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Seeds of watermelon

Seeds of watermelon

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Seeds, which varieties of watermelon can be grown in the Bryansk region? My good friend grows a good crop of watermelons in the neighboring Mogilev region of Belarus. Germinates seeds and plants in open ground in mid-May. And already at the end of August he has ripe watermelons. Tell me, what zoned seeds for my region are produced here, in Russia.


Watermelon is a very thermophilic culture. Proper watering is very important for him, excess or lack of moisture can significantly affect the crop. In general, watermelon is a very moody culture. It is better for your climate to sow early-ripening varieties, taking into account its resistance to drought and cold, exacting fertilizers and the degree to which it is susceptible to diseases typical of the area. One of the earliest and best in all respects is the variety Crimson Sweet (raspberry sweet). Such varieties as Siberian rose, Sibiryak also proved to be excellent

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