very informative.

Decoration of a Christmas tree and house territory

Children are great helpers when there is a need to decorate something. Before the holidays, it is worth attracting a child to decorate the Christmas tree. With no less interest, he will be engaged in decorating trees, houses, windows and arbors.

Build a house out of the box

All children are interested in making their own house. As a basis for it, you can use large cardboard boxes. Windows and doors are simply cut with scissors. The roof is made of cardboard. Design can be anything, it all depends on the taste preferences of the children. To use an improvised building in the cold season is possible indoors, and in the summer - on the house adjoining territory.

How to entertain a child in winter

In addition to these leisure options, drawing a cartoon on a notepad, modeling snowmen and angels from snow, making bird feeders, building a house out of chairs and pillows will be good activities during a winter holiday in the country.

In winter, you can find many useful and interesting activities for children. The main thing is to get creative and take an active part in the process, then the child will be interested.

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