What does the tulip symbolize and where is its homeland

What does the tulip symbolize and where is its homeland

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Many people are wondering: which country is the birthplace of tulips and where are the best varieties grown? The answer to this question is not as clear as it might seem at first glance ...

The country of tulips, where the flower originally appeared, is, contrary to general opinion, Persia, not Holland. The flower appeared in Asia and since ancient times has been pleasing the gaze of nomads with its beauty.

Persia introduced a wild flower into the culture and gave it a name Toliban, what does turban mean. Indeed, the flowers resemble small turbans - the main headdress of the peoples of the East.

Where are the best varieties grown

The best flowers are grown today in their historical homeland - in Persia. In many cities of Tajikistan, Tulip Day is celebrated annually - Sayri Popa.

Another country of tulips is Turkey, where the flowers came from Persia. Here the plants are called “Lale” and are actively selected. By the sixteenth century in Turkey, where tulips grow, 300 varieties of these plants were known.

Whose symbol is a tulip

What country symbol are these bright flowers? Despite the fact that tulips are grown everywhere, they are a symbol of Holland and Turkey.

Tulip as a symbol of Turkey

Almost every city in Turkey cultivates a plant. The tulip is called the symbol of the Ottoman Empire, it was the main decoration of the coat of arms of Constantinople.

Residents of modern Turkey express their admiration for these flowers, depicting them on:

  • dishes;
  • houses;
  • jewelry, etc.

Every year in April you can see a whole family of flowers at a grand holiday - the Tulip Festival.

The tulip symbolizes friendliness, good mood and happiness, therefore it is customary for happy people to give it. The homeland of tulips Turkey seeks to make the image of flowers visible everywhere. Thus, the Turks remind the world from where the bright, goblet-shaped flower actually came from.

Tulip as a symbol of Holland

The tulip family has long taken root in Holland, back in the first half of the 17th century. Since the XVIII century, the Netherlands has gained a reputation as a country of tulips and begins to export these flowers to Turkey. That is why the tulip in our time is associated with the Netherlands.

Today in the Netherlands these beautiful flowers are actively grown and selected. The selection level is at a very high level.

The Dutch believe the legend according to which beauty and happiness were enclosed in a tulip bud, but they were inaccessible to people, since the flower did not bloom. But after the child touched him, the flower opened the bud, and a tulip began to call him.

Today, tulips also mean success, love, protection for the Dutch and are one of the most striking symbols of the country.

We also offer you to learn about the features of tulip planting in October.

Tulips in Holland

Tulip is one of the most striking and attractive colors. Many countries are engaged in its breeding, and the beginning of this was laid in Persia. Legends are associated with the tulip, household items and decor are decorated with its image. Breeders in Turkey, Holland and other countries are introducing new varieties of plants whose beauty is admired by the whole world.

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