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How to grow rough melotria

How to grow rough melotria

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A neighbor gave me a small piece of raw melotria, in appearance it looks like a tiny watermelon, three centimeters long. He got to her through “tenths of hands” and doesn’t know how to grow, he says well that he remembered at least the name. I didn’t eat the fruit, I collect the seeds, I want to grow such a curiosity at home. Who can grow, tell me how?


It is not a whimsical plant, despite the fact that it is African, it can be planted in the ground, but it is better through seedlings. Seedlings should be made like a cucumber. After transplanting, it is very carefully necessary to loosen, so as not to damage the roots. It blooms and bears fruit in June until late spring, seedlings should be grown as cucumber. When planting in the ground, it is recommended to cover with a film in case of sudden frost.

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