Why there are no berries on strawberries

Why there are no berries on strawberries

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Victoria asked us this question: "Why does strawberry blossom, and the berries are not tied?"

Many gardeners ask themselves why berries are not tied on strawberries. There are several reasons. It turns out there can be no berries if this is a male plant! Accordingly, a crop can only be obtained from a plant of a female species.

Other reasons

  • No berries on strawberries weed varieties. For example, varieties "Zhmurka". Type of garden strawberry "Dubnyak" does not even bloom. Among the “unsuccessful” varieties, it is worth highlighting “Pendant”, the color of the berries is dark red, the shape is elongated, “Bakhmutka” (the color of the berries is pinkish, the crop is small). If there is such a strawberry on the plot, it is better to get rid of it.

There can be no berries on strawberries! Strawberries are called the male part of plants, the female species is garden strawberry, it actively gives a crop.

  • Strawberries were attacked weevil. A pest destroys flower buds. If you are wondering why there are no fruits, look at the leaves. Are there any holes? Their presence is the work of weevils. There are no berries because the beetle has eaten the buds of the plant and laid eggs. He can bite the stalk, as a result, the bud just dies. In order for the strawberries to bear fruit, the plant should be sprayed with special preparations until the buds appear. Weevil comes when the ambient temperature fluctuates within 9 degrees.
  • Why are there no fruits? If the middle part of the flower is black, he died from low temperatures (we already told how to protect strawberries from return frosts in one of our previous publications).

What are the reasons for the lack of harvest

  • If there are no berries, it may start up on the site stem nematode. Leaves are deformed, petioles are shortened. After the berries do not remain on the strawberries, or they lose their taste. In this case, the bushes should be burned. Mustache from the affected plant cannot be used for planting. The soil must be replaced; it is impossible to plant garden strawberries in an infected place for 4 years. It is recommended to place marigolds in the aisles. They scare away a significant part of parasites and diseases.
  • No fruit if the leaves of the plant turned red. In summer, the presented problem is often observed. The reason is the high acidity of the soil. That's why the berries are out! The problem can be solved as follows: aisles sprinkled with ash - 1 meter per meter.

  • If the plant blooms, but there are white spots on the leaves, it is sick. This is leaf spotting. Process the garden with Bordeaux liquid - 2 teaspoons of the product is taken per liter of water. A good effect gives a pink solution of potassium permanganate.
  • The cause of the problems can be gray rot. A fungal disease often appears in wet weather. Fungal spores are in the ground. If the berries come into contact with the soil, they quickly become infected. To prevent the appearance of gray rot, do not allow the fruit of the plant to come into contact with the soil. You can plant a culture on a special black film - spanbond. Under peduncles, it is customary to lay boards. It is recommended to lift the flowers with the help of supports. An excellent effect is given by watering the soil with a weak solution of potassium permanganate every week while fruiting is in progress. Rotten berries are eliminated and thrown away from plantings.

How to care for strawberries

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