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How to deal with late blight on tomatoes

On my back of the leaves, the tomatoes first have dark spots. Then all the leaves begin to turn brown, dry, fall off, black patches appear on the stems of the plants, and the fruits themselves turn black. Where does this misfortune come from? What am I doing wrong? How to prevent phytophthora on your favorite beds? What are the methods and means of prevention? And if the disease has already shown itself, then how to deal with it?


In general, there are a lot of means for fighting and they are recommended to alternate each time. Phytophthora adapts over time to anyone like bacteria. Immediately after planting the tomatoes, do the first treatment. Prevention is carried out in the first half of the day in dry weather. Many people struggle with folk remedies such as ash, whey, milk and iodine, salt, copper sulfate, Fitosporin. Each remedy is not bad in its own way, but the selection is individual, to whom it helps, to whom it is not. Experiment.

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