Homemade sawmill from a chainsaw - it's real!

The chainsaw itself is a fairly versatile tool, and can be involved not only in the preparation of firewood, but also in the sawing of logs and beams for construction. But in a summer cottage construction, the accuracy of dimensions and planes is very important to us, and therefore each cut should be almost perfect. Unfortunately, just holding a chainsaw in your hands, high precision cutting is unrealistic, which means it makes sense to create high-quality and high-precision equipment based on a stable frame. It is clear that you can always just buy a sawmill, tire or tape, and forget about the issue of independent production of such equipment. Yes, that's just the market value of professional machines of this type reaches hundreds of thousands of rubles. This is expensive, and therefore offers to study the topic of a home-made chainsaw from a chainsaw.

What is a sawmill from a chainsaw

This is a kind of tire sawmill, which produces a saw chain mounted on the tire. The sawing mechanism is driven by an electric, diesel or gasoline engine, which can be of different sizes and power. We do not need industrial capacities for summer cottage, and always the same sawmill drive can be replaced with a motor from an old cottage equipment of a different type. But just why, if you can start using a chainsaw already in the garage.

A positive point is that thanks to the installation of a chainsaw on the frame, it does not lose its original purpose. At any time, it can be a chainsaw or a cutting mechanism for a home-made sawmill.

How to make a chainsaw from a chainsaw with your own hands

On the one hand, such equipment is simple to make. Take and assemble everything according to the finished plan or drawing. But at the same time, it’s difficult, because this is not a two-piece shovel, but multifunctional professional equipment, which can be very useful, but dangerous at the same time.

Therefore, the approach to planning and the assembly itself needs to be changed, and the more serious it is, the better.

What should be a sawmill from a chainsaw

Initially, we need to set the functionality of future equipment, present some requirements and decide what we want from such a sawmill.

Professional tools and equipment in woodworking factories and even in small workshops are capable of many actions. We need the simplest thing - sawing logs into a board, timber and rail. The machine will not be multisaw, and lumber will need additional processing after sawing. That is, equipment that produces wood materials for rough construction. But at the same time, high-tech, which will help with the production of lumber necessary in the country, and possibly save money.

Further, it is worth paying attention to the features of the chainsaw from a chainsaw and just the concept of what it should be.

First of all, reliable and working without failures, and therefore it should be collected only according to a high-quality drawing. But more importantly, the equipment is safe and does not expose us to any risks!

Chainsaw drawing

Ready-made drawings can be found on the websites of manufacturers of woodworking equipment. But from there it’s worth taking only an idea and a schematic arrangement, because any plan for assembling professional equipment is tailored to its own production. That is, creating completely identical equipment will be much more expensive than buying it. Moreover, manufacturers often set the capacities that are needed in production. In the country, they are not needed, since we will not have that amount of work, and there is no point in overpaying for a powerful sawmill or additional details. Moreover, more powerful equipment means a high cost of consumables. Fuel will go much more, and the material produced will simply stop paying off. Why do we need a board that is 2 times more expensive than a board on the market? There is no point in overpaying, losing your own time in production!

Therefore, we find the general plan for assembling the sawmill on the Internet or draw it by hand. It is important that it contains the following points - the plan of the installation base, rail track, frame-bed - the moving part, a chainsaw will be fixed on the bark. In addition, a clamping body must be installed between the runners of the rail track, on which the treated wood will be fixed.

It is also necessary to determine the dimensions corresponding to the requirements of the processed raw materials and the resulting lumber. Clips, vice, rulers, turning parts and protection we will consider later, during the production of the machine.

Place of installation of the sawmill

Before starting production, we need to choose the installation site of a home-made sawmill. It can be an empty barn, hangar, garage or a special room for a small woodworking workshop. Here you already need to decide on your own, depending on the goals and requirements. It is likely that the sawmill will be installed even on the street, in the corner of the courtyard, under a simple awning.

Requirements for the installation of sawmills and woodworking

One could talk about a separate input of the electric network if they were engaged in the installation of an industrial sawmill. These instances are very powerful and consume a lot of electricity, respectively, and have some network requirements. But we don’t have such a problem, and therefore we just find a convenient place where you can fix the base of the sawmill so that the machine is stable, safe and convenient to use.

It is also worth taking care of ventilation, ventilation, if the machine will be mounted inside any room. But it is also important to pay attention to the humidity of this place, as well as the warehouse for storing products. These are again the requirements for the business idea, if you decide to engage in logging, storage and implementation. If the resulting wooden products immediately go into construction, another difficult question is removed.

Chainsaw base

The base must be firmly fixed so that the heavy equipment does not create displacement in the case, and also the effect of vibration is neutralized. It is precisely the floating frame that sets up the chainsaw that is the bearing frame, which is why stability is extremely important.

Finished parts of the base are installed strictly parallel and in level. We emphasize that not on the existing plane, but strictly on the level, so that the moving part carrying the chainsaw does not have free play under the influence of the laws of physics.

Installation can take place on a concrete floor, ground, specially arranged foundation. But also a strong fastening is required - studs, anchor bolts, welding with foundation reinforcement, etc.

Next, a rail is mounted on the base, which is attached to the side mounts. The entire base can be assembled from metal products, and they are determined by the weight of the machine and the requirements for the sawmill. Sometimes, this is a profile pipe, but there can be a channel, and a metal corner, and a rail.

Fasteners for raw materials

Strictly according to the marking and pre-dimensioned dimensions inside the rail track, fasteners for raw materials are installed. This is a long frame, which on both sides is provided with all kinds of clamps and latches.

It is necessary to make the installation accurately and efficiently so that the log laid on the base is disbanded onto the board safely, without transmitted vibrations, and also very evenly.

You need to understand that the fasteners should be terminal or partial, but not circular, such as clamps around the log, because so a tire with a chain will not be able to do its job of sawing.

Also, fasteners can be provided from several separate parts, for example, fasteners with a total length of 2 meters are divided into two equal parts, 1 meter each, and leave a gap of a few centimeters between them. This is necessary for the convenience of the subsequent processing of finished lumber, for example, their general division into equal parts, even into the same two halves.

The moving part of a home-made sawmill

The moving part is a standard frame that moves along the track forward and backward. It should be on special rollers, firmly fixed to the frame. When moving, there should not be a departure from the original direction, that is, the roller system is mounted on runners.

The movable part is also the bearing for the chainsaw installed on it. Here, special clamping parts are attached - fasteners that hold the chainsaw. It is very correct that such fasteners were for both vertical and horizontal cutting of wood. That is, one fixture is installed on the right or left side of the frame, the second, strictly from the top. In the middle or not, it depends on the size parameters of the sawmill.

Mounts can be very diverse. Someone installs clamps, someone boils something like a box of sheet metal. But it is better to create girths from metal plates in which you can install the chainsaw in the correct position and securely fix it. It is also worth considering the level of installation of the chainsaw in such a mount, which means that it should be displayed on the frame as accurately as possible!

If you search well, then similar fasteners can be found in the market. But if you create them yourself, be sure to install rubber inserts between the chainsaw body and the clamps so as not to damage expensive equipment.

Do-it-yourself chainsaw from a chainsaw (video)

How to work on a homemade sawmill

When the assembly of the sawmill is completed, it must be checked for stability and compliance with the levels.

Spend an hour, two, and, if necessary, more time, because when the sawmill starts to stagger during work or to produce low-quality material, it will not be very pleasant.

Upon completion of the test, fasten the log for processing on a specially designed base. Do it also taking into account the levels. Grip the material well with a vise or other fixed clamps, which may be spongy or punctured.

It’s good if you set the markings on the runners, as well as the movable frame. It can be strips of metal marked in centimeters, or even a cloth of roulettes. Thus, you can more accurately set the dimensions for processing the material, to conduct high-quality accurate work.

When the material for processing is fixed, start the sawmill and slowly lead it to the log, make a trial cut and measure the correctness and accuracy of the cut.

It is very important to follow all safety rules and be sure to use personal protective equipment to prevent injury. Glasses, sleeves, a dressing gown or an apron, as well as mittens are required in such work.

The first launch of a chainsaw from a chainsaw

As we said, it all starts with verification. Go around the finished sawmill and see how ready it is for work. Install the log and try to see if it is loose in the clamps. Now install the chainsaw on a movable frame, after checking the fuel level and the winding.

Fasten the chainsaw and slide the frame to the log. Lower the mount on the frame or lift it by setting the tire exactly opposite the cut marking. Check the tire level and move the movable frame back to a safe distance from the log.

Now start the chainsaw, and begin to slowly lead it to the log, pushing the frame smoothly and accurately.

It is very important to observe monotony and not to make jerks so that the tire does not stall in the cut or does not jerk in contact. Feeling a characteristic rumble after the start of sawing and some resistance to wood, do not make sudden movements, and cut more slowly. There is no hurry, the main thing is to do the work neatly and safely.

Please note that all rotary mechanisms that control the position of the chainsaw must be of high quality. You should not save on them. You should also install protection on the movable frame.

It can be made of transparent plastic, acrylic or similar materials that do not break, and with a strong blow they can simply crack. The process will be clearly visible through them, but also plastic shields will protect you from flying chips and the saw chain, which is quite dangerous. At the stage of drawing up a work plan and drawing a drawing, think about such protection, because it can be installed on a movable frame with a chainsaw, according to the course of the saw tire.

Do-it-yourself chainsaw from a chainsaw is an excellent summer house tool. We will not argue that there is equipment both better and more practical, but everything depends on money. If you are interested in the production of such a machine, study the topic carefully, and also share your thoughts with us right here, commenting on the article.

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